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An Almost Sure Fire Way to Get More Tips

When it comes to getting tips, nobody has better advice than Sam, here!  He has carefully studied the process by which people leave tips and has come up with a great recommendation to help drivers get a lot more tips from Uber passengers.

If you’re a driver, you probably already know that once Uber finally decided to allow in-app tipping, they didn’t really do anything to make it easy, intuitive or likely that passengers will actually tip.  It’s almost as if they technically allowed tipping so they could appease drives, while making it so unlikely that passengers would tip – in order to make sure that passengers wouldn’t be annoyed or feel put out by the new tipping option.

After studying the Uber and Lyft passenger apps and noting how Lyft customers seemed to tip more often than Uber customers, Sam came up with an ingenious yet very subtle way to really increase the number of Uber passengers who will tip.

Understanding Why Lyft Passengers Tip Better than Uber Passengers

What he noticed was that the Lyft app makes it far easier for people to tip.  Lyft makes it more apparent that they can tip and they make it much easier for riders to do so.  After the trip ends, they send a well formatted email summarizing the trip and they have a link that’s very visible for people to click on to leave tips for their drivers.

Uber on the other hand works entirely differently.  With Uber there is not really any prompting riders to tip.   Once a trip ends with Uber, you’re pretty much done.  You’ll get an email but they don’t invite riders to tip in the generous way that Lyft does.  And with Uber – people don’t really have any need or prompting to look at their phones after their ride.  With Lyft it’s better because they display information differently at the end of a ride and it makes it more clear, first of all – that you should and secondly, where and how you can tip.  Uber doesn’t make it as clear.

The Most Important Thing You Have to Get Your Passengers to Do

As a driver, to get more tips on Uber, you goal has to be to get your passenger to look at the app while they’re in the car with you or just as soon as they get out!  That’s it!  If you can get them to do that, to look at the app – you’re going to be at least 50% more likely to get a tip from them.  If you can’t get them to look at it during those times, then you’re chances of getting a tip plummet to just about nothing.

What you want to do is get your passengers to look at the app while they’re close to the experience.  You don’t want them to look at it a day or several days later.  They’ll totally forget about you in that time.  They forget the great driving experience you gave them.  If they go even one day without tipping, it’s about 99% likely that they won’t tip at all.

So your goal should be to get them to look at the passenger app on their phones either while they’re still in your car or just as soon as they get out.

The reason for that is – if you can get them to look at the app, the app will prompt them to rate you – and they won’t see anything about a tip until after they rate you.  So, your real goal is to get them to rate you.  Once they rate you – it is only then that they will finally be asked if they would like to leave you a tip. 

But, how do you get people to rate you without either putting them off, sounding creepy or in some way offending them?  That is the trick.  And that is where Sam’s solution come in very handy!

The Key Question You Must Ask Your Passengers

Here’s how you do it.  The key part of it is the matter of timing.  Because you want them to open the app just as soon after the trip ends as possible.  So, you don’t want to ask them to do this at the beginning or in the middle of the trip.  You want to do it right at the end of the trip.

You do it at the end because you want your request to be top of mind with the passenger as close to the time that they will get out of your car as possible.

After you’ve done it a few times, you’ll get the timing down because it is key.  Just keep in mind – you want them to be thinking about what you’re about to say – from the moment they leave your car.

So, what is it you’re going to say to them?  You’re going to say pretty much exactly this:

“Excuse me, could I ask you to do me a quick favor?”  And they’ll say sure.
Then say, “Would you mind leaving me an honest rating after the trip?”

That’s it!  Just those simple words could increase your tips by five times!

But don’t you dare say, “Could you leave me a 5 star rating?”  That will creep your passengers out.  It will offend them and put them off and make it far more likely that you’ll get 1 star ratings from them!  So, do not, whatever you do, do not ask for 5 stars.  Ask for an honest rating.  No one will fault you for asking for an honest rating.  They’ll see you’re not trying to game the system or get an unfair advantage over other drivers.  And no one will mind being asked to leave their honest feedback.

Why Does This Work?

The reason this works is because it gets riders to look at the app after their ride is over.  And when they look at the app, they’ll be prompted to rate you.  And after they rate you, they will then be prompted to tip you.

Today only about 10 to 20 percent of passengers rate drivers anymore.  In the early days, everyone did it.  But now they’ve been there and done that – and honestly, they’re sick of it.  They’re sick of the time it takes, they’re sick of the repetition.  So they just don’t rate anymore.

But if you ask them to leave you an honest rating, the number of your passengers who rate will increase dramatically.  You can go from 10 to 20 percent to 40 to 50 percent of your passengers rating you.  And think of it like this.  Whatever number of tips you get now, if that’s coming from just 10 percent of your passengers – and then you get 50 percent of your passengers to rate – your tips are going to increase probably by about five times.

We estimate that half of the people who rate – also tip.  So, if 10 percent of your passengers are rating you, you’re getting tips from just 5 percent of your passengers.  If 50 percent of your passengers rate – then you’ll get tips from 25 percent of your passengers!  And that’s a five times increase!

So, remember this simple little question – “would you mind giving me your honest rating.”  It’s a real money-making question!


Video Transcription:

All right. I wanna teach you a tip that I kind of developed over the last few months that I feel has really, really helped. Now, what happens often with Uber especially is that people don’t look at their phone right after they get out of a ride because they want to go.

They are moving. They’re thinking about the next thing. Lyft is pretty good because the way they do notifications [via] email you can see it more clearly and it’s more likely that they’re going to tip you or look at their phone.

My goal is for them to look at the phone as soon as they get out of my car or while they’re in my car because they’re close to the experience. I don’t want them to look at it a day later where they’re kind of forgetting who I am because they had all kinds of things going on in their life.

I want to get [the rating] as soon as possible. So, right when I end the trip or right before I get to the destination. As I’m pulling up, I’m saying, “Hey, can you do me a quick favor? Do you mind leaving me an honest rating?”

Don’t you dare ask for a five-star rating. FYI: we’ve covered this in our “What is Uber” guide. Passengers are well aware of this tactic, and are actually less likely to tip, or leave a good rating when asked.

Don’t you dare. Don’t do that. Ask for an honest rating. I say, “Hey, would you quickly do me a favor and leave me an honest rating. It really helps me and the whole community.” Okay. It’s good. Ratings are helpful and they’re getting better and they’re getting smarter.

And so, what I want them to do is look at their phone, and if they look at the phone and they rate me, they have a higher chance to tip me. And so, use this little tip to ask them gently and sincerely, and I guarantee you’re going to see more tips because people are going to look at their phone.

This is assuming you’re driving well, and if you’re not driving well then, you’re going to get more bad ratings. So, maybe if you’re a bad driver you don’t want to ask that question because they’re not going to tip you and they’re going to rate you poorly. So, this is for my six-star drivers out there.

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