Navigating Bar Closing Times as a Rideshare Driver

How do you navigate bar close? Now, this is something that’s really important to master, because it’s going to be something that’s going to happen every week.

It’s a lot of the principles that I just talked about in the previous videos, you can apply here. Here let me add a couple of things. When you’re picking people up, something’s that important to do is text ahead, like I’ve said before.

And when you text ahead, see if they respond back. If they don’t respond back, that’s a little yellow flag. A lot of people don’t but it’s still worth noticing.

Are they the type of person who’s all there? When I’m showing up, I’m not going to go right to the front and usually you can’t because there’s a long line.

I’m going to call ahead and when they pick up, I’m going to get a feel for how they are. If they are absolutely just wasted, or if I see that they’re just stumbling and people are like, “Hey, over there. ” And they are pointing to my direction, cancel.

And that’s going to hurt my cancellation rating or my cancellation rate, but it’s worth it. I don’t want them to throw up, I don’t want them to be a bad passenger, I don’t want them to forget not to tip me.

So I’d rather cancel and boom, I’m right in a hot spot anyway. Boom. Turn back on, I get another passenger. And I’ve done that a handful of times and it’s worth it.

So that’s a really good way to navigate bar close. Another thing to remember, some people leave early, so bar close usually happens at 12:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. so sometimes people leave early, so you can be there early for that first wave.

You be there right at bar close and you come later around 2:30 a.m. for the other wave of people and you can come back later on for the waitresses, bartenders and so forth.

So there are multiple waves that you can go back and forth, but it’s late and you have to weigh the options of how much stamina you have.

So that’s why I recommend sometimes resting and not staying out late and then going out just for that so you’re fresh and you can maximize that time.

Rather than having a minimally efficient couple of hours and getting tired and then when the best time of the night comes, you’re giving it your crumbs and you’re not giving it your best time. So that’s another tip to maximize riding with bar close.


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