Rush Hour Driving

Interviewer: All right, Berenice, I just made a video on why I don’t usually drive [during] rush hour. And you’re the rush hour girl. Sell me on this.

Berenice: Well, it’s busy. I mean, maybe people don’t like to go ahead and drive [during] rush hour because it’s a lot of stop-and-go. But time that someone is in your car, is time that you are getting paid.

And certainly, if you go ahead and provide a customer service atmosphere and make people feel like you’re going above and beyond, those tips are really going to make up for maybe what people would say be short rides or rides that are not prime time.

I’m from Los Angeles and the traffic here is nothing compared to L.A. so I really enjoy driving in the Twin Cities. People around rush hour, they’re either going to work or getting off of work or school. And it’s kind of nice to be the ride that’s in between or winding down from their day.

I try to create an atmosphere of peace in my car. I have a Lyft driving mellow playlist on Spotify, and I really try to go above and beyond by creating that atmosphere.

I think that the tips that I get because of that really make up for maybe what some people would say are rides that are not as much money such as prime time rides.

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