Introduction to Six Star Service

Recently I met with an Uber employee and they told me that the average rating for a driver in Minnesota is a 4.6, which is the bare minimum not to be deactivated.

When it comes to ratings, I would bet that most cities are similar to mine.

This is a bad thing for the industry as a whole, but a good thing for your personal profits.

I’ve heard people argue that we’re not competing with other drivers. I would disagree. If you have a passenger who has ridden before, they will compare you to them. So in a way, you are competing. This is where excellent service is such a crucial factor. Most drivers are not great. In fact, most quit or are deactivated in the first few months. And the ones that stick around often give a mediocre effort.


That is why this section is called Six Star Service: How to get massive tips. We want to be so good that passengers feel like they got way more than they paid for. We want them to wish there was a six star option. We want to create a new bar of expectations for them. After they ride with you, they would be ruined. All other drivers would feel mediocre after riding with you.

I want us to be so good, that they would not only feel compelled to tip, but be happy to!


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