What If You Make A Mistake?

What do you do when you make a mistake? Because the reality is all of us will make mistakes. The best drivers will still make mistakes, and the better you get the less mistakes you’ll make.

So, what do you do? I think mistakes are a great opportunity to win them over and take it to another level. This is what I’ll do.

The most common mistake people make is a wrong turn. Maybe they’re unfamiliar with the highway and there’s like five different places you can go and you take the wrong turn.

Confess it. Immediately say it. Don’t let them figure it out because a lot of times they’ll know. And I’ll say, “Hey, I’m so sorry. I just made a wrong turn.” That’s gonna add something to your fair, and that’s gonna bother them.

This is what you should do. I’m going to contact Lyft right after my shift, or I’m gonna contact Uber and tell them it was my fault.

And you would Uber and Lyft to often credit them back. And they love that. Now, the corporate is working with you and they feel like Uber and Lyft are going above and beyond.

So many people… We’re in a world, a fallen world where people make mistakes all the time. But a big thing that can differentiate ourselves, is how do we handle our mistakes.

Most people they will be proud and say, “Oh, that wasn’t a mistake.” Or they won’t be sincere about it and then corporate say, “Sorry that’s just part of it.” But if we can go above and beyond may we can win a passenger for life.

And sometimes what people do is they say, “Oh, I’ll end the ride early, so I’m not counting those miles.” Don’t do that.

Don’t do that because you’re no longer on the rideshare insurance. And if you get in a car accident right before you drop them off, you’re in trouble now and that’s on you.

So, keep the meter on. Keep it on, all the way ’til you drop them off and tell them you’ll message them and give them your word and sincerely mean it. You just took a mistake and turned it into an opportunity.


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