Lesson 5: How Ridesharing Can Help You

Hello and welcome to your final lesson for module one at the Rideshare Academy. In this lesson, we will cover opportunities and how ridesharing can benefit you.

Whether you have completed the previous lessons or are just jumping in now, make sure to review the courses previous material so that you have a clear understanding of the terms and topics being covered.

Great Opportunities Ahead

You might be wondering why ridesharing is such a good opportunity for you. Well, the simple answer is that ridesharing is in demand and people not only use it, but need it! Becoming a ridersharing driver allows you to do things like:

  • Own Your Hours
  • Full Time
  • Travel Options
  • Meet New People
  • Going Green
  • Great Resume Builder

Your Time, Your Money

When you work for Lyft or Uber as an independent contractor, you set your own hours. This means that you can flex work around your other obligations and wants. This makes being a rideshare driver a great job for people looking for a second job, semi-retired people, part-time students, or anyone looking for extra cash and flexible scheduling.

You can also work more than part-time. In today’s economy, it’s getting hard to find full-time employment options. With ridesharing, you can work part-time or full-time. In fact, you can even hold down multiple jobs or careers, because you set your own hours.

It is not uncommon for rideshare drivers to work for more than one company depending on what works best for them.


As a rideshare driver, you can take your business anywhere in the state. However if you chose to go out of state, you will need to verify with your company that you qualify. When you travel out of state, the legalities of your hiring status change and a new background check is usually required.

If you would like to relocate, being a rideshare driver is an easily transferable skill.  Ridesharing companies are now found in most cities around the world, so there are many opportunities available for those that are interested in moving.  A quick internet search can show which large and small rideshare companies are available in your city of choice.

Meet New People

When you become a rideshare driver, you will be introduced to all kinds of new people. This is an exciting part of ridesharing, because it allows you to make connections and expand your network.

For instance, say that you own a local bakery or work at one and are also a rideshare driver. While driving, you could mention your business to passengers and help both of your businesses at the same time.

While directly promoting yourself as a driver with any other rideshare platform is against most ridesharing platforms Terms and Conditions, you can pass out cards for refferal when you are off the clock, on your own time.

Go Green With Ridesharing

Ridesharing is incredibly good for our environment. It is also cheaper than many forms of public transit, especially if you ride with other passengers who can split the costs with you.

Your passengers will be able to save the money that they would otherwise spend on maintenance, gas, and insurance for their own vehicles. All while reducing the release of harmful emissions and thus reducing their carbon footprint.

Resume Builder

Believe it or not, ridesharing is a great resume builder for your accolades. After all, as a rideshare driver you are responsible for your life, your passengers life, the rules of the road and local laws. Companies and corporations look highly upon individuals who follow this criteria in their professional lives.

Not only that but as a rideshare driver, you are required to be extremely motivated – or you may not earn a living wage. All companies, business’s and corporations appreciate self motivation and nothing says that you are more motivated than running your own business as an independent contractor.

Affiliate Options

We won’t touch base on this too much right now, but as a ridesharing driver you are able to earn side income through affiliate options on virtually every platform you rideshare with or for.

Because of this option and multiple avenues of opportunity, it’s not uncommon to see rideshare drivers making a full time living through their ridesharing platforms. In fact, we have seen some individuals make upwards of 5-10k per month utilizing some of the tips that we mention later in the ridesharing academy.

The History of Ridesharing Recap

Below are some questions about this module. Take the time to consider the information you have read and answer these questions in your head.

1.) Name three things about ridesharing that is advantageous to yourself.
2.) As a rideshare driver can you travel anywhewre in the US under your current platform (Uber, lyft, Etc?)
3.) True or False – As a rideshare driver you will never get the chance to meet new people or make new connections.
4.) Name two ways ridesharing helps save money and reduces carbon emissions.
5.) Do you believe that ridesharing could help your resume? Why or why not?


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