Utilizing Weather to Your Advantage

How do you utilize weather? Now, let me tell you a story. A while ago there was a music festival outside, tens of thousands of people, okay, and I was kicking back home with my wife, hanging out, and all of a sudden, a storm rolled in, and it was coming down, and it was coming down hard. And I checked the weather, and it was saying that it was going to be around for a while.

And so, I quickly checked, “Hey, what’s the schedule like for this festival?” “Oh, hey, guess what? The weather was hitting, and the festival was just about to end. The last person was about to perform.” “Honey, I’ve got to go. Say, goodnight to the kids.”

I hit the road, and I drove 15 minutes to there, and what I got is a 650% prime time. So first, Uber language, that’s 7.5X. That was a really, really big fare. Why did that work?

Well, multiple things. I let weather work for me. It wasn’t a flash weather thing where it was going to be there and be gone.

I also had an outdoor festival. They couldn’t hide. Also, it was at the end of the festival, so everyone is going to be leaving. You need to think about all these different factors.

Look at your weather every week. Of course, the weather is going to change. You can’t predict it perfectly but look ahead of time. Look before your shift. Is weather gonna roll in?

And if weather comes in and it’s a flash thing where it comes and maybe it stays, and it’s something that one is unexpected, you’re going to see a big surge in Prime Time because other people weren’t expecting it either. And so, they’re gonna be caught in the rain, they need to get somewhere, and they’re going to put it on their apps.

So use weather for you. But here, know this. When it comes down hard, and its downpouring is dangerous, and it’s blizzard, you’ve got to weigh the risk.

Will you make more money if you drive when there’s a crazy blizzard when no one’s on the street? Yeah, but there’s a reason why no one’s on the street.

You need to weigh, is that worth it? Do you have good snow tires? Do you have good tires in the rain?

Weigh your risk because you’ve got to be careful. If you wanted to make that kind of big money during those times, you’ve got to count the cost.

And so, use weather for your advantage. Look ahead. Look at different sporting events, outdoor events, any kind of event, and see [if it] will rain or certain kind of weather cause it to change, and use that for your benefit.


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