Should You Listen to Company Tips?

In this video, Sam covers an advance strategy, which addresses whether or not you should listen to Uber’s and Lyft’s tips.

They are constantly giving “tips” on things like where to drive.  They’ll try to push drivers into certain areas at certain times.  And the question is – if you want to become an elite high-earning driver – should you listen to these tips.

Sam says that the “answer is, emphatically, no, but also yes”!  Here’s what he means.

Here are some typical notices you’ll get from either Uber or Lyft about expected demand:

If you’re a new driver, you’ll see these notices and be very tempted to head out to these places.  But as veteran drivers can tell you – they don’t always pan out like you’d hope.

Here’s when they don’t pan out, according to Sam.  A lot of these events are medium sized events.  They’re not huge mega events.  So when Uber and Lyft pump them really hard, they’re usually going to end up with far more drivers there than they really need.  So it’s not going to surge and you’re going to wait around a long time before you get a trip.

Now, if these are mega events with say, 50,000 people – then by all means go!  In that case, no matter how many cars show up – there’s still going to be more demand than drivers could possibly meet.  So go, it’ll probably surge, you won’t wait long for a trip and it’ll be a good earnings time for you, all in all.

Use These Tips to Your Advantage

When you get these notices from Uber and Lyft about where they recommend for you to drive, use these tips to your advantage – but don’t necessarily do what they say!

Here’s what we mean.  If they’re sending notices, really pumping up a medium size event, use that notice to become informed of the fact that a lot of drivers, who don’t know any better, are going to show up there.  Then you head out to areas of town that are normally busy on that night anyway.  And you should have a better night than usual.  Why?  Because, so many other drivers went out to the ‘big event’ that there will be fewer drivers in the areas that are busy anyway on those nights.  You could even hit a surge or two more than usual!

These tips come in handy, mostly, because they tell you something about what a lot of other drivers are going to do.  But according to Sam, you should have your own events tracking process and you should know what’s coming anyway – even without these tips.  These tips are for drivers who have no idea what’s going on in town.  And that’s probably a majority of drivers.  So they’re just going to blindly follow them.

But if you keep track of events yourself – you’ll already be way ahead of the game.  That’s because you’ll know two things most other drivers won’t know.  You’ll know:

  • Which of the events Uber and Lyft are promoting – are actually mega events – if any;
  • What other events are going on in your city that may be better opportunities than these

The Big Football Bust

Here’s an example from a relatively new driver.  When football season started during his first year of driving, he got all excited and headed out to the first game of the season – knowing with absolutely certainty that it was going to be super busy!  Uber and Lyft had been promoting the game all week and telling drivers they could expect big earnings!

So, he headed out to the stadium about 30 minutes before he thought the game would be ending.  The first thing he was met with – was a huge traffic jam getting into the area where the rideshare lots were.  It took him nearly 30 minutes to fight through that before he was parked in the rideshare queue zone.

The traffic made him so late that he could see he was already at the back of the pack of a very long line of cars that had gotten there before him.

By now, he has already wasted an extra 30 minutes from all the traffic he had to fight through to get into the rideshare queue.  And because he was so much later arriving than most other drivers, he was looking at a very long wait to get out of the lot.

In the end, he waited 45 minutes before he got a trip.  When the ping came in, he got really excited, just trying to imagine how much he was going to make!  Maybe $50 – if the passenger was going to one of the suburbs north of town.  And it was reasonable to expect a lot of people were at the game from far away, because football games draw people from very long distances away.

When his passenger finally got in the car though, and he started the trip, he was depressed to see it was only a 4 mile trip!  The passenger lived close to the stadium!  What are the chances of that?  Well, they’re pretty high actually!  Because while big games do draw people from long distances away, most of them aren’t going to be taking Uber and Lyft because they came in their own car.  So, you have to look not at the size of the crowd, but the size of the potential Uber and Lyft market within that crowd.  You can ignore the percentage of out of towners in the crowd because the vast majority of them will not be Lyft and Uber customers on the day of the game.

That leaves mostly the locals.  And that means your chances of getting are short trip are pretty high.

