Should You Listen to Company Tips?

In this video, we’re going to cover an advanced strategy and that is, should you listen to company tips? And the answer is, emphatically, no, but also yes.

So, when there are big events and different things going on, Lyft or Uber will send out texts or messages to say, “Hey, you should be here at this place.” And they’ll say stuff like, “Hey, go here and you will earn big. Coldplay, Pizza Luce, Irish Fair.” Maximize rise and different things like that.

And for those who have been driving for some time they’ve noticed that a lot of times these don’t pan out exactly the way Lyft advertised them. That’s why I do appreciate things when they say stuff [like this].

And the thing is, Lyft is looking out for their best interests first and then secondly us. They want us to make good money. There’s a constant tension and I’m sympathetic towards it.

There is evilness, there’s a constant tension between making sure we get paid well and [are] happy and then also pass them on getting burned. If they do not advertise these events and pump them up, then a lot of passengers will get huge prime time fees.

And if they consistently get that, they’re not going to want to take rideshare anymore. And then it’s not a good deal because rideshare is good for people. It saves people money but if it’s constantly prime time [and] there are no drivers, then it’s going to be really bad even though there’ll be some really really happy drivers. So, there’s a tension they’re constantly playing.

So, here’s the question, should you listen to these tips when you get them? Yes, because you can use them to your advantage, but no, don’t take it for all it’s worth.

First, if you are listening to my instruction for my other videos on how to manage events and where to find them, you’re going to know if they’re busy or not and you’re going to know [about] all the other events. These aren’t all the events going on that night and so I want to…in my other videos will teach you [about] all the other events. So, this should be nothing new for you.

However, a lot of passengers, a lot of drivers actually, don’t keep track of all the events. So, this is new [to] them. And so what these texts do is it will pump up these events to get drivers on the road who normally wouldn’t drive. And what that’s going to do is [it’s] going to cost way more drivers sometimes than there are demands.

Unless it’s a mega-event say something like, you know, 60,000 people will be there, where there’s just not enough drivers to handle any demand even if they pump it up for weeks. Unless they do that, it’s going to hurt you if it’s a middle-sized event.

So, for instance, we had the X Games here not long ago, it was pumped up a lot, you know. Frankly, it didn’t surge at all. It was a flop for the most part because tons of drivers got super excited, and hit the roads, and it supplied all the demand, which is good for the company. Passengers are probably pretty happy about that but for us, it wasn’t helpful.

So, I use these texts and I know some, you know, veteran drivers have unsubscribed because they’re sick of it. What I’m want to say is, I want to know what Lyft is pumping up so that I can be strategic.

Should I listen to it or should I avoid it? So, for instance, sometimes if I, you know, let’s say it’s a Thursday night and they’re pumping up an event and I look at the event schedule and there are no other events going on that night. I’m probably not going to drive because unless it’s a mega-event. They’re going to over-saturate it with drivers and I’m not going to get feet.

So, I’m going to just take that up or I’m going to position myself to other historically busy places in the city that the event [is] not at, and I know a lot of drivers are going to gravitate away from those because they’re trying to get the big event.

And so, use these tips and be strategic but be smarter than this. Do your research and know where all the events are going on and use this as a way to either take days off or position yourself in better locations. So, hopefully, this was helpful. This is an advanced tactic and I hope this is going to help you make a lot more money and…

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