Maximizing SURGE and Prime Time Earnings with 3rd Party Apps

Okay, one of the most important things to do if you want to maximize Prime Time and a SURGE is [to] actually use third-party apps. Uber and Lyft have some helpful resources but they are not going to show you all the things that some of these other apps can do. Now, there are tons of apps; there is Radar, there is FarePilot.

The ones that I like using the most are Surge and Primetime. Okay? Prime Time app, Surge they got the best names because they named what it’s called.

And so what I do is I set on my phone these different locations. Now, with Primetime you can actually track 10 simultaneous locations plus your current location. So it takes a lot of data, but it’s tracking.

Let me show you real quick how this works. Okay? This is going to be out of focus for a second but then you can see.

So as you can see I am tracking my own location. I’m tracking the airport, Uptown, Downtown, the Target Field, Saint Paul, all these things. And this is live right now. And it’s gonna simultaneously track them, and while I’m driving it’s going to give me notifications.

And you can set notifications for when you want to be alerted. I’m not going to be alerted for [a] 25% surge, that’s not worth my time, but 75%, yes. So when it hits 75%, I get these alerts in my ear, and I know.

So even when I’m driving other passengers, I kind of know where things are going, so I know where to go right after. Now, I know that sounds like chasing SURGE, but it’s not, and here’s why.

Because when I’m chasing, what I’m doing is I’m tracking multiple SURGE locations at one time, and I’m going to go to the one that’s closest to me and the one that just started the SURGE rather than the one that’s been surging for a while and it’s giving a lot of drivers time to adjust.

Now, let me show you the other app. So that’s…this is Prime Time, and one of the cool things it does, I forgot to say, is that you can actually historically track things. See these bars? You can actually track what the rates have been.

And so you can do up to five hours, and then you can also send it out as Excel document, and you can look for days on end and see when is it been surging, and that’s a way for you can historically track and see the rhythms. So look right now, U.S. Bank Stadium, 100%, and all these other ones.

And I can kind of tell right now, in fact, maybe I should leave right now. No, no, I’m not going to do that. Now, let me show you the SURGE app. The SURGE app is similar but it doesn’t have all the features because Uber told them to get rid of them.

And so right now I’m tracking my current location and it’s not telling me that there’s anything going on. And what it would do is that it would go off in my ear, and I know that there’s SURGE.

Let’s say I’m dropping someone off and I just see an alert, and it’s showing me that there’s SURGE right there. Boom, I know I can turn on my Uber app. And I can go back and forth and see which one has better percentages.

So use these…use Primetime, use Surge. There are probably other apps out there, but these are my favorite ones. And I’ll put the promo codes into the notes for you to use for your benefit. These are fantastic. Use them to maximize SURGE and Prime Time.

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