Snacks and Ads in a Rideshare Vehicle

In this video, I want to talk about two really great opportunities that just open up doors for lots more income, that almost could be classified as passive income. You have to do very little. You just got to get it started.

And then after that, you’re doing the same things you normally would do, except you can increase the customer experience, especially with Cargo, perhaps with Vugo. That’s to be decided. The jury is out on that one.

But you definitely do very little, but you can increase your income. This is something that would be really helpful if you’re going to drive full-time, that can increase your income significantly. Check this out.

Cargo is a really cool service that is growing fast and is maybe in your city yet, soon to be in your city. They are saying you can earn $150 extra each month. How? Okay.

What you’re going to do is you’re going to get one of these bad boys right here. You’re going to get this little box that can fit between most cars in that compartment area. And what you’ll do is you’ll get a box full of snacks.

You’ll get Advil, you’ll get little different things that people would want, things that you can actually eat for free. But they’re not for you, they’re for passengers.

And you can even have different connectors there too. What Cargo is going to be so helpful with is that if you are the type of person who’s like, “Oh man, I don’t want to buy snacks. I’m not a 7-11.” I’ve heard it all. Great. Don’t buy the snacks.

Let people buy the snacks from you. If you don’t want to hand it out and give a six-star service, this can work within a six-star service model.

So, what Cargo is, is there’s this food box that you get, that they pay for. They take care of. And what they’re doing is paying you and giving you a commission.

This is free for you and what you can do is you can sign up. I put a code in the notes if you want to sign up, that would help me. That would be great. What a passenger does when they sit down and they see this delicious looking box full of goodies, that they can go to this website, put in your code, this very easy to do, and then you’ll get an alert what they want, and then you can hand it to them.

So, you have control to open it from your side and you can hand them what they want, which is great because they can pick if they want. They don’t have to pick. And there’s also a little tipping opportunity.

They say that you can earn up to $1.50 extra per passenger. And so, what they’re going to do is they’re going to give 50 cents for every item you hand out. But if you are a full-time driver, which is what the category of this video is under, you can get huge bonuses if you are selling a lot.

And so, that can start adding up. And then, you can also make referral bonuses and they can also tip you extra in the app, which is not really necessary, but that’s a nice little thing. Check this out.

Cargo’s most active drivers are earning an extra $355 a month. Think about $355 a month and what that can do to your bottom line. $355 a month and you’re not adding expenses. You’re not doing anything. They’re sending it to you.

$355 a month, multiply that by 12, that is a significant change. This is your car payment. That’s really, really helpful. That’s maximizing your time and your income. Look. Give yourself a raise today by basically doing nothing. Okay. And there are testimonies you can look at this. I’m going to link this website.

The other app is called Vugo, or the other service. Vugo is something that is a little bit more controversial, because it kind of commercializes your ride, and especially if you’re a Lyft driver like myself primarily, and you want to have this friendly, kind of friend atmosphere, it kind of takes away from that.

Now, Vugo, you can either get a free app with them if you pay this whole thing, or you can use an app, sorry, I meant a tablet. You can use your own tablet, which I would recommend because you get tablets super, super cheap now.

Look online, look on the Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist. You can buy even cheap brand new ones, that are really, really affordable. You get a mount, you set it up behind your seat, and they will put different specific advertisement that will appeal to your passengers.

So, they’ll link to your accounts and they’ll know who the kind of person is, and they’ll create advertisements that are specific for the person.

So, the question you should care about is how much can I earn? We estimate the average full-time driver in North America will earn up to $300 more per month.

Remember, up to is an important thing. But let’s say you are doing about $200 or $150. That’s very little for something that you can do. I think this is a helpful service, and if you want to think about multiple ways you can add to your income streams, this could be helpful.

So, let’s say you are an excellent driver, which hopefully you are after all of my courses. $300 you’re making up to, and then another $355. So, let’s just say $600. $600 a month.

That is significant. That is significant. That increases your hourly by a ton without you doing anything.

So, these are really good opportunities, and there are a lot more that are constantly coming out. So, keep an eye out. I will try to keep updated and send out to all my students, different opportunities. But check out Cargo, especially there’s a code, and also Vugo.


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