Staying Healthy as a Rideshare Driver

This next video is going to be kind of funny, but it’s deadly serious because driving takes a toll on the body. You’re not moving, but that kind of position is if you slouch you get a lot of tension up here hence why you need to hold when you drive.

This didn’t look right, but you can actually drive with their hands under. Overtime can wreck your body. And so what I want to challenge you if you’re going to drive full-time even if you’re a part-time driver rest well, sleep well don’t want to fall asleep on the on the wheel, but also exercise, exercise several times a week get your body flowing.

And like I said in my other video, do delivery to get yourself moving, but have an exercise regimen that’s doable and sustainable and do it and will help you feel better and help you be a better driver and last longer.

Something that’s really helpful to do is do back exercises, back extensions because your lower back is going to get a lot of attention. And so sometimes people buy pads they can sit on, I’m too tall so when I put a pad my head’s on top so I can’t use that, but there’s also lumbar support you can put on the lower back.

Do different things to help give relief. And when you drop off passengers get out, if you want before your next ride while you wait. Stand up, walk around, do some exercises, push-ups, stretch, and that’s going to help you have a long-term career in this gig.

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