Lesson 2: Greeting Your Customers

Hello and welcome to your second lesson of course 4 at the Rideshare Academy. In this lesson, we will cover the first contact with your riders and how to properly greet them.  This lesson is broken into several parts.

Whether you have completed lesson one or are just jumping in now, make sure to review the courses previous material so that you have a clear understanding of the terms and topics being covered.

Point Of Contact

In the previous lesson we talked about the importance of greeting your passenger upon arrival of their location. But what is the significance of this greeting? Well, it is the first physical point of contact.

Imagine if you walked into a coffee shop and up to the register. The barista would greet you before taking your order and depending on this greeting you may or may not feel welcome in the cafe. It is the same for your riders! As this is the first face to face interaction it sets the tone for the whole experience.

There are right and wrong ways to go about this interaction. We want our riders to feel welcome in the vehicle that they are going to be sitting in for the duration of the ride. This makes sense right? Let’s look at some right and wrong ways to greet your customers.

Correct ways to greet your riders:

  • “Hello! Are you (name)? My name is Logan.”
  • “Good Afternoon (name). I am you Uber driver, Logan.”
  • “Hi there! Im Logan and I drive with Uber. Are you (name)?”

Your main goal is to confirm the riders identity and state yours. Begin with a friendly greeting and use their name to establish familiarity. If the weather is rainy or an inconvenience for the passenger be mindful of this. Confirm their identity as quickly as possible and make it easy for them to enter the vehicle. Once they are in the vehicle follow it up with an open ended question about their well being or ask them how their day is.

Some examples of open ended questions are:

“What have you been enjoying about today?” This gives the passenger room to tell you a bit about what stuck out in their mind during their time before entering the vehicle in a positive and light manner.

“Is there anything you want to brag about today”? A personal favorite, this line can put a smile on most peoples faces and encourages a fun conversation for the rest of their ride.

“Did the weather impact your day at all?” Sometimes the weather will be hot, windy or rainy and it is a common ground that you can both connect on.

Incorrect ways to greet you riders:

  • “Im looking for (name), is that you?
  • “Uber?”
  • “(Name)?”

These are short, and somewhat demanding ways to greet anyone. They don’t sound welcoming and can make a rider feel uneasy about being in your car. We don’t want that and neither do you! Always give your name and deliver it with a friendly smile.

Consider this…

If you were to pick someone up who looks distressed or worried establish that you recognize this. A friendly “How are we doing? Do you need anything?” can make them feel at ease.

Some passengers may have been drinking and might need to stop during the ride or need water. It is in your best interest and theirs to accommodate that.  Be understanding and cooperate with your passengers needs!

Creating A Friendly Atmosphere

With a well-crafted greeting, you can figure out right away how to approach conversation during the ride.

Is your rider receptive to further conversation? Sometimes a silent comfortable ride is all the passenger wants and you can easily deliver that. Don’t fear a quiet passenger. As long as you make sure they have everything they need then the ride will be a success.

Here are a few examples of rider responses and what they usually mean:

  • “Hi, Logan. I am doing well today, how are you?” This customer is having a good day and wants to hear about yours. This is a great response because it gives you room to carry the momentum forward and encourage further conversation.
  • “I am well, thank you.” This person is probably looking for less interaction with you, the driver. Invite a little more conversation but if it does not go anywhere respect that the passenger doesn’t feel like talking right now.
  • “I feel a little sick and I might need you to pull over. Do you have any water?” If you have water give it to them, if not make a pit stop. Be understanding and assure them that you can pull over whenever they need you to!

Pay attention to their tone and body language. If they look cold or uncomfortable then offer to adjust the temperature in your car for them before you start driving. As always make sure they put in the correct destination or ask them where they need to go if they have not.

Not sure what you can do in these situations? Reflect on rides that you may have taken previously as a customer, whether they were good or bad. This will help you anticipate your riders needs.

Have you ever been in a taxi or Uber ride and weren’t comfortable? What did the driver do to fix that? Did this help you be comfortable or fix the problem? Approach these situations as if you where in the passengers shoes.

Greeting Your Customers Recap

Below are some questions about this module. Take some time to consider the lesson and answer these questions to yourself.

  1. Why is the first point of contact with the customer so important?
  2. What are a few good ways to greet your customers?
  3. What are some bad ways to greet your customers?
  4. How can you create open ended conversation and encourage it to continue throughout the ride?
  5. How do you know if the customer wants to talk during the ride?
  6. What can you do to make the rider comfortable before the ride begins?

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