What Should You Have In Your Car?

All right. Well, welcome to my car setup. So this is a 2010 Prius, nothing super fancy, but gratefully, I had leather seats that just happen to come with it.

And so it looks pretty luxurious. This is my trash bag, and it’s waterproof, and so I can hand it to people if they need to barf. And it’s kinda helpful. I can kinda move it back for it’s collapsible, it’s falling apart.

Over here, here are my business cards that are always ready for me to hand out and give to people. I also have my Square reader, and this Square reader is really helpful so that I can swipe personal payments if I have to.

Check out that video. It’s illegal, don’t do it. Here are also some coupons that I got from Hell’s Kitchen. They gave it to me, as a driver, to give out to people.

A nice, little gesture. You get free lemon ricotta hot cake and there are free drinks, too. So that’s a cool little thing.

Here is one of the coolest things that I would recommend every driver to get because it takes so little. It’s only a few…it’s only about $20 bucks, and this is an essential oil diffuser.

It makes the car smell really good. And it’s actually good for you. It lifts your mood. So I put eucalyptus oil here.

Boom. And then I also use just like a focus citrus blend called Sharpen. And it just…at night, it’s really cool because it lights up in different colors, so people can see it.

And also it just puts this aroma out, and people, especially ladies, are often like, “Oh, wow. Aromatherapy. Smells great.” And it just…it adds like a luxurious, kind of, hotel feel to everything.

Also, these are my mats. I’m going to get WeatherTech mats, and those are the ones that I recommend. And this is really helpful because you can just take them out and toss them, and get all this dirt and out when it gets full.

Let me show you a couple of things. I put a little metal plate in here, and I got these WizGear mounts. And so, metal’s in here, boom. And it just fits right in.

Looks a lot, I think, cleaner, than one of those clamps. And I also have another iPod right here. And what the iPod here does is, I can use it for my two-app trick, where I’m checking and seeing where other drivers are.

But also, when this is charged, I’ll have my pictures up of my family. And so people see my pictures, or I can put on a slideshow. And so it’s a great conversation starter, and people know, “Hey, this guy has kids. He’s a nice guy. And we need to give him tips because he needs to feed his kids.”

Also, in the front seat, I have water on the side if you can see right there. And then I got Eclipse, Ice Breakers, and a bag of Jolly Ranchers.

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Now, in the winter I’ll kind of rotate them and I’ll get cough drops, I’ll probably get Cold-EEZE, and different things like that. Let me show you a couple of things.

I have this charger that has multiple, different cords, and they will work for different…whether it’s Android or iPhone. And I also have an auxiliary cord that goes right into my system, so if people want to listen to music, okay?

So this is the front seat, and this is how I got it all set up. Now let’s check out the back.

All right. Now, in the back, I try to make sure I get the smaller person sitting here, because not only do I have this thing right here, which I need to tighten, I also…I’m taller, and so there’s less leg room.

But check this out. I got lotion, which, maybe, only a few people use it, but in the winter, you better believe it. Jolly Ranchers. And this is a really great idea because Jolly Ranchers…these Jolly Ranchers have lasted for months.

People work through them. I bought a huge bag, and it cost me, you know, cents for each. But, what people do is say, “Jolly Ranchers? I love Jolly Ranchers.” And they go crazy for them.

I also have Ice Breakers that go right here and Eclipse. So notice, I got the good stuff. I’m not getting cheapo stuff.

People feel honored by that. And I even have some Twizzlers here. So, I try different things and rotate different things. If you do a lot of early morning rides, get granola bars and different things like that.

Also, I have waters right here. And, if you can see, there is a smashed Kleenex box that I need to fix. But this is really helpful for some people.

And then right here, I have this Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag, and it gets refreshed by just putting it in the sun. And what it does is it soaks up all the bad odors in the car. So I put it here.

Let me show you the trunk. Here’s my trunk. Priuses are awesome because they have a lot of trunk space. This is what I put on my back for long trips if I want some back support. Look at this. Boom.

In here, I have my DoorDash bag, I have my Postmates bag, and I have my super big pizza DoorDash bag. And I have it all stored in here in the back. And look at this. Lots and lots of water.

And extra Eclipse gum. And different supplies. And I got a wiper to wipe things down when it gets dirty.

So this is my setup. I have everything I need for everything that will come up. And so, hope you liked it. I’d love to see yours. Show me, and send me a video of how you have your car setup.


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