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In this video, I’m gonna show you why you should have a metering app and what it is. A meter app is basically replicating what happens in a taxi.

You know, if you sit in a taxi, you can see on the dashboard there’s a meter, and the numbers are going based on the time and distance and so forth. And so an app is replicating that. Now, why would you need it?

Because your meters are all tracked by Lyft and Uber. However, Uber is not perfect. Sometimes, Uber and Lyft malfunction.

And let’s say you have a passenger in your car, and there’s a malfunction, and you need to get them somewhere, and you want to get paid, and they want to get there. And this can happen for a handful of reasons.

For example, let’s say you drop someone off, and they actually report that they want to go somewhere after, and they want you to wait for a few moments. What if they turn on their app and there’s a malfunction with the app?

And this has happened, true story. Instead of just letting them be stranded, try using the meter and carefully drive them.

Now, something that’s very important to know is that these malfunctions, they shouldn’t happen too often. So this is every once in a while.

I’ve only done it a handful of times, but it’s saved me money, and it helped passengers, and they were appreciative. However, if you’re doing this, it’s illegal. You are a gypsy taxi.

You do not have a commercial license or insurance, then it is illegal. If you do, then fantastic, and this is a great opportunity. So now, let me transition to say this. If you want to do this full-time, do it full-time, do it seriously.

And you have a nicer car especially, get a license, get licensed, get your commercial insurance, build a client base, and we’re gonna talk about that in another video, and cut the middleman out.

You save 25%, and perhaps they can give you a higher tip or whatever it is. They’re saving money. You’re saving money, and you’re making more.

And so you can use these different rates. Now, what you would do is you would pop them in the…when they get in, add the ride, and it will track just like a normal thing.

And see on the bottom left it’s tracking time. On the bottom right, it’s tracking minutes. It’s not moving, obviously, because we’re not doing anything. We’re just sitting here in this little studio.

But that’s how it would work in the ride. And then you can charge them with Square or PayPal if you pay for the Pro Service. If not, you can just manually go to Square.

So I would encourage you to go to Square, get the Square app, sign up, get the swiper, and they will send it to you in the mail for free, which is a wonderful service.

PayPal, they charge you, so I would get the Square app. And then they can pay you directly with a credit card. You can also send them a receipt right here. Now, you can also pick different services like Plus, and here’s one more cool thing.

If there’s surge going on, you can add in the multiplier right there. Five times surge, just kidding. That’s not probably likely, but it happens.

So that’s the regular uses of it. And let’s say you establish your own business. Look, Elite Rideshare Service. This is my own meter and my own rates.

So think about what are you worth? What’s your time worth to you? What’s worth driving for you? And so, for me, I think my time is worth at least $1.75 a mile, and 26 cents a minute, and a minimum fare of $7. So that’s what I have set.

You can obviously set different things. I don’t drive Lux or SUV or Black, and I definitely wouldn’t charge more if I did that. So for those of you guys are serious, use these meter apps. Get your clients, and you can start getting paid directly from them.

And you just gotta make sure you’re licensed and make sure you claim your taxes and pay for them. So hopefully this is helpful and this is gonna be another way that you can maximize your income.


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