Apparel: How to Dress for Success as a Rideshare Driver

Apparel. This is actually something a lot of us think through. What should you wear? Now, it depends. What kind of car are you driving? Are you UberX, Lyft, regular Lyft, or are you Select?

Depending on what level car, you’re going to want to change your apparel. Obviously, if you’re driving SUV black, you’re going to want to [wear a] button up, suit, whole nine. You are showing them this is professional, this is high, this is lux.

Now, I think even at the economy level, you can still do that. So in the mornings, I’m gonna wear a button up, I’m gonna wear khakis or some sort of good looking pants. I’m gonna wear boots and I want to look professional. I’m setting the tone.

What would you feel if you are a business person getting picked [up] in the airport, and the guy is wearing shorts or sweatpants, and a tank top, you’d immediately feel, “Whoa, this doesn’t feel professional.”

So, what I like to do is, I like to have several sets of clothes that I don’t even have to think about, it’s like my uniform. My wife would say, “Oh, you’re going to go drive.” This is my night uniform, it’s clean, I’m buttoned up, but it’s short sleeve, and it looks like, “Hey, I can have a good time.”

So this is kind of my Lyft hangout shirt for nighttime. Clean, still, but more casual. Now, you could be different, and you want to do what’s comfortable with what you’re doing, but dress in a way that will set the tone, and make the person feel comfortable and honored.


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