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Are you intererested in Turo but don’t know whether or not to check it out?

Look no further. In this Turo car rental review, we’ll uncover the basics of Turo and provide our unbiased opinions on whether or not we think you should use the platform.

How Does Turo Work?

Turo Car Rental is a peer-to-peer car rental platform that has great cars, and a process that is straightforward and easy to use.

As a renter, you sign up on the site, add in your trip details like dates and the number of your travel party, then search the site for the car that is right for you!

Unlike a traditional rental car, you pick up a Turo rental at the host’s designated spot. You can also have it delivered to you in a convenient and timely manner.

In addition, they can bring it to locations like hotels, airports, and train stations.

Turo is a budget-friendly option with rates as low as $25 per day.

If you need to cancel a car reservation, you may do so up to 24 hours before with their free cancellation policy.

Every Turo rental comes with 24/7 customer service support and roadside assistance.

You may choose between three car insurance plans when renting. These plans offer varying levels of coverage so that you can choose the right plan for you.

Each protection plan includes coverage under a third-party liability insurance policy issued to Turo from Travelers Excess and Surplus Lines Company.

If you are a car owner looking to use Turo to rent out your vehicle and make side cash, the sign-up process is quick and easy as long as you meet the requirements.

When it comes to getting Turo insurance, we ALWAYS suggest it. Peer-to-peer car rentals are usually not covered like standard rental cars, so check with your agent before declining the additional coverage.

Turo Car Rental Services Review

It sounds like a perfect service, right?

Let’s go over the ins and outs of how Turo works, including the pros and cons of using the service.

The Pros and Cons of Using Turo

With anything, there are pros and cons to using car-sharing services.

While the Turo platform does have many perks to offer customers, there are things to be aware of before you rent.

So here, we have created a bulleted list of essential pros and cons to consider before you go on your adventure.

Pros of Turo:

  • 24/7 customer service and roadside assistance
  • Easy access to hosts on the app
  • Low rates compared to traditional rental car services
  • Easy pickup
  • Flexible protection plans for many needs
  • Wide variety of rental cars to choose from
  • Good refund policy for cancellations up to 24 hours in advance
  • Allows young renters. The minimum age is 18
  • You can add multiple guests to your reservation as approved drivers

Cons of Turo:

  • Protection plans are required for purchase even if you have your insurance policy.
  • If you cancel after the free cancellation period, you will incur a small cancellation fee.
  • Young renters have to pay an additional fee and can not rent certain classes of cars.
  • Car owners can set their prices for rentals.

Turo Pricing

Turo has many types of cars for rent.

Depending on the class you rent, your trip price can be hundreds of dollars cheaper than renting from a big-name national rental car brand.

To show you the price difference between Turo and Enterprise Rent-A-Car, we have selected a weekend trip to Los Angeles with a pickup at LAX.

Look at the comparison!

Turo vs. Enterprise Rent-A-Car

For a weekend trip of three days with pickup Friday and return on Sunday from LAX, Turo reigns supreme in terms of the total trip price.

For a compact car at the lowest price point at Enterprise, the rental car will cost you $85 per day.

For the same type of car through Turo, you will spend an average of $50 per day.

Enterprise has unlimited mileage included with its price, while Turo can have stipulations on mileage depending on the hosts’ wishes.

Turo Review for Car Owners

The one element of Turo that makes it unique, but can also make it unpredictable, is the car owners.

Those who rent out their cars to customers on the app are responsible for keeping the vehicle clean, keeping it running and well-serviced, and tending to the needs of the renters.

Pros and Cons

Regarding the way Turo is formatted for owners, there are a few pros and cons to consider before you sign up.


  • You can make extra cash on the side.
  • You can set your price per day on your listed vehicle.
  • You can keep anywhere from 60% to 90% of the cash made on each rental.
  • There is a “snooze” ability that will de-list your car for a certain amount of time if you do not want to have it listed for long
  • The owner must accept requests to rent before the service confirms the rental for customers.
  • Cancellations are possible and free, but there is a window.
  • Insurance is included through Turo


  • Cancellations made outside of the free window will cost you between $25 and $50, which will come out of the money you earn from your next rental.
  • Car owners can not keep 100% of their earnings.
  • Daily cleaning and maintenance on the car are necessary to continue to rent it out.
  • You are responsible for communications with car renters.

Requirements for Car Owners

Car owners have specific requirements that they and their vehicles must meet to rent on Turo.

Keep reading for our list of requirements for you and your car.

Requirements for Cars

Cars must:

  • Have a clean title
  • Have fewer than 130,000 miles
  • Be no more than 12 years old
  • Must be exclusively listed on Turo
  • Must have a fair market value of up to $200,000
  • Can not have ever been declared a total loss

Specialty cars must meet all the above requirements, have excellent mechanical and physical conditions, have working seat belts, and have a fair market value of $85,000.

In addition, the owner of the vehicle must be older than 25 years old.

Requirements for Owners

Car owners have to meet specific criteria as well.

You must:

  • Only list vehicles that are registered and located in the US (except New York)
  • Only list passenger vehicles that are registered to you
  • Ensure your vehicle meets all legal requirements for your region
  • Continuously maintain your vehicle according to Turo’s maintenance and safety requirements

Making Money Through Turo

It is estimated that owners can make up to $500 a month on average by renting through Turo.

The best way to make money is to use a car that is not your daily mode of transportation, suitable for those with extra vehicles they do not need or use daily or those who take alternative modes of transportation often.

Turo offers extras that a host can choose to offer, which is an excellent way to boost your earnings per rental.

These include offering unlimited mileage, prepaid fuel, post-trip cleaning, and one-way trip options.

Should I Use Turo?

Turo is an excellent option for young drivers looking to get a quick and easy rental and long road-trippers or weekenders looking for a budget-friendly option.

Overall, there are more pros than cons when using Turo as your rental car service of choice.

However, it does have limitations that you should be aware of, including setting prices and the added costs associated with young renters.

Should you use Turo?

The answer is up to you, but we think it is a quality rental car service you should look into for your next trip.

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