In the end, our new driver friend made about $8 on this trip – that he had put at least two and a half hours of effort into.  It turned out it wasn’t worth his time at all and ended up with him averaging just $3.20 an hour for those couple of hours.

There are a couple of lessons here.  One of them is – when it comes to larger events – you have to take into consideration how you will get into the event and how long it will take.  These events are usually super crowded and traffic is tightly controlled – which means it’s not going to move freely.  So you have to plan in advance and get there early enough to be well positioned for a quick trip out.

Use Uber’s & Lyft’s Tips – But Do So with Discernment

So use the tips Uber and Lyft send out – but be discerning.  They really should be used more as a guide to where a large portion of drivers will show up.  And if they’re showing up at anything less than a mega event – then think twice.  You could end up just waiting around and getting a very short trip at the end of the day.

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Video Transcription:

In this video, we’re going to cover an advanced strategy and that is, should you listen to company tips? And the answer is, emphatically, no, but also yes.

So, when there are big events and different things going on, Lyft or Uber will send out texts or messages to say, “Hey, you should be here at this place.” And they’ll say stuff like, “Hey, go here and you will earn big. Coldplay, Pizza Luce, Irish Fair.” Maximize rise and different things like that.

And for those who have been driving for some time they’ve noticed that a lot of times these don’t pan out exactly the way Lyft advertised them. That’s why I do appreciate things when they say stuff [like this].

And the thing is, Lyft is looking out for their best interests first and then secondly us. They want us to make good money. There’s a constant tension and I’m sympathetic towards it.

There is evilness, there’s a constant tension between making sure we get paid well and [are] happy and then also pass them on getting burned. If they do not advertise these events and pump them up, then a lot of passengers will get huge prime time fees.

And if they consistently get that, they’re not going to want to take rideshare anymore. And then it’s not a good deal because rideshare is good for people. It saves people money but if it’s constantly prime time [and] there are no drivers, then it’s going to be really bad even though there’ll be some really really happy drivers. So, there’s a tension they’re constantly playing.

So, here’s the question, should you listen to these tips when you get them? Yes, because you can use them to your advantage, but no, don’t take it for all it’s worth.

First, if you are listening to my instruction for my other videos on how to manage events and where to find them, you’re going to know if they’re busy or not and you’re going to know [about] all the other events. These aren’t all the events going on that night and so I want to…in my other videos will teach you [about] all the other events. So, this should be nothing new for you.

However, a lot of passengers, a lot of drivers actually, don’t keep track of all the events. So, this is new [to] them. And so what these texts do is it will pump up these events to get drivers on the road who normally wouldn’t drive. And what that’s going to do is [it’s] going to cost way more drivers sometimes than there are demands.

Unless it’s a mega-event say something like, you know, 60,000 people will be there, where there’s just not enough drivers to handle any demand even if they pump it up for weeks. Unless they do that, it’s going to hurt you if it’s a middle-sized event.

So, for instance, we had the X Games here not long ago, it was pumped up a lot, you know. Frankly, it didn’t surge at all. It was a flop for the most part because tons of drivers got super excited, and hit the roads, and it supplied all the demand, which is good for the company. Passengers are probably pretty happy about that but for us, it wasn’t helpful.

So, I use these texts and I know some, you know, veteran drivers have unsubscribed because they’re sick of it. What I’m want to say is, I want to know what Lyft is pumping up so that I can be strategic.

Should I listen to it or should I avoid it? So, for instance, sometimes if I, you know, let’s say it’s a Thursday night and they’re pumping up an event and I look at the event schedule and there are no other events going on that night. I’m probably not going to drive because unless it’s a mega-event. They’re going to over-saturate it with drivers and I’m not going to get feet.

So, I’m going to just take that up or I’m going to position myself to other historically busy places in the city that the event [is] not at, and I know a lot of drivers are going to gravitate away from those because they’re trying to get the big event.

And so, use these tips and be strategic but be smarter than this. Do your research and know where all the events are going on and use this as a way to either take days off or position yourself in better locations. So, hopefully, this was helpful. This is an advanced tactic and I hope this is going to help you make a lot more money and…

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