Lyft Plus & UberXL: Are You Missing Out?

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The power of Plus and XL. Now, for many of us, we’re going to have to only drive UberX and regular Lyft. However, if you’re going to do this full-time or if you want to maximize your income, I would highly recommend you trying to get on the XL platform or in the Plus platform for Lyft if you can financially do it.

For me, I already had a plus vehicle because my wife drives it. We have three kids and so we needed a van. And so, maybe a month ago, I switched over to the Plus and XL platform and I drive that only when it’s really, really busy and I know I’m going to get Plus rides.

Let me just show you the power of the multiplication factor.

Now, this is a ride that I got, I think from…I think it was the…gosh I forgot what concert but it was a concert at the Xcel Center. And I brought my Plus. This was the first ride I did. So what a blessing for the first time I ever did a Plus ride. I showed up there, waited for the SURGE to go up, pulled the trigger just like I’ve taught you in the SURGE segment. But I pulled the trigger when it got to 300% prime time, turned on my app, and I got this. Now, remember, 300% prime time is equivalent of 4 times SURGE on Uber, okay? Now, not only was it 300% prime time but it was 300% prime time on Plus. So remember Plus is double, so its $2 a mile, so now I was getting 300% of $2, okay?

I picked them up, requested at 10:56, I picked them up in six minutes because it was really a packed house. I got on my car, got them in, was really warm and friendly. They were fun. And then, I dropped them off at 11:22. A 20-minute ride, okay, 24-minute including when I got the request to pick them up, $103. They got a 300% prime time, still gave me a $5 tip which isn’t a huge tip, it’s not a 20% tip, however, they still gave a tip when they paid out the wazoo. How long did they ride? They rode for 12 miles…about 13 miles and 20 minutes. Twenty-minute ride, $100. Bam, it cost them $132. So giving a tip even when you got that much prime time is a really amazing thing. That night, immediately after, one of the guys who got off, wanted to ride somewhere else so he just gave me $15 to go 1 mile which was awesome. Let me go back. That night I only worked about two hours and I made $225.92 plus I did $15 extra for that cash tip. And I got other cash tips maybe on Uber, I don’t remember. This was a little bit ago. But the power of that right there.

The next ride I got was a Plus ride. And something that you’re going to realize is a lot of people with Plus, is that they’re going to accidentally pick Plus when they meant regular. And so I took this person really, really far out. It was pretty gnarly because there was a car accident right in front of us that happened within a minute and we had to run out and help them. But anyway, $46.23. Didn’t get a tip. And this is something that happens, I’ve noticed when people accidentally pick Plus or XL, they won’t give a tip because they know they just paid double. And so what I did right when I showed up, I said, “Hey. Do you know that you did…” Because he came out to me from Taco Bell, and I was like, “Hey, where’s everyone else?” He said, “There’s no one else.” I was like, “Oh, you picked Plus.” He said, “What?” And I explained to him. I said, “Hey, you can totally cancel it. No big deal. I don’t want you to have to spend money.” He said, “You know, I don’t mind that. Thanks for telling me. Really appreciate that.” When we arrived there, pulled out my Lyft app and I showed him how to work it with regular accept.

Now, let me show you one more screenshot. This was a really powerful one.

This is the best one I’ve ever got, $76.58, 1.5 SURGE. If you see, it was really, really far. But the cool thing is because it was really far, they said, “Hey, we don’t want you to cancel on us. I know it’s really far so here, we’ll give you $60 extra so that you don’t cancel on us because other Uber drivers cancel when they go drive out really far and they’re afraid to come back.” So this was such a big blessing.

So I got a $60 tip plus…a $60 cash tip, $6 regular tip, and it was $76. This was amazing. So this is the power of Plus and XL, and I hope you can feasibly fit it in into your strategy to maximize your earnings.


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