Rideshare Driver Apps for Connecting with Other Drivers [+ Boost Earnings]

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Working as a rideshare driver is an incredible way to earn a living. Drivers get to be their boss, take breaks whenever they want to, and stop working when they are ready to call it a day.

Besides these perks, those who can keep their ratings up and customer service on point earn bonuses above their initial driver fees and take home more money.

Unfortunately, working as a rideshare driver can also get lonely. Full-time drivers may find themselves spending hours at a time in silence, especially when driving passengers who prefer solitude to conversations or music.

Finding other drivers to stay in touch with can be the difference between tolerating and loving your work. Whether looking for new friends to meet up with for dinner after a full day of driving or searching for more experienced drivers to learn how to boost your daily earnings, finding friends to stay in touch with as a rideshare driver is essential to your long-term happiness. To help, we’ve compiled a list of our 6 favorite social apps to connect you will other rideshare drivers.

To find out which social apps can help you earn more money and completely change your rideshare experience, read on.



Being on the road for an extended period can be a bit taxing mentally. Especially if you get a bunch of passengers that do not want to talk or listen to the radio.

To prevent this, we recommend downloading Voxer.

This walkie-talkie app will put you in touch with other rideshare drivers at the touch of a button.

Here is how it works.

Drivers can join a channel with up to 500 other people. When someone wants to talk, they record what they want to say and send it. Then, the others can click play and listen to what you said.

Voxer makes it easy for people to stay in touch with each other in a safe way. The last thing you want to do is to pick up the nasty habit of texting and driving!

This is a fantastic solution for drivers that want to use the time between rides in an effective manner.

By being able to speak with other drivers that empathize with you, rideshare drivers can keep their spirits up.

Drivers interested in this app can download it today for Android or iPhone.

The free version of the app should be sufficient for most drivers. However, paid plans start at $4 per user, per month, and include features like unlimited message storage, walkie talkie mode, and much more.


Friends that make money together stick together, right?

Ok, so maybe that’s not exactly how the saying goes, but helping friends to succeed while working makes life much more enjoyable.

Gridwise is an app that helps rideshare drivers to optimize their routes. In other words, Gridwise can help you and your friends to find the best times and places to drive.

Drivers sign up and receive recommendations on which areas are too saturated with other drivers. Gridwise even goes so far as to help you improve your airport pickup and dropoff strategy, minimize downtime between rides, and look back to evaluate your driving performance over time.

Oh, and did we mention that Gridwise is free?

As Gridwise shares tips on the best areas to drive in, you can share those tips with friends in the rideshare community who are in your area.

You can learn more about Gridwise here and download it for both iOS and Android devices.


It goes without saying that you need to have a smartphone to drive for Lyft and Uber. However, not all messaging apps on smartphones are equal.

To seamlessly connect with all of your fellow rideshare drivers, try downloading Pulse. Pulse is a messaging application that allows you to seamlessly connect with friends and family across all of your devices.

Send everything from texts to videos from your phone, laptop or tablet; customize notifications for individual contacts; and even schedule your messages or snooze incoming messages for later times.

Pulse costs $0.99/month, and those who fall in love with the app can spend $10.99 for a lifetime membership.


Another great chat app that drivers can use to maximize earnings while also connecting with other drivers is SherpaShare.

Self-proclaimed as the “ultimate rideshare driver assistant”, SherpaShare helps Lyft and Uber drivers to boost their income by allowing you to track mileage and manage driving expenses like gas, car repairs, and more to maximize your tax deductions and prepare you for tax time.

Also see: learn about Mystro and see how this app can help you to filter bad ride requests)

However, SherpaShare also has some hidden features that many drivers overlook. SherpaShare lets drivers connect to each other to discuss ways to boost their earnings like SURGE areas, traffic to avoid, and more.

