How To Deal With Difficult Passengers

How do you deal with difficult passengers? Now, there’s obviously a range. There are going to be passengers who are going to be terrible, and they should never ride again.

You’ve seen the horror stories where they’re violent and so forth, or maybe they’ll harass drivers. There’s also the passengers who are just kind of unfriendly and unenjoyable.

If they’re not on the extreme spectrum, and those people you need to immediately cancel, and Uber and Lyft will back you on that, you need to call the police, if you need to.

You need to drive to a safe, populous location and say, “Hey, would you please step out of my car?”, very gently, and if they don’t you call the police.

Okay, you step out because you don’t want them to hit you from behind. I mean, that never happens to me, that rarely happens to people. Most likely it will never happen to you. But, it happens, okay?

There are 2 million-plus drivers who do this, and that’s a lot of opportunities to run into people who are not doing well, okay? So that’s one extreme end. You can cancel, and they will back you. Lyft and Uber will take care of you.

Now, on the other side of the thing, what if they’re just grumpy. What if they’re just mean, and short, and demanding? You know what? They probably usually are, and you have an opportunity to be the first person to really care, to listen, to be patient.

Because they’re used to people being mean to them. If they’re quiet, if they’re mean, they’re used to people being quiet and mean and short and rude. But if they’re mean and you constantly care for them and do things that are sweet, and you’re listening, and you’re being honoring of their time, and you’re being professional, you know what? A lot of times that puts down their walls.

I personally have not had a situation where I couldn’t at the end of their trip where they softened up towards me.

Now, there’s gonna be times where no matter what you do they’re gonna be mad. Everyone has a life, things are going on, but you know what? You have an opportunity to be above and beyond like a normal driver.

You know what? Normal people respond poorly when people are mean to them. That’s normal. Everybody does that. You’re not friendly, I’m not friendly to you. Anyone can do that.

But, you know what? A six-star driver is the one who is friendly and kind and loving when the person is mean. So be that driver, and that’s going to be part of being an elite driver.

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One thought on “How To Deal With Difficult Passengers

  1. Very respectfully, this was written from a male point of view. Everything you’ve written applies and will be helpful to all drivers, including women. However, the major problem and most difficult passengers are ones who are sexually aggressive. Without a doubt women drivers talk about this problem. From the one’s who ask if they are single, inquire if they are open to going out, to hooking up, to outright solicit them. Then there is the aggressive sexual language. Then the touching: the hair, the arm, the shoulder, the hand, even more aggressive touching. Then we get to the serious sexual violence. Women drivers all have stories. We shouldn’t have to limit our income opportunities because of sexual harassment and sexual violence.

    Any wise words on this topic?

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