Making Adjustments as a Rideshare Driver

Making Adjustments. We constantly have to make adjustments in this game. Listen, there are other smart drivers out there.

There are other people watching this course who are going to learn these tactics, and the reality is, you have to constantly shift. That’s the one thing that’s hard. These tactics won’t change, but the times and the ways you go about it will.

So, if there is a trend where a certain part of town is always surging at this time, and a lot of drivers aren’t going there, and you notice that and you’re like, “Man, this is my money spot, this is my sweet spot”.

It’s not going to happen. It’s not going to be like that forever unless it’s something obvious like an event, or a bar close.

There are going to be little pockets that are going to happen for a consistent time, but whenever there is a trend, there are people looking for the trends. And I want you to be a trend finder, and start looking for the next trend.

Don’t just chase, because what are you gonna have is people on Facebook, “What’s a good place to drive?” And someone’s like, “I’ve been killing it over here.” Boom, everyone goes there, no one is killing it anymore.

So you constantly have to make adjustments. This industry is constantly changing, drivers are getting smarter, more technology is coming out, you need to be smarter and stay ahead, so constantly make adjustments.

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