Cleanliness: How it Impacts Your Rideshare Profits

What are the most common compliments I get when people step into my cars? “Whoa, this is a clean car.”

You know, my car’s clean, I make sure it’s clean, but I think the reason why they say that is because a lot of drivers have dirty cars.

My wife and I went to a show not long ago and we got in the car and there was like a party cup, a plastic cup, that was just smashed and all over the ground, and there was sand. Why is there sand?

We’re in Minnesota, there’s sand on the floors, there’s no floor mat. It was dirty, I was, like, wash right when I got out. I gave that person a low rating.

Don’t be mad at me, but I did because I don’t want that guy to continue that kind of service. It’s bad for our industry.

Now, cleanliness is super important. Clean cars and good smells are super important. So I highly recommend you to get wipes in your car, microfiber wipes to get the windshield because it looks really dirty when the sun’s coming down. I want you to get certain wipes.

There’s ones…I’m gonna link all these things in the notes. But wipes that you can quickly wipe down. Maybe sometimes people have a smudge on their clothing and so when they get out it’s going to leave a mark.

So whenever a passenger leaves my car, I turn around and I check, make sure that they didn’t leave any wallet, or phone or anything because that takes a long time to return.

I also check, is there any smudges? Is there any trash? I have a little trash can inside of my car that I can put things away, and when they take my goodies I’m like, “Hey, trash can for you.” Also, you can get vomit bags to protect yourself from their vomit.

Another thing that’s really important, especially if you are in a market where you’re going to have a lot of people trekking in dirt or water or snow or whatever it is, get WeatherTech mats.

There are a lot of mats out there but WeatherTech is the best, and there’s a link there and you can get 5% off if you are an AAA member.

So, clean car and a good smelling car is important. If you sit down in a car and it smells, it’s over. It ruins you. And some people are more sensitive to smells, I am, and if I sit in your car and it stinks, it’s going to make it really hard for the rest of the trip.

I have an essential oil diffuser that you’ve seen in my other video. Some people have…I also have this deodorizer that takes away smells.

And if I get a really smelly person in my car, right after I drop them off, even if it’s cold or even if it’s hot, I’ve got the windows down and I’m driving fast.

I’m just trying to air out all that smell because that is a really un-honoring, un-servicing thing to someone to sit in their car and it stinks, okay? So, cleanliness is super important. Now that’s the inside, inside is important.

Now let’s talk about the outside. If you’re in a market where there are a lot of changes of weather, you may want to invest into a car wash pass.

Now, gratefully there are lots of different ones. The one I do is just a Holiday pass, which is basically just a basic car wash, $20 a month, and it’s at the Holiday gas stations and they’re all over the cities, so I can just, in, I’m out, and it’s great.

Now, you may want to do a more lux one where you do inside, outside detailing, and there are ones that are unlimited, and those are awesome. But it just depends on how much you drive and what your needs are.

But my experience is your car generally clean on the outside, but primarily, what people care about is cleanliness on the inside so make sure you take care of that. It’s a very simple thing you can do that will go a long way.

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