Things Fluctuate

Although the times that I just gave you are generally the best times, things can always fluctuate. Remember, every market is different. So, you need to know your market. So, I’m speaking generalities that are going to be true for most markets, but yours can be different.

Second, keep in mind, there are certain weeks where there’s going to be a holiday on Monday. And so you know what? Saturday is now Sunday night.

And so people are partying on Sunday night and that is going to shift the whole week, and that’s going to shift the airplane, the flight schedules, and everything.

And so, certain weeks you need to go with the flow and fluctuate. So maybe there’s one weekend where there’s a ton of activity, and the rest of the week is going to be really, really tame because people are staying home because they spent all their money on that weekend. So you need to constantly be monitoring the events and getting a flow with different holidays.


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