Networking For Other Jobs

Rideshare is also a great opportunity to network and to promote other businesses you have. I heard about one guy on the Rideshare Guy podcast who he’s an actor, and he was able to regularly meet different people who could get him jobs, and get him parts.

And so man, if you were to walk up to this successful person, this lady or man in the street, and say, “Hey, hey I want to show you my resume, or I wanna give you my service.” They’d be like, “Who are you? Get away from me.” But hey, what if they were in your car?

And because you’re an elite driver, you’ve been taking my courses, they’re loving you, they think you’re awesome, they get to know your personality, then you say, “Hey, I actually, I act, or I do this kind of work. Or I do film.”

You know how easy is it to open up those doors, and if you know, if you’re wanting to get in a certain industry, position yourself in the area where those people would be at so that you can rub shoulders with them. And so this is a great opportunity [to] network for you to get other job opportunities, but also if you have a side business, “Hey, I’m a massage therapist.”

If I came to you and said, “I’m a massage therapist, would you like to use my services.” People are like, “Oh, creeper. I gotta get out of here.” But hey, maybe you got to know me for a little bit, and said, “Hey, here’s my card, I also do massage therapy on the side.”

And they’re thinking, “Dude, you’re the man. I love this guy. This guy is safe. I know he’s going to do a good job. He’s great kind of customer service. Or this girl was awesome, or art business.” My friend has an art business, she hands out her cards and stuff like that. You can build your other business on the side in a very natural way that’s not forced because here’s why.

People are going to ask, “Hey, do you drive full-time, or what do you do when you’re not driving?” Boom, glad you asked. I also do this, and they’re like, “So tell me about that.”

Boom, tell you about that. Boom, instant advertisement that is asked, and welcomed, not forced, and that’s a great way to build another business.


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