Lesson 1: Uber and Lyft Passenger Pickup Requests

Hello and welcome to your first lesson of course 4 at the Rideshare Academy. In this lesson, we will cover the ways that you can perfect the pickup of your passenger.  This lesson is broken into several parts.

Whether you have completed lesson one or are just jumping in now, make sure to review the courses previous material so that you have a clear understanding of the terms and topics being covered.

Big Brother Is Always Watching…

Just kidding! But your rider certainly IS watching you. When you accept a ride request the passenger can see your current location on their app’s integrated GPS. Now this can be a good and a bad thing.

It’s good because they can have a real time representation of when you are going to arrive. This makes customers feel prepared when you arrive and gives them ample time to meet you outside or gather their party. The bad news is that they can see exactly what you are doing at all times! That means that they can see any wrong turns you make or if you are going in the opposite direction.

The Best Way To Accept A Ride

So if they can see everything you are doing before you even arrive, how can you impress and delight them even before the pickup?

First of all, don’t accept a ride while finishing up a previous ride. If they happen to see you going in the opposite direction they may cancel the ride.

Put yourself in their shoes! If you have somewhere to be and your ride is traveling the wrong way, would you wait for them? Probably not! Park your car before entering the queue to minimize rider concern of your direction of travel.

Here are the steps for accepting a ride through your app just in case you forgot:

  • Update or download the latest version of the Uber Driver app
  • Close and restart your app
  • Reopen your Uber app and click the “Go Online” button at the top
  • When you receive a ride request you will hear a ‘ping’ and a timer will come up
  • This timer has the passenger pickup address as well as their passenger rating
  • Tap your screen to accept the ride!

Knowing Your Way Around

Another thing riders can see via their GPS is if you have taken a wrong turn or drive pass their flag location. They won’t know exactly which car is yours so if you drive by and they don’t identify you quickly then it can inconvenience them. That certainly won’t get you that 5 star rating!

This is where your window stickers come in handy, but it is also important that you know your way around the area. Where is the nearest safe place to park your car? Which side of the road was their flag dropped on? Plot out your pick up route before hand and you can avoid these issues quite easily!

Don’t Forget…

When you pick up your passenger(s), odds are they won’t know your car by the description or your face by the picture. Even if your profile pic is straight fire, anticipate that they won’t even realize that you are a driver.

Keep an eye out for pedestrians with their phones out who may be looking around or looking at their phone. Perhaps common sense, but if someone is waving at you they are probably waiting for a ride. Wave back! If they aren’t waiting for a ride at least you’ve made a new friend.

Safety First

When you do identify your passenger, pull over safely to the side of the road and switch on your hazards. Roll down your window and in a friendly manner address the passenger by their name. “Hello, Stacy!”. “Stacy” will then of course say hello back! This confirms two important things:

  1. That this is in fact the passenger who requested the ride.
  2. That you are the driver who accepted the ride.

After you have unlocked your door and the passenger has been seated make sure that you both are wearing your seat belts. If the passenger needs help getting in or has luggage they need stored in the trunk assist them after confirming their identity and before picking them up in the app.

Pickup Confirmation

Once you are both settled in ask them how they are doing! The potential for a 5 star rating begins before the pick up but one of the critical moments is the first impression.

Set the mood for the ride with friendly conversation. Ask them if they need anything before you start driving such as a charger or a refreshment. This is important because you don’t want to be fiddling with those things while driving. Conversely, if the passenger does not wish to talk respect that.

The most important part of this interaction is confirming the destination. Sometimes passengers will put in an address they are familiar with that is not actually their destination. While establishing the route you then have an opportunity to map out your trip. If you know how to get there without a GPS that is great! You should still always use your GPS however.

Planning The Ride

Even before the pickup phase ends you can begin to think about where you are going to go and which route you are going to take. Having your GPS up and ready in case you get turned around is imperative. However, customers will respect a driver who knows the area well enough to not rely on it! There are also some things that the GPS will not tell you:

  • Where there is construction
  • Where there may be traffic build ups
  • Where there are less speed traps
  • Which route might be a smoother ride

Using your knowledge of the city/town that you drive in will help immensely when it comes to navigation. Keep your eyes open and get pumped for the ride!

Pickup Request Recap

Here are some review questions to consider and reflect on before moving on to the next course:

  1. When does the 5 star experience start for the rider?
  2. When is the best time to accept incoming rides?
  3. How can you quickly identify your passengers?
  4. What is the best way to establish that you have found your rider?
  5. How can your current route affect the passengers ride experience?

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