Juggling Different Apps

I really respect any driver who is completely loyal to one rideshare company, above all else. And they only ride Lyft or Uber. But, I would highly discourage you from doing that, unless you just have some convictions that absolutely would be shattered if you did.

The reason why, especially with Uber, and Lyft, with the surge in prime time, they’re never surging at the same rate. Okay. So, maybe in one area Prime Time will be 300%.

And then that same area Uber SURGE will be 1.5. Who do you want to take? Lyft and I’m going to keep my Lyft app on, and I’m going to reject my Uber ones.

It’s very important for you to juggle between both apps, and vet what has the better percentage at that moment. What really helps is using third-party apps to help manage, and I’m going to show you that in another video.

But, go back between them. You also have to consider, is there a bonus? Is there a bonus that you’re chasing? Because that is the only time really that you should care about acceptance ratings.

It’s okay, reject them, reject, reject them. Maybe you’re sitting there and you’re in a huge Prime Time zone, and you’re getting Uber rides that are 20 minutes away, asking you to pull you away from the cities.

Don’t take those. I know some people would disagree. Don’t take those. Those will hurt your earnings, and stay there, and keep going back and forth. And that’s the way you can maximize your income.


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