Lesson 5: Other Tips And Tricks For A 5 Star Ride

Hello and welcome to the last lesson of course 4 of our driver training series. In this lesson, we will breakdown the little things you can do to make a ride truly special for your passenger. This section has several parts.

Whether you have completed the previous lessons or are just jumping in now, make sure to review the courses previous material so that you have a clear understanding of the terms and topics being covered.

Dress Your Car Up

One of the best things you can do for a 5 star rating is making sure that your car is clean. The outside should be washed and if possible polished. This is something customers notice as soon as you pull up.

Inside should be free of stains and the floor clear of debris. We recommend cleaning your car and running it through a wash at least once a week. Furthermore, if you wish to get your whip detailed it should be done every couple of months.

In between rides, you should be maintaining the cleanliness of your car as well. By keeping a small supply of cleaning materials you can keep your car in top shape.

Here are some things you should keep in your car:

  • Glass cleaner
  • Dashboard wipes
  • Tire shine wipes
  • Air freshener refills
  • A few microfiber towels or paper towels

Now let’s talk smells.

A good smelling car is a plus but drivers be weary. If the smell is overpowering you may bother your passengers. Use light scents and avoid any sprays or aerosol based fragrances. Remember, just because you can’t smell it doesn’t mean that the customers wont either.

Some other things you should keep in your car are various phone mounts and chargers.

First, you need to get a phone mount. It doesn’t matter who you are or how you drive, a phone mount can and will help in nearly every circumstance. The right phone mount helps drivers to keep the phone in view, but out of their hands. This is not only safe practice, but also allows the passenger to feel comfortable in the car, which helps reduce low ratings.

We recently reviewed our favorite phone mounts, so don’t hesitate, go read that article and get yourself one!

A universal charger is a great asset to have. People get caught out and about with their phone dead all the time. You can be their hero for the night if you can provide a charger! Having a charged portable battery to go allows the rider to use their phone while it’s charging without it being tied down to the cigarette lighter.

Re Affirming The Ride

It’s a well-known fact that succeeding in the rideshare industry largely depends on where and when you drive. But… did you know that it also greatly depends on how you drive?

When you are almost to the destination, call the rider and confirm exactly where they are to be picked up. Even if you have the correct address or know the area, this is a safe way to always make sure you hit the mark perfectly. Riders will appreciate it and it will save time for the both of you.

When they enter the vehicle, greet them as usual and check that the music and temperature are okay. If you want to drive home that you care about their experience, tell them that you want to deliver the best ride possible.

Also consider using a GPS to handle navigation during the route. I typically ask my riders if they have a route preference, as some prefer to tell me where to go. If they don’t have a preferred route, however, I default to GPS. After all, there’s few things that look worse to a passenger than a driver randomly driving around town.

Examples of this are:

  • “My goal is to get you to your destination as safe and as quickly as possible. How’s that sound?”
  • “Is this destination correct? I want to make sure I get you to where you need to be in the best way that I can.”

Passengers rarely hear this sort of “mission statement” and will appreciate it greatly.

Perfecting Your Driving Style

When you are driving someone around do you pay attention to your driving style? This can largely impact how comfortable they are.

Aggressive, uncontrolled driving habits are a no-go if you want consistent 5 star ratings. Things such as hard breaking, lurching acceleration and wide or short turns. Always be in control of your vehicle and make the ride as smooth as possible.

Defensive driving is key. Look out for potential hazards and be ready to slow down or speed up with the flow of traffic. Sometimes sacrificing speed in order to keep the rider comfortable is the best option.

On the other hand, always driving under the speed limit and impacting the flow of traffic can be just as dangerous. Make an educated decision, as the professional in the car. Follow the speed limit as closely as possible and use your turn signals at least 100 feet ahead of the turn.

Knowing when you need to turn before hand is important so you can avoid hard breaking and making wild, uncontrolled turns. Stay in the lane you need to be in ahead of time. Switching lanes repeatedly to move up in traffic is dangerous and save no time at all.

Perfecting The Last 5 Minutes Of The Ride

During the last 5 minutes, a rider will make the decision about how they are going to rate you. This timeframe is critical and can make or break that 5 star rating.

Around 2-3 minutes before the ride ends, start the “thank you” conversation. Let the passenger know that you enjoyed them as a rider and that you are going to rate them 5 stars. They are more likely to return the favor!

Asking for 5 stars back is unprofessional and we DO NOT recommend it. Uber can terminate you as a driver if your rating is low enough (under 3) but as we have said before, you earn those ratings by being an attentive driver. Not by asking for ratings!

Examples of good “thank you” lines:

  • “We are almost at your drop off! Thank you, (name). Our ride has been great and I will be sure to rate you 5 stars.”
  • “Thank you for being an awesome passenger. I got 5 stars coming your way!”
  • “Thank you, (name) this ride has been great. Check your ratings when you can, I’m definitely going to give you 5 stars.”

Promise them you will take the time to rate, and thank them again for being your passenger.

Other Tips And Tricks For A 5 Star Ride Recap

Congratulations! You have finished the last lesson of Module 4. This module contains a lot of information and we recommend reviewing the previous lesson and looking at the recaps before moving on to Module 5. Here are some questions about this lesson. Try to answer them in you head!

  1. What cleaning supplies should you keep in your car?
  2. How can you show a passenger you want to deliver a great ride for them?
  3. Is aggressive driving okay when a passenger is in the car?
  4. When should you start the “thank you” conversation with your rider?

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