Rewards and Perks: What’s Available

In this video I want to show you show a really cool perk with Lyft and Uber, that’s Uber Rewards and Lyft Perks. Now, this video is really cool for me because this is something that I forget about often and I’m missing out in a lot of benefits.

And so, here are some of the cool things that you can get. So being an Uber or a Lyft driver you can have access to lots of different rewards. However, they’re not for everyone.

There are certain milestones you have to reach. So, let me just show you Lyft just to give you an example. So these are their accelerate premiere driver rewards. So, if you do just 0 to 19 rides, you get silver, which means you get Hit the Road Essentials.

These are the Hit Roads Essentials. Let’s make it bigger for you to see, so you can as you can read you get different benefits. You get fuel rewards, 3 cents a gallon, not very good. Different things, help with the honest dollar, which is, you know, kind of like an investment plan.

Health insurance, which is this is important. These things are important because as an independent contractor, these are things that they do not take care of and you get small savings on a Verizon bill.

Now, if you drive 20 to 199 rides, which is going to be probably most of us here, we’re going to be in this range. Some of us are gonna be in the platinum range. You can get the Extra Mile Perks.

Now, these are a little better, 5 cents, 20% off. This is pretty cool 30% if you’re a big movie buff, and then save up to 50% off hotels and travel. Don’t ever forget up. Up is a keyword in a lot of things. And if you’re platinum you get 7 cents a gallon and then free roadside insurance.

However, every week you’re going to get an email from Lyft and depending on your different level, you get certain perks, and they will highlight special things. Lyft drivers save up to 50% on hotels. That’s really cool. So you check these out and bookmark different things. They have different things that you can save 5% on tuition. No thanks.

And there are different things you can do, kid’s bikes, gym memberships. I mean lots of different things, Ray-Bans. I mean you name it they have a lot of different things.

Lyft is pretty broad and you can see a lot of things. So here some more things Dell, Hook Ups. I mean just on and on. There’s a lot of different little things you can look at. Hey, 12% off. Nope, not very good.

But anyway, so you shop around. You’re smart. Some of these deals aren’t that very good, very good but some of them are very good, so check that out.

Now, here is one more thing. Here is kind of like The Hub, where you can look at all your different benefits. So, check this out. You can go to Automotive and look at the specific category.

And now, look you can look at Goodyear Tires and on and on. You could look at different things that you can get. So really, really helpful thing, but it obviously, honestly, for me because they’re so many categories, so many things it’s kind of overwhelming that I don’t even want to look at it, but that’s my fault.

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I need to look at more financial on this. They’ve got to deal with multiple different things where you can get loans for house and so, take advantage of this. Really, really good things. Spend, you know, a couple of hours just set apart where you can look at all these different perks.

Let’s look at some of the Uber rewards. Uber is the same situation where there are limitations, so, they don’t have exactly silver, gold, and platinum.

But there are certain things that a lot of other rewards. Since so fuel cards are going to be a really cool one. Let me show you this one.

I’m not driving Uber a lot lately, so if you drive enough you’ll get this fuel card which is kind of like a debit gift card and you can get up to 15 cents off per gallon.

Now, what I do is I just go to…I have a 2% cash bank card and then, I also go to Costco. And so, Costco is way cheaper and then 2%, so that works out well for me. And I have a Prius, so I don’t fill up much.

Here are some other cool things. They have a really killer phone plan. So you get 20% off of eligible plans and up to $650 device credits when you switch to AT&T. That’s really, really good.

Verizon is 15% and then you get a deal with Sprint. Sprint always has deals for everyone because they’re trying to become relevant again. So, you don’t even need them for that.

They have a cool thing with Betterment or Wealthfront. And so, if you want to start saving which you should, Betterment is a really, really good thing that I personally use.

And so, you can get a year free which is not really a big deal because a year free is very, very little. But anyway, it’s a good way to connect.

So, they have a couple other things. When they say save on child care that is not babysitting. Parents, I’ve checked. It is 25% off which includes diapers.

So, they have a couple rewards that are not as good. So again, please check these out. There are a lot of great gems here. There’s a lot of things that are not very helpful, but hopefully, this is a good introduction to rewards and perks.

Please, utilize them. We don’t get a lot of perks as drivers and use every single one that we can to our utmost benefit. All right, hope this is helpful.


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