Lyft vs. Uber: Which Company to Drive For

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So a very common question that’s asked is, “Who should I drive for? Who should I drive for first?” And the answer is probably both. And the answer to the second question, probably Lyft.

Now, you want to drive for whoever will give you the best promotions. Now, every city’s different. Every city has its different needs, and so they’re constantly fluctuating and changing their promotions and signup bonuses, okay? So you want to sign up for whoever is going to be easiest for you first, and then second, whoever is going to give you the biggest bonus.

Now, what do I mean when I say easiest? Lyft, in most cities, has about 40% or 30% of the market share, usually 30%. Nationwide, about 30% of the market share, so they’re slower.

Now, the quality is there, and so you make more money on Lyft rides, historically, but there’s less business. And so if you’re starting off and you want to just take it easy, try Lyft, where you’re not getting just slammed one after another with rides, where you can take it easy, get a feel for it, breathe after your ride and say, “Okay, okay, how did I do?” and collect yourself.

That’s a really good thing. But, really, at the end of the day, you want to do whatever company will give you the best promotion at the same time.

However, I want to say this. For those of you, once you get beyond the initial phase where you get your bonuses and so forth, you want to have both apps. Both apps constantly have different promotions at different times and different bonuses, and we’re going to talk about all those little things.

There’s something called Boost and Quest and different things like that. You want to utilize those. And the companies are constantly taking notes from each other and trying to compete and, “What are they doing? Okay, we’re going to match that. We’re going to do a better promotion.” And you want to utilize that.

We are the private contractors and we’re not treated very well. And so take advantage of these promotions and let them fight for you, for your business, and whatever is most profitable.

I’m going to teach you in a future course how to maximize which app to pick depending on what time. So answer is drive both, but mainly Lyft. Lyft is way better, but Uber has its place.


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