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Not only can you do delivery, there are other apps that are out there. Here, there’s one called Roadie. And Roadie is one that when people want to transport different things they need and let’s say they need to go long distances you can drive those, or even short distances, you can make some okay money.

It’s not very good, but it’s one more thing you could add and you could check and if it fits in your schedule. And the point of this is, the more apps you have, the more opportunities you have them to work for you.

If you only have a small amount of options, you have a small amount of opportunities to make it work for you. So, you are spreading out your opportunities.

There’s another app called OnSource. Okay, OnSource. OnSource is, basically, you’re working for insurance companies to check out crashes. So, you go there, you get paid like $15 bucks, and you get paid mileage, and you’re taking pictures and you’re filling out the description of the car.

And you can do this on your spare time too. And this is just different. And sometimes, one of the best ways to be a full-time driver is [to] just break out of the monotony. Doing this is tiring, but if you go there, you’re talking to a person, “Oh, they got in a car accident. That’s so sad.”

Taking pictures, that’s just different, and that kind of adds something and the rates are okay. There’s a lot of other apps, and this gig economy is what it’s called, is constantly growing. So, look at adding as many apps as possible to expand your opportunities for income.


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