How To Get To The Next Level

How do you get to the next level? I mean obviously, I want you to take all my courses and go over them carefully over and over again. You can take other courses online, but one of the number one things I can say to help you go to the next level is introspective driving.

Introspective driving. So, don’t just mindlessly drive and become a drone or like a factory worker who just doesn’t think and just does what they are always supposed to do. After your shift sit down, take a few moments, and just think, “What could I have done better? How could I’ve maximized my income?”

You know one of the best ways to do this is to not just think and feel, [but] track it. Money won’t lie. Your numbers won’t lie to you. You may think, “I’m making a killing.” But, if you’re not tracking you don’t know if you’re making a killing. You actually may be losing money and being very inefficient. “I’m making a killing.” But, you’re driving 2,000 miles a week. That’s terrible. All right? So, get a spreadsheet and I want to encourage you to have a couple categories, okay?

Have bonuses in one category, have miles, have the date obviously, have how much you made, [and] how many hours you worked. Track any notes on the side of, you know, different things that happened so you can kind of know what happened that week, what you did well, what you didn’t do well, and track ultimately your average hourly rating. Over time as you do [this] week by week and you got to do this, you want to do it full-time.

You think this is serious?

You need to do this.

Track every little thing and then eventually, you can start seeing patterns and seeing how you can improve and are you actually a good driver. This is something I’d encourage you to do as a part-time driver first so that you can know if you’re good enough to go full-time. So, introspective driving is first.

Second, join the Facebook groups. I’ve said this in other videos, but I say it again, Google. I mean go to your Facebook and look up driver groups in your cities and look at every combination over, Uber, Lyft, rideshare or whatever or DoorDash, Juno, and start to see questions that people answer. Help contribute, teach other people, learn from other people, look week after week at all these different comments and arguments and see what you can glean from that. That will take you a long, long way.

And finally, learn from other drivers and passengers. Ask them questions [such as] what they’re doing and when you’re driving with passengers ask them, “Hey, what makes a good driver? What do you like about [my] driving? Well, how can I improve?”

Look at your notes that people leave you and take them seriously. Don’t just post them on Facebook and be like, “Look at what this person said. They’re so stupid.” Now maybe they have a point and look at these notes and take them seriously.

The more and more you adjust, the better you’ll get. So, the name of the game is introspective driving and constantly making adjustments to get better and better because not only is there’s no ceiling of how good you can get but the industry is constantly changing. So, you have to adapt or you’re not going to do well or you’re not going to make it.

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