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Know Your Market

In the last few videos of this series on the best times to drive, Sam showed us that Friday and Saturday nights are great times, he showed us that very early weekday mornings are great times and he showed us that Saturday and Sunday mornings are great times as well.

But, in this video, he cautions us with a reminder that things change!  Every week is a little different.  He has given us great principles to go by and if you know and understand the principles then it’s pretty easy to plug in the details later.

Sam cautions us here to know our markets.  Every city is different and every week is different.  But the main principles still apply.  And remember, the principle above all principles that you want to keep in mind as a rideshare driver – the thing that should be your overriding goal every day is to:  seek out the longest distance trips that can be completed in the shortest amount of time.  That’s your overarching goal.  If you do that – you’ll do very well as a rideshare driver.

The trick is, though, in knowing enough about your city and it’s rhythms and movements to be able to pick out the times and places to be based on the principle of going after the longest possible trips that can be completed in the shortest period of time.

How to Determine the Best Times to Drive

In order to know the best times to drive, you have to know your city.  You need to understand how its people move, where they go and when and why.  If your city is near a beach, the movement of people there will be very different than cities that aren’t near any beaches or other natural attractions.  In a beach city, drivers may do very well hanging out at the beaches in the afternoons, hoping to get people going back into town or to the suburbs.  But in a city with no beaches or natural attractions, it may be an outlet mall that’s a good distance from the city but that draws a lot of people from the city.

So the best way to determine the best times to drive is by knowing your city, its attractions and what kinds of things people like to do and when they do them.

Just remember, above all things, keep in mind the principle that you want to search out places and times where you can get the longest trips that can be completed in the shortest amount of time.

Watching Out for Holidays

While Sam recommends driving on the weekends, he warns that what counts as a “weekend” can actually change from week to week!  So use a little flexibility when applying his lessons.  He reminds us in this video that we have to watch the calendar.  If the next weekend is a holiday weekend where everyone is taking Monday off from work – then everything shifts.  Saturday night will become Sunday night in this case.  And what normally would have been a strong Friday night will be split into two nights – Friday and Saturday.

Or, depending on where you live – people might just skedaddle out of town on holiday weekends and business might be completely dead – no matter what you do!  If that’s the case in your city – then you will still do very well to watch the calendar because you can plan for this.  Plan to do something else that weekend.  Just don’t waste your time driving if indeed your city’s dead on holiday weekends!

In the end, to be truly successful as a rideshare driver and to enter the elite ranks of top income earners – you need to be constantly monitoring events in your city and understanding the flow and movement of people during all the different holidays.


Video Transcription:

Although the times that I just gave you are generally the best times, things can always fluctuate. Remember, every market is different. So, you need to know your market. So, I’m speaking generalities that are going to be true for most markets, but yours can be different.

Second, keep in mind, there are certain weeks where there’s going to be a holiday on Monday. And so you know what? Saturday is now Sunday night.

And so people are partying on Sunday night and that is going to shift the whole week, and that’s going to shift the airplane, the flight schedules, and everything.

And so, certain weeks you need to go with the flow and fluctuate. So maybe there’s one weekend where there’s a ton of activity, and the rest of the week is going to be really, really tame because people are staying home because they spent all their money on that weekend. So you need to constantly be monitoring the events and getting a flow with different holidays.

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