How to Get More Tips – Practically Guaranteed

All right. I wanna teach you a tip that I kind of developed over the last few months that I feel has really, really helped. Now, what happens often with Uber especially is that people don’t look at their phone right after they get out of a ride because they want to go.

They are moving. They’re thinking about the next thing. Lyft is pretty good because the way they do notifications [via] email you can see it more clearly and it’s more likely that they’re going to tip you or look at their phone.

My goal is for them to look at the phone as soon as they get out of my car or while they’re in my car because they’re close to the experience. I don’t want them to look at it a day later where they’re kind of forgetting who I am because they had all kinds of things going on in their life.

I want to get [the rating] as soon as possible. So, right when I end the trip or right before I get to the destination. As I’m pulling up, I’m saying, “Hey, can you do me a quick favor? Do you mind leaving me an honest rating?”

Don’t you dare ask for a five-star rating.

Don’t you dare. Don’t do that. Ask for an honest rating. I say, “Hey, would you quickly do me a favor and leave me an honest rating. It really helps me and the whole community.” Okay. It’s good. Ratings are helpful and they’re getting better and they’re getting smarter.

And so, what I want them to do is look at their phone, and if they look at the phone and they rate me, they have a higher chance to tip me. And so, use this little tip to ask them gently and sincerely, and I guarantee you’re going to see more tips because people are going to look at their phone.

This is assuming you’re driving well, and if you’re not driving well then, you’re going to get more bad ratings. So, maybe if you’re a bad driver you don’t want to ask that question because they’re not going to tip you and they’re going to rate you poorly. So, this is for my six-star drivers out there.

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