Lesson 4: Ending The Ride

Hello and welcome to the fourth lesson of course 4 at the Rideshare Academy. In this lesson, we will cover the best ways to end the ride with your passenger. This lesson is broken into two parts.

Whether you have completed lesson three or are just jumping in now, make sure to review the courses previous material so that you have a clear understanding of the terms and topics being covered.

Maintaining The Atmosphere

In our last lesson we talked about how to build the atmosphere at the beginning of the ride. But it is important that you see your efforts through to the end; Keeping the conversation going and the jams pumping.

The ride ends when you drop the passenger off but that doesn’t mean you should do so without consideration of what might affect your rating. How you choose to tie up the ride can potentially ruin the overall quality of the ride for the passenger.

Some examples of how not to drop off the passenger:

  • Missing the destination and having the passenger walk further than necessary.
  • Asking the passenger if the destination is where they live or work.
  • Immediately leaving the are without confirming that they entered a building or that something is amiss.

Just to reiterate, do not seek personal information from the passenger. The destination’s address is all you need to know and that’s that. If you make a wrong turn or drive past the drop, navigate back to destination so your passenger does not have to walk any further than necessary.

When you arrive at the passenger’s desired destination, pull over safely and switch on your hazards. Make sure they have everything that they entered the vehicle with. If you have stored anything in your trunk for them, get out and remove it for them.

Sometimes the rider may be meeting someone. Offer to stick around in case the other person shows up late. In some places, unfortunately safety can be a concern. As a general rule of thumb it’s a good idea to stick around outside until the passenger has entered the building. Do not offer to walk them in however. This can be seen as unprofessional.

Let’s talk about how you say your farewells to the rider. The final goodbyes to the passenger should convey appreciation. After all, you have made money from the ride and they chose Uber as their preferred service. Let them know you appreciate their business in a friendly and polite manner.

A few examples of good ending lines:

  • “It looks like this is your stop, (name). Again, my name is Logan and thank you for choosing Uber! Enjoy the rest of your day”.
  • “We have arrived! Do you have all of your belongings? Thank you (name) for being my passenger today and thank you for choosing Uber”.
  • “This is the address, let me grab your luggage from the trunk. I hope you have a wonderful day (name) and thanks again for supporting Uber!”

These examples highlight a couple of important things.

You want to confirm that this is the correct destination without making it sound like you are not sure. As the driver you are expected to know where you are going. By reiterating that you remember their name and possibly stating yours again you can keep that friendly tone you built during the ride. Try not to give them the chance to ask for assistance retrieving their luggage as well.

Here are a few examples of bad ending lines:

  • “Is this the place? Take care.”
  • “I think this is it. Did you enjoy the ride?”
  • “This is a nice house. Do you live here?”

Can you determine why these are wrong? Let’s break it down! Aside from being short, they are ambiguous and unprofessional.

If you are not sure this is the drop off location it will make the passenger feel uncomfortable. You also should not ask them if they liked the ride or if they can/are going to rate you 5 stars. A 5 star ride is something you earn, not something you ask for.

Finding Your Next Ride

Once you have confirmed the passenger is set at their destination you can drop them off in the app and rate them.

The way passenger ratings work is simple. By giving them a low rating you will be less likely to receive a ride request from them again. Be mindful of your rating and fair. Just because someone doesn’t talk to you or requires you to go out of your way doesn’t mean that they deserve a 1 star rating.

After that is settled you can start searching for your next ride. If your previous ride took you out of a busier part of the city and you wish to travel back to it, set your driver destination to the area. This filters rides that are along the route or on the way. That way you can avoid having to backtrack after accepting a ride.

Setting A Driver Destination

1. Tap the menu icon in the top right corner of your app
2. Tap the blue “SET A DESTINATION” button
3. Type in the address of your destination
4. If you are offline, you will be prompted to go online. An orange status bar will appear at the top of the screen, which means Driver Destination mode is active
5. Your Driver Destination will appear on the map as a pin with a star icon

If you would rather drive back to the area before accepting more rides, make sure to press the “Go Offline” button before you start driving. After you accept your next ride, repeat the approach we outlined in this module. All of Lessons 1-4 come together to make a 5 star ride possible. If not guaranteed!

Ending The Ride Recap

  1. Look over the questions provided below and answer them in your head.
  2. Is it okay to drop a passenger off a block from their destination?
  3. What can you say to a customer to end the ride successfully?
  4. How do you set a Driver Destination?
  5. What does setting a Driver Destination do?

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