Driver Meet-Ups and Community

Unlike other jobs, there’s not a water cooler for us. Drivers can be extremely social, and you have that interaction with people in your car.

But, for a lot of them, unless they become your client, you’re not going to see them again. And so rideshare can be lonely, and camaraderie and having other people you can collaborate with and learn from.

Where are you getting good pickups? What are you learning? That’s super essential for long-term driving.

So, get into these Facebook groups, and meet up with different drivers. And orchestrate times where you guys go out to a pub or hang out at a place.

Or orchestrate some sort of party or event, and get to know drivers and create your own little water cooler experiences. So you can have a workplace environment and have fellow comrades and coworkers.

You can also get different apps, kind of like Voxer and speak and do walkie-talkie while you’re driving and so get to see what people are doing and what’s happening. “Oh, hey. Hey, this bridge is down. Don’t go here.”

And that builds a camaraderie. And when you’re doing things together with others, that’s going to help you succeed and help you enjoy the ride and help you have longevity in this.


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