Different Services Within Uber And Lyft

In this video, I want to talk about two services that are in addition to the regular services of just the basic ridesharing that we do. One is very similar and the other one is different.

That is UberEats and UberPOOL and the Lyft equivalent, Lyft Line. Now, this is not going to be something many of you guys will use but it’s important for you to know about.

Some of you guys would want to utilize it. I utilize it on occasion if it’s profitable but it’s harder to be profitable. So let me break [a]part UberEats.

UberEats is a delivery service that you can do as a rideshare driver or you can just exclusively do even if you’re not a rideshare driver which can be really helpful for your friends and family members who don’t have a car that would fit for the regular UberX platform.

Now UberEats historically has not had [a] tipping [option] in the app except until most recently in July and so a lot of people are [accustomed to] not to tip. And so tipping makes all the difference in food delivery if it’s going to be worth your time and worth your bottom line.

And so I wouldn’t encourage UberEats for most people unless you want to use it as a break time. Because here’s the reality, unlike some other apps like DoorDash or Postmates, you can’t see what they’re ordering at all and so you don’t know if it’s worth your time.

They may just be wanting a burrito and there’s only so much you can get tipped on a $6 order. And so you get paid by the mile and by the job but there’s just only so much you do and so you’re kind of driving blindly.

When I think it would be helpful is if you want to take a tip or in there searching going on and so then it could be worth your time and the place [is] nearby and so basically people can order [at] different places that have opted in for UberEats. It can’t be just any restaurant.

It has to be selected ones and so they can pick and it’s pretty quick and people bring it. You can bring a bag, your own bag or you can do Uber bag that you have to purchase yourself, that is kind of this insulated bag.

I think DoorDash has the best bag to use. Okay, so that’s UberEats, it’s a separate app as a passenger or as a customer but it’s not a separate app for the driver.

So you can add UberEats on to your driver profile and accept them. I have currently taken them off but I can turn them back on if I want.

But when it comes delivery I’d rather use some other apps. UberPOOL and Lyft Line are two extremely controversial ones that I’m going to just touch on.

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UberPOOL is kind of what sounds like. It’s a carpool and it’s up to four people and each stop is up to two people, Okay? So basically what it is is people who want to pay less for Uber, which it’s crazy because it’s already really cheap, and they want to go somewhere and they have extra time, what Uber will do is they’ll match different people who want to go in the same direction, okay?

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So basically you request it, you share your ride with the person, and then up four people ride total. Now a lot of people hate it because until recently they increased the fares but it has been really financially hard so it’s more work, for more people, for less money.

And so it’s not in every city but it’s something that a lot of people hate because of the hassle of finagling between multiple passengers at one time other people forgetting that they did this like, “Who are these other people coming in?”

I’m gonna link in this article, “Seven reasons why I hate UberPOOL and Lyft Line” that you can look in. This will be in the notes but Lyft and POOL are very similar and I just would say avoid it if you can.

Avoid it if you can, if you just want work it could be good and perhaps they are going to continue to make it more appealing. But that’s UberPOOL, that’s Lyft Line and that’s UberEats and they’ll probably come up with more things. I know that Uber had a plan for lots of other things and so at the time of this recording those are the ones that I want to highlight.


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