Building a Client Base With UZURV

This video may be the most important video to grasp as a potential full-time driver or maybe someone who wants to drive close to fulltime, and that’s building a client base. Yes, there are always passengers, virtually always passengers you can pick up.

But something that will take your income to the next level, and open up lots of opportunities for many things is having a client base. Now, this is assuming you’re an elite driver.

If you’re not an elite driver, you’re not going to be able to build a client base because people don’t want to ride with you. But if you are doing the things that we have taught you in this course, you are gonna be a high demand driver.

You are going to be a driver that you’re going to regularly hear, “Man, I wish to get you every time.” And I’m not bragging. This is just a reality, by the grace of God, I have been able to be that kind of driver that I regularly get that statement, where people request, “Can I get you again?”

And so what’s important, I showed you in the other video, get your own driver, drive a car that you can hand out to people. But you want to build up your client base, and one of the great opportunities to do that is using an app called UZURV.

There are other different things that are being built and developed but UZURV is the largest and the first one as far as I understand. And so what you want to do is you want to build a client base of people who need a ride on a regular basis and they trust you, and they like you and they know you, and they know that you are dependable and they’re willing to pay a little bit more for you.

And what this does is that it opens up the door for you to even start charging directly, getting your own license and you can use your own meter.

And they can pay you directly and you can save that 20%, 25% commission rate, and they can pay you straight and they can pay you more for what they think you’re worth and what you think you’re worth.

This is a really good opportunity to increase your income and you’re now in another tier that you don’t have to be connected to all the different politics and issues that come with Uber and Lyft.

This is necessary if you want to do this fulltime, and this can, you know, open up many doors of income, especially, if you get some high…VIP clientele, where they say, “Man I really, really, like you and I’m willing to pay up for that.”

And so this happens on a regular basis for elite drivers, you know, Berenice is one of the people that you’ve seen in some of the videos. She has a lady who needs a ride to work several times a week and she trusts her.

She feels safe, and this is definitely true for females, you know. There are many females who don’t feel very safe riding with any random person each time. And there’s always a sense of anxiety, “Who’s this person?” “Do I trust them?” “Will they talk too much?” “Will they let me do my work?”

And, you know, there are other working professionals who love a driver who just shut up and let them read and let them do their work. I have a friend who has a car but he chooses to Lyft because he can make money as he drives and he makes enough where he’s worth more.

It’s cheaper to just pay for Lyft than to actually drive himself because he can work while he drives, and so those are a lot of great opportunities. So that’s my introduction to the importance of client base.

Now, what’s UZURV? UZURV is a third-party app that helps you find drivers and connect with them and reserve drivers that really, really, are elite. So you can just manually look up drivers, or you could hand people your code so that people can look you up specifically, okay?

So we can look at me. Mine is Sam. I’m the only Sam. I’m the only Sam in Minneapolis. I think I favored in myself so you can find me directly. You can’t find me. I’m not gonna waste your time…

Oh, here it is, favorites. So these are people I favorited just as an example. So you can look at people specifically and see what they’re about. Oh, they can speak French, and it looks like they speak Spanish, and you can look at their amenities.

They have drinks, they have child seats. These are really, really, helpful. This is a great app that I recommend to all passengers if I can get to that point in the conversation because this really helps increase the kind of people who use rideshare.

Because a lot of people don’t use rideshare who would like to but they don’t know that someone’s going to have car seats or they’re going to be friendly to their service animal. And so look at these different amenities people have and then you can start to vet out.

Let’s try it one more time if we can find me because this is weird. There am I. I say, I have a little bio about myself. I have a perfect five-star rating on both platforms. That’s fudging it a little. I used to, and now it’s almost perfect.

What it takes one bad or one-star drunk person to take it off. But 4.99 is pretty close to perfect. And on Lyft it shows at every…It averages up.

My amenities shows kind of the different things I have, shows a picture of me smiling in my car, people kind of know when they can pick it. Now, so let me show you exactly how UZURV works.

So UZURV is a third-party app. It still uses Uber or Lyft and people can pick it. So let’s say I want to be picked up right here and I’ll be dropped off, let’s say, at the airport, Terminal one. Let’s say MSP-Terminal one.

I can confirm the route. So this is the place I need to go and I either put a select-to-service. Basically, the services which one do I want to use all through when the person picks me up.

Because what happens is the pastor is scheduling. This is [a] scheduling app. It’s connecting us with drivers and pastors as drivers together.

So let’s say I want you at my house at a certain time, and I want to use Lyft once you arrive. And because you’ll be sitting in my car and I’ll be the closest, I will be linked up with you.

Now, sometimes that doesn’t always work and Uber’s working ways to make this not work. But overall, it can…If you do it enough times, you can get linked up together.

Now, this is another reason why you want to get licensed and you can use your own meter, and you can start using this on your own. Now, one more thing to note as we’re talking about this. With Uber and Lyft, you can now schedule rides ahead of time, but you still have no control who is the actual person coming to get you.

Now, let’s look at this. I want to…Let’s get picked up tomorrow, and I want to be picked up at 4:45 a.m. And oftentimes, people are going to do this early on in the morning because this is the time that they’re going to have less opportunity…less availability to pick good drivers.

It can be the opposite really late at night. I want to use…I want to do XL so I need cars that are bigger. And I can click “only favorite drivers,” which is the list that I selected. And you can look through different people and you can add the people that you personally have met, or you can take that off.

Incentives are basically little kickback bonuses, you know, basically saying like, “Hey, if you pick me up, I’m going to at least give you this $3 extra.” That’s not including tip. And then you can add your credit card and you can notice the reservation fee is $3.

I have a little discount because I haven’t done this, you know…You get three free reservations right now. It’s a dollar right now but it’s going up to three and then I can “UZURV it.”

Let’s say, I’m not going to add that payment card right now. Once I click “UZURV it” what’s gonna happen is, you’re going to send out to everybody who has XL and drivers can say, “I’ll take it.” And then I can go through all the different people who are interested and then I can pick who I want.

And then you can actually chat with that driver. And what’s going to be…happen is they’re going to show up right at your place when you want rather than you saying, you know, hailing and then it will take 20 minutes for the person to show up and you don’t know who it is. So there’s a lot of control.

Now, this is a long video, so that is how UZURV works and why it’s important. And now let me just quickly, quickly, quickly show you how the driver app works. Driver app is the same thing. You’re gonna see a request on the feed and you can click it and you can say, “I’ll take it.”

And then you can look at your schedules of the ones that you’ve already said “yes” to, and the ones that you are waiting on people to pick you or not, okay?

Now, use UZURV and maybe use it to build up your own clientele, and then after that, you can get their numbers and you can talk to them, email, you can text them. Use this as a great way to build your platform, get all the rain of people who ask, and win them over as your personal clients.

And eventually, over a couple of years, you can build a nice, little base in which with that base you’re going to have consistent income coming in no matter what, and that’s going to take you to the next level and be able to give you that kind of full-time income that you probably need to make it be on the minimum that you would normally get just driving on the day-to-day basis.


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