When They Get Into Your Car

What do you do when the passenger gets in the car? This is another great opportunity for you to go above and beyond with your service with just doing a few things that don’t take a lot of energy and effort, but a lot of love and it goes a long way.

Okay, so what I do when I pick someone up unless it’s like in a crazy, busy place where there’s, you know, traffic going everywhere and I’m being illegal, what I do in those cases I’ll open the door for them, I’ll reach over and say, “Get in. Get in. Hurry. Hurry.”

I do [it] with a smile or light-heartedly or even tell them in the text, “Hey, I’m gonna pick you up in a really hard area.” Or I’ll say, “Hey, can you go to an area that’s easier to pick up?”

But if I do pick them up in a hard area, I’m going to say, “Go, get in, get in, get in.” And it’s, kind of, like a fun little game where they run in and jump in, I’m like, “Oh, you’re a rock star.” And we go.

But most cases, when you pick people up, and it’s a safe place to pick up you have time. What I do is I get out my car and I open the door for them, even guys.

What it does is it just says, “Hey, I respect you.” And, you know, a lot of times especially blue collar workers, people who when you look at them you would immediately judge and say, “You’re not going to give me a good tip.” These people are great to serve.

Not because they’re going to [give] you tips but because you have an opportunity to change their mindset to blow their paradigms. Nobody treats me like this. I want to treat people in such a way where they feel like, “Oh, did I pay for lux?”

I’ve had that multiple times where people check their app to make sure they didn’t order the wrong car because they thought they were paying for more than what they wanted. And that’s what I want.

I want everyone to feel like I got a bargain. Wow, this guy’s great. And so, I open the car door for them and I usually try to make sure it’s on the right passenger seat because there’s more leg room, and that’s just if there are multiple people then I’ll do it.

And a lot of times people are like, “Oh, no you don’t have to do that.” I’ll say, “You know, but I like to. It’s my joy to do that.” You know, I’m showing that this is not just some dutiful service for you ma’am. But it’s like I want to do this. Because people like duty, people like delight, people like people doing it because it’s their joy.

And so, I open it for them. If it’s raining or if there’s some sort of weather issue or snow coming down, I’ll text them ahead of time and say, “Hey. Siri, text Lyft, tell Susan I’m going to bring an umbrella and get her from her door.” And man, that goes such a long way.

Who does that? And I bring them over. And, I mean, just the other day I did this and later on, this passenger told me, “Hey, my husband, he saw you do that umbrella thing. And he said, ‘You better give this guy a tip.'”

That was super encouraging for me and they noticed it’s going above and beyond. Most people don’t do that. And now, I’m married and so, you know, I’m just trying to get them to their car appropriately. Maybe you’re not, and you can have a special moment.

You know, have this intimate moment appropriately. But, man, I’m going to get in trouble for this, aren’t I?

But, okay, I’m going to keep this in. So, that is something that I do when I get them in. Once they’re sitting in your car, what I want to do is I want to turn around, and I forget this sometimes but it’s super important because we’re humanizing ourselves.

Uber is notoriously trying to dehumanize us. We’re just machines and they wanna replace us with machines one day. So, I turn around and say, “Hey, I’m Sam. Nice to meet you. Thanks for riding with me.”

And I get their name, and I’ll look in their eye and I listen to their name. And what am I doing? I’m humanizing myself.

I’m showing them I’m a person and I value them as a person. I’m glad they’re in my car. I’m making it not awkward by being friendly.

This is an intimate thing. They’re in your car. I mean, they’re sitting right there. Like because you’re sitting it’s normal but like in real life if a woman was right there, that would be kind of a weird, awkward, intimate space.

And so, you are inviting them in [and] being warm. Okay. After I greet them, hi-five, fist pump. I flex it, usually, handshakes are pretty universal.

I then look at the address that they have on the app and I double check. Make sure you double check because sometimes they’ll have the right address but the wrong city.

Sometimes they’ll have a restaurant or a venue that has multiple chains so you double check. And if you double check and you catch an error, you are a hero to them because they know that they were going to burn a bunch of miles and a bunch of money.

Often, they will blame you for not catching it. So, double check that. And once you get them in the car, let them ease in. Let them ease in. Don’t pepper them with questions yet and wait for questions. We’re going to do a video on how to have a good conversation and so forth.

But once they’re easing in, I’ll say something like this, “Hey, help yourself to Jolly Ranchers, mints, gum and if you want water there’s water for you and if you wanted a charger, I have a charger for any phone. And I have an auxiliary cord if you want to deejay. Deejay away.”

I mean, what is that doing, five-star service, six-star service? You get everything you want, and they’re like, “Wow, I can’t believe you’re doing this.” I get that all the time. “Wow, you have everything.” You know, what I say? “The best for you. I want to do the best for you.” And people generally feel honored by that.


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