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Uber Accident Lawyers to Call When You Need Help

Last updated: August 5, 2021
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man on bike getting hit by Uber car and needing to call an uber accident lawyer

In any car accident, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible to ensure you look out for yourself legally.

It may be easy to realize this if you are in your vehicle, but what happens when you are using a rideshare service?

If your Uber is in an accident, then you also need to contact an Uber accident lawyer.

They can help you to navigate the process and ensure you come out with any compensation you deserve.

Reasons to Get an Uber Accident Lawyer

You have little to lose and a lot to gain if you consult with an Uber accident lawyer.

This is because an accident with Uber vehicles is more complex than your typical crash.

Uber accidents involve many parties.

You, the driver, Uber, and any other driver of other vehicles involved all have an interest in the results of the accident inquiry.

That also means everyone will have their own insurance companies as well, which only complicates things.

Uber drivers are independent contractors, which means they have to carry their own insurance policies.

However, when on the clock, Uber has insurance that provides liability coverage for any accidents the driver has.

It can get very complicated to try to figure the insurance web out.

Making things more confusing is your rights will vary depending on your role in the accident.

For example, you will have different rights and liabilities if you were the passenger than if you were in another vehicle hit by an Uber vehicle.

Understanding your rights and how to proceed can be incredibly confusing.

You may do something that would cost you the compensation you have a right to under the law if you try to handle the situation without legal representation.

A rideshare accident also will involve each party trying to say another party is at fault.

Whoever is at fault gets stuck with all the expenses related to the incident in most cases.

Some states operate on a no-fault basis, which can make the situation more complex because you can still sue for damages through a lawsuit in certain circumstances.

You should always work with an attorney who specializes in Uber accident cases.

They will have the best knowledge about dealing with Uber and the other parties while also understanding the unique aspects of a rideshare accident situation.

Types of Uber Accidents Ubers are Involved In

In general, Uber vehicles operate like taxis, which means they are generally traveling on city roads.

However, they may also need to go on highways or other types of roads.

Because they spend most of their time in city areas, the common accidents reflect this type of driving.

Crashes resulting from someone running a stop sign or a red light often happen in this type of driving situation.

These may include T-bone accidents where one car rams into the side of another vehicle.

It could also include head-on collisions where the vehicles hit each other from the front.

Accidents resulting from odd maneuvers are also common for this type of vehicle.

Collisions may result from making U-turns or from stopping suddenly.

Rear-end collisions may occur more often if a driver is always slamming on the brakes to make a turn or stop the vehicle.

Sideswipe motor vehicle accidents may also happen a lot.

Rideshare services will often pick up passengers at the curb, which could mean another vehicle can more easily sideswipe the vehicle.

Usually, these accidents are not too severe.

However, some sideswipes may occur when the vehicle is moving, which can pose a bigger threat.

This could lead to losing control and ending up off the road or slamming into another vehicle or stationary object.

Lastly, single car accidents are always a risk.

A driver could lose control of the vehicle for any number of reasons, which can lead to an accident.

What to Do in Case of an Accident

man in car getting hit by Uber car and needing to call an uber accident lawyer

Part of the reason why you want to hire an experienced Uber accident lawyer is that he or she will understand how to help you no matter what position you are in.

Before you can hire an Uber accident attorney, though, you will need to know what to do immediately following the accident.

In all cases, you need to begin with gathering as much information as you can.

This will help your lawyer put together your personal injury claim and give you the best chance of winning any lawsuits.

  • You want to get the contact information of all other parties and any witnesses.
  • You should also get a copy of the police report.
  • Make sure to get the details on all vehicles involved as well.

You will give your attorney all of this information.

You also need to take the right steps to report the accident to Uber, depending on your role.

  1. I was riding in an Uber vehicle: As an Uber passenger, you should contact Uber customer service directly to let them know there was an accident.
  2. I was driving an Uber vehicle: As a ridesharing driver, you should already be aware of the procedure to report any incident if you get into an accident while driving for Uber. Uber explains you will need to complete a claim form.
  3. I was hit by an Uber vehicle: If an Uber hits your vehicle, you will need to contact Uber and provide information to begin a claim.

Keep in mind that no matter what position you are in, you need to make use of a personal injury attorney before you answer questions or provide any potential evidence to anyone else, including Uber.

How Do I File a Claim With Uber?

To file a claim with Uber as a driver or passenger, you can log into your account and follow the prompts.

If you are a third-party, you will need to contact Uber customer service to assist you.

Should I Call a Lawyer After an Accident?

Attorneys have specific legal knowledge to protect you in an accident situation.

Whether you contact one or not is your decision, but many people do because they have nothing to lose.

After all, most attorneys in this field should offer you a free consultation.

You can speak with someone and see if you need their services and discuss the other details before you make a financial commitment.

When to Contact an Attorney

Ideally, you should contact an Uber accident attorney at the earliest point you can after the accident.

This may vary depending on your injuries.

You can call someone right from the scene if you are able.

The earlier you contact a lawyer, the better.

He or she cannot stop you from making mistakes until you are working together.

In addition, once you secure legal representation, your attorney can begin gathering evidence, which is always most complete right after the accident occurs.

Did you Know?

Having a dash cam as a rideshare driver can make or break your case.

After all, video evidence is some of the most powerful evidence in a case.

Check out the best dash cam for Uber and protect yourself today!

Types of Compensation

The best reason to work with accident lawyers is they can help you get proper compensation.

The court will award you damages for losses you incur as a result of the crash for amounts over any insurance coverage.

You can get compensation for your medical bills and other medical expenses related to injuries you sustain in the accident.

This includes long-term needs or permanent losses.

Compensation may also include payments for lost wages or other losses related to your ability to earn a living.

You may be able to seek payments for pain and suffering.