SherpaShare breaks their app down into 5 “Smart Driver Tools”:

  • Heatmap – shows a map of other drivers so you can stay in underserved areas
  • Compass – analyzes your past fares and offers recommendations on where you will earn the most money driving
  • Hotspot – helps you to find the nearby locations that have SURGE pricing and the strongest rider demand
  • Travis® – charts your revenue and profits on an hourly basis
  • Driver to Driver Chat – enables you to connect to other drivers to share insights about how to collectively boost your earnings

In other words, SherpaShare is an essential app for any rideshare driver.

SherpaShare’s subscription fee starts as low as $4.99/month if you sign up for an annual plan ($5.99/month for a month-to-month subscription). SherpaShare also offers a “Super Premium” plan for $10/month that provides priority support, access to the Sherpashare Slack channel, and more.

You can download SherpaShare for both iPhone and Android.

(P.S. MileIQ is another great mileage tracking app for less-frequent Uber & Lyft drivers that is free for your first 40 rides of each month).


Having great tunes in your ride is a must. Good music is uplifting and creates a splendid atmosphere. Having access to great music helps start conversations with passengers while also making drive times in between rides more enjoyable. This is why we recommend getting a music app if you do not have one already.

Of all the music apps available, Spotify is one of the best.

This app works on all devices and allows you to create your own playlists and discover new music. You can let passengers pick their favorite tunes to listen to thanks to Spotify’s massive song library, which could lead to a nice tip!

The only catch is commercials. If you do not pay for a Premium account, Spotify will play a commercial now and then.

If this gets to be a significant issue, consider upgrading to Premium.


Maybe at this point you’re thinking, “These apps are great, but I need to make more rideshare friends first!” Well, we have a great solution for you.

Meetup is a website that allows people with similar interests coordinate events or “meetups” locally.

Those who sign up can find a Meetup group for just about everything these days. This is a great way to meet new friends that you already share a common interest with, whether it be working as rideshare drivers or a shared love for karaoke.

Start by creating an account and typing in your home city. From there, select how far you are willing to travel from your current location to go to an event.

You’ll then see a series of events happening in your area on a daily basis within the distance that you selected.

Signing up for a group is free. While some groups will charge a small fee to attend each event, other events are completely free.

Check out Meetup.com and start by joining a rideshare group in your area. You’ll be on the fast track to rideshare friendship in no time.

Other Essential Rideshare Driver Apps

In addition to the above list of social apps, here are a handful of our favorite apps that all rideshare drivers should have on their phone as well:

To help keep track of your finances, we recommend checking out Stride Tax and QuickBooks Self-Employed. Both apps provide record keeping methods that can make operating a rideshare business a breeze. Key features include mileage tracking, profit, and expense tracking.

Gas Buddy is a great way to save money while at the pump. This app makes it easy for drivers to find the cheapest gas station near them.

The app also can alert you when prices lower at surrounding gas stations.

Waze and Google Maps are two excellent navigation apps that provide real-time traffic updates (oh yeah, and they’re both free apps).

We also recommend downloading an advanced weather app like Accuweather to help you stay off the roads during bad weather.

Other apps we covered will help create fun rides, which can lead to an increase in morale as well as tips.

Spotify is a great music app drivers can use to shuffle up the tunes they are listening too.

The app offers users a fun way to create unique playlists featuring a wide range of song options. Riders hoping to share their favorite jam with you can do so.

This type of interaction is what you should aim for during all your trips and may even result in a bigger tip.

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People who are in a good mood tend to be more generous. One of the best ways to promote this feeling is by being in a positive mindset yourself.

There are several methods to use to go about doing this, and no two drivers are the same.

For those who crave social engagement, putting yourself in a positive mood when a bunch of passengers right in a row does not want to chat.

This can result in a feeling of isolation and loneliness. To prevent this, we recommend checking out Voxer.

This walkie talkie app is a novel way to stay in touch with your fellow rideshare drivers.

After you download Voxer, you can join a channel. These channels are capable of hosting up to 500 people, so odds are you will find someone to chat with.

Once you enter a channel, you can leave a voice recording, listen to other messages, and more, all within the app.

Now that we have reviewed a few of the rideshare-friendly apps we love, what did you think? Did we miss any of your favorite rideshare apps? Tweet at us to share any additional apps that we should include.

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