Introduction to Six Star Service

Recently I met with an Uber employee and they told me that the average rating for a driver in Minnesota is a 4.6, which is the bare minimum not to be deactivated.

When it comes to ratings, I would bet that most cities are similar to mine.

This is a bad thing for the industry as a whole, but a good thing for your personal profits.

I’ve heard people argue that we’re not competing with other drivers. I would disagree. If you have a passenger who has ridden before, they will compare you to them. So in a way, you are competing. This is where excellent service is such a crucial factor. Most drivers are not great. In fact, most quit or are deactivated in the first few months. And the ones that stick around often give a mediocre effort.

That is why this section is called Six Star Service: How to get massive tips. We want to be so good that passengers feel like they got way more than they paid for. We want them to wish there was a six star option. We want to create a new bar of expectations for them. After they ride with you, they would be ruined. All other drivers would feel mediocre after riding with you.

I want us to be so good, that they would not only feel compelled to tip, but be happy to!

Why Saturday and Sunday Mornings are Great Times to Drive

In this video, Sam shows us how Saturday and Sunday mornings can be great times to work. There are several reasons why!

One, you have the ‘walk of shame’ going on.  The night before, a lot of people end up spending the night somewhere other than their own home.  They usually don’t have their car with them and sometimes they don’t even remember how they got there!  These people definitely need an Uber or a Lyft!

That’s on the ‘demand’ side.  On the ‘supply’ side – you have a lot fewer drivers who are driving on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  That’s because they were out working very late the night before.  As Sam showed us in his video on driving Friday and Saturday nights, those weekend nights are very profitable times to drive.  And a lot of drivers plan their whole week around driving on just those nights.

Another Reason Saturday and Sunday Mornings are Great Times to Drive

In addition to the above reasons, there another reason why Saturday and Sunday mornings – and in fact, Saturdays and Sundays during the day – are great times to drive.  And that is because people aren’t at work!

Yes, you heard that right.  Most of our driving revolves around people going to or coming from work.  So it might sound strange to hear that the reason Saturdays and Sundays are great days to drive is because people aren’t at work.

But think about it for a minute and you’ll see why it makes so much sense.  During the weekdays when people are at work – they aren’t going to be out moving about.  They’re not going to need to take a car from here to there.  Why?  Because they’re chained to their desks!  And their bosses have told them they can’t go anywhere until at least 5:00!

Veteran drivers know that during the day on weekdays is one of the worst times of all to drive.  And that’s what makes Saturdays and Sundays so much better.

On Saturdays and Sundays you literally have all day when people are moving about.  Pretty much anytime on these days, from early morning to early evening, are going to be good times to drive.

People are free on the weekends.  They’re free to come and go as they please.  They’re not chained to a desk, they’re not trapped in an office.  They can come and go as they please.  And the ability to come and go as people please – equals more Uber and Lyft trips.

Best Places to Get Trips on the Weekends

The weekends are a whole different animal when it comes to where you’re going to position yourself for the maximum opportunity for best trips.

Yet, the same principles apply – you just have to figure out a different way to work them.  The main principle for successful rideshare driving is – you want to get the longest trips possible that can be completed in the shortest period of time.

When you realize that 90% of what you make will come from the distance charge and only about 10% will come from the time charge – you will understand why quick long distance trips are the most profitable.  And that should always be your guiding principle.  Look for trips that will be longer than average that can be completed quicker than average.

During the week, that means looking for airport trips early in the mornings from out in the suburbs.  Since it’s early, there’s little to no traffic so the trips can be completed quickly.  And since you’re in the suburbs, it means you’re going to get longer trips than usual because the destination of early morning business travelers is a long ways away from the suburbs.

On the weekends, all of this is turned on its head.  You’re not going to be in the suburbs looking for airport trips.  But you may well be in the suburbs.  However, your best bet is to find places – and every city is different so you have to figure this out for your city – where people travel longer distances to.

In some areas of the country, this kind of area might be the beaches.  People traveling from the city to the beaches.  For instance, in L.A., you have a huge population that is drawn to the beaches every weekend, but many of them will be coming from distances that will be a lot farther than a typical Uber trip.  So you’ll want to position yourself in the suburbs where they’ll be coming from in the mornings and then position yourself at the beaches in the afternoons to take them home!

In other cities, there may not be beaches, but there’s always something that’s a draw for people in the city that lies 10 – 20 miles outside the city.  You really want to look for these 10 – 20 mile trips on the weekends.  In some areas it might be an outlet mall.  Other areas it could be an outdoor attraction like a popular lake or mountain area.

Those are just examples to get you thinking.  We can’t tell you where those areas are in your city – but you should know them already.  And if you don’t, just talk to people and you’ll figure it out.  But remember… it’s the general principle that’s important.  And that principle is that you want to get the longest possible trips that can be completed in the shortest amount of time.

Sam tells us that he has friends who drive Saturday and Sunday mornings rather than Friday and Saturday nights.  In part that’s because it flows better with their week day schedule where they work early mornings.  But also in part it’s because it’s a busy time for the few drivers who do come out at that time – and they don’t have to deal with drunks!

Imagine getting weekend earnings without having to deal with the drunks.  It’s the best of both worlds.

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