My Favorite Questions To Ask

Here are some of my favorite questions to ask, because, you know, you want these in your back pocket. Sometimes you don’t know what to say and so these are some of mine that I like.

I’m gonna read some of these. Really basic, what kind of work [do you] do? And when they say, “Hey, tell me about that. Hey, I’m not very familiar with that.” Man, you can learn so much about so many things.

I can tell you about ear hearing aid industries now because I’ve had people who sell hearing aids. I can tell you about software development. I can tell you about the stock market.

I can tell you about a lot of things because of all these jobs, I don’t know these people. I get an opportunity to meet all these people I never meet and I ask them, “Hey, tell me about your job, educate me.”

Another question I ask is this, “What’s something about your job that I wouldn’t be…a common misconception, something that I wouldn’t understand from the outside?” You know, whether it’s certain, you know, a lady who’s selling Hormel bacon, tell me about the bacon industry.

You know, and she’s explaining how whenever Wendy’s starts a big Baconator promotion, all the bacon prices in the whole nation go up. It’s like, “Wow, that’s super interesting.”

And she feels honored because I’m genuinely interested. I’m asking these questions about her work. Another question I ask is, “Do you take Lyft or Uber often?” That’s a really good question.

Hey, I get a feel for their kind of rhythm of life and if they only take Uber, “Hey, why do you only take Uber? Do you mind if I ask why don’t you take Lyft?” Or if they don’t take Lyft, “Why don’t you tell me about why you take Uber?”

This is a great opportunity for me to gently educate them on the differences if they ask about it. Another thing I ask is, “What’s your day been like? What’s your day been like?” Notice I’m not saying, “How are you?” Because what’s the answer? “Good. How are you?” That’s not a question. No one cares anymore.

That question is a non-question. So I say, “What’s your day been like?” You can’t say, “Just ‘good’.” Usually, most people will expand. I also say something, “What are you up to tonight? Any fun plans this weekend?”

Another one that’s really helpful for us if I meet someone who drives a lot, rides a lot with rideshare, I’ll say something like this, “Hey, what makes a good driver?” And I’m in the passenger seat and I’m letting him tell me, “Hey, what do you like about Lyft and Uber?”

Now I’m sitting there and letting them pour out their heart and tell me what they like, what they don’t like and I’m taking notes so I can learn. And finally, if I know that they’ve been riding a lot and they have a high rating I tell them, “Man, I’m really impressed. You have a five-star rating and you take Uber or you take Lyft all the time. Wow, you must be amazing.”

A lot of passengers actually don’t know that we rate them, too. That’s a really great conversation starter in a way to honor them. So those are some of my go-to questions. There’s a lot more and come up with your own, write them down, memorize them so that when you’re in a bind you can just pull one out.

My Favorite Questions for Rideshare Passengers:

  • “What kind of work do you do?”
  • “I’m not very familiar, can you tell me more?”
  • “What’s a common misconception people may have of your work?”
  • “Do you take Lyft or Uber often?”
  • “What’s your day been like?”
  • “Any fun plans tonight?”
  • “What makes a great driver?”
  • “I’m very impressed by your rating. Did you know you have ___?”

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