Learning the Rhythms of Your City

I’ve said this in other videos, but you need to know the rhythms of your city. Every city is different. You can’t be in just one place and park yourself there all day long.

So, for my situation, I want to be in the suburbs early in the morning, to take people to the airport, and take people into the cities. And there are also hotel districts near the Mall of America in Bloomington, and also hotel districts downtown that I can be in the morning, and take people out to the airports or wherever the place they need to be.

And to know the rhythms of your city. Morning, people are going inside, towards the evening people are going on the outside. If there is a ballgame, there’s an event downtown, people are coming from the suburbs, so you need to position yourself out there and go there.

Oftentimes, you can just sit around and wait for rides, if you’re in a really busy time, but many other times you need to be creative and go where the demand is. And so, when I first started doing rideshare, I would just look at my app a lot.

My wife hated it. Just kept looking and kept looking at my old app, looking for surge times, and trying to start to trace in my mind the different demands at different points of the day, and points of the week.

And so, over time, once you get the feel for your rhythms of your city, you’re going to know where to be at the right place at the right time.

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