If a loved one of yours loses his or her life in the accident, you could make a wrongful death claim and potentially get damages for loss of consortium.

Finally, you can request payments for property damage.

For example, car accidents will often total a vehicle.

You can get paid for the value of your vehicle.

If you just need repairs, you can request damages for repair expenses.

What to Expect When Hiring an Uber Accident Attorney

If you’ve never had to hire an attorney before, the process of using one to handle your Uber accident may seem daunting.

You may have no idea what to expect or how to work with the lawyer on your case.

To help you out, here’s a look at common points you should understand about the process and working with an Uber accident attorney.

1. How much do accident lawyers charge?

Personal injury attorneys will usually not charge you money upfront to represent you.

In some states, the law states that they cannot charge you upfront.

All Law explains that most accident attorneys will charge a contingency fee.

This is where the lawyer will take a portion of any award you receive from the court.

You will agree ahead of time as to how much.

If you lose your case, then the lawyer gets no payment.

A common payment arrangement is 33%.

However, fees could range from 25% up to 40%.

You need to negotiate your rate.

Sometimes, an attorney will give you rates for settling and going to court because going to court is more time-consuming, which means the lawyer will want a higher fee.

2. How does the filing process work?

Once you hire your attorney, he or she will usually handle all the aspects of filing your case.

It begins with your lawyer first trying to get payment from insurance companies who may be liable.

If the insurer wants to object to your claim, then the attorney may need to file a petition with the court to begin a lawsuit.

He or she may also negotiate with the insurance company if it is open to an agreement.

If you must go to court, your case will usually take place in the county court in the place where the accident occurred.

Some state laws may allow you to file in your home county.

3. How long do I have to file my Uber accident claim?

You shouldn’t wait to seek the help of an attorney because there is a time limit on how long you have to make a claim in court for compensation.

The time limit is a statute of limitations.

According to Enjuris, the statute of limitations on personal injury claims vary by state.

It may be as low as one year or as much as six years.

Most states set it at 2 to 3 years, but it is essential you know the statute in your state.

If you file a lawsuit after the expiration of the time limit, the court will throw out your case.

You cannot collect anything under the law to compensate you for your losses regardless of negligence or fault.

4. How is liability determined in an Uber accident?

Determining liability in any kind of accident occurs based on state law.

Some states will have no-fault laws, which means everyone pays for their damages regardless of who caused the accident.

Most states do assign fault.

The fault would fall on the person who caused the accident.

You may have to prove this to make a claim and win a lawsuit.

Whoever is at fault is liable for all damages and expenses related to the accident.

Where an Uber accident differs is that even once you figure fault, liability may rest with different parties.

It depends on whether the driver was on the clock at the time of the accident.

If so, then Uber may have some liability.

The driver will generally have liability for an accident he or she causes.

In some cases, liability may lay with someone else entirely if the driver didn’t cause the accident.

Assigning liability and fault can become complicated due to the various parties involved with an Uber accident.

The 3 Best Uber Accident Lawyers

When choosing an attorney, you need one who practices personal injury law.

Auto accidents fall into the personal injury category.

You also want to look for an attorney that has the experience and good reviews.

One place to look is the Newsweek list of best personal injury attorneys.

Here’s a look at three from the July 2021 list.

1. The Reeves Law Group

screenshot of the reeves law group homepage

Located in Los Angeles, California, this firm is headed by Derek Pakiz.

Pakiz has a lengthy resume that includes professional achievements, awards, and other recognitions.

He has certification in civil trial advocacy and diplomate accreditation.

2. Colucci, Colucci, Marcus & Flavin, P.C.

screenshot of the Colucci, Colucci, Marcus & Flavin, P.C. homepage

This firm is found in Boston, Massachusetts.

Lead attorney, Darin Colucci, had decades of personal injury law experience.

He is results-driven and focuses on difficult cases.

3. Hensley Legal Group

screenshot of the hensley legal group homepage

John Hensley heads this Indianapolis, Indiana, firm.

He began the practice in 1998 and enjoys a diverse client profile.

His focus is on helping you to win your case through building strong client relationships.

Please note, you need to choose an attorney who practices law in your state.

Attorneys must hold a license to practice law in every state in which he or she practices.

This means an attorney from Ohio cannot practice law in Florida unless he or she passes the Florida bar exam and obtains a license in that state.

If your accident was in another state, you should use an attorney from that state since the case will likely take place there and not where you live.

However, you can begin speaking with a local attorney who can help connect you with someone who can take your case.

Frequently Asked Questions

Being involved in an Uber accident is no doubt a confusing and complicated situation.

You may have lingering questions.

Here’s a look at a few things people may ask in this situation.

Does Uber call your insurance company?

Uber will turn over any claims you make to its insurer to handle.

That insurance company will likely contact you and not your insurer.

You should contact your own insurance company after an accident.

If you were a passenger, you should discuss with your attorney who you should contact.

Who is Uber’s insurance company?

Uber carries a commercial insurance policy.

It has different insurers depending on where it operates since not all insurance companies operate in all states.

Some of the companies Uber uses include Allstate, Progressive, Farmers, Geico, and James River Insurance, according to Insurance Journal.

Do Uber drivers pay insurance?

Uber drivers need to have their own auto insurance policy due to state laws requiring coverage.

Only Virginia and New Hampshire do not have mandatory insurance laws.

Uber may require drivers to have their own coverage.

Drivers will usually need a special policy, called a gap insurance policy, that will cover the commercial use of their vehicles.

If they do not have the proper coverage, it will not pay for any accidents the driver has.

There are many different gap insurance providers offering coverage to drivers, and each policy will vary by the driver’s needs.

Wrapping Up

Having an accident of any kind is a frustrating and upsetting situation.

If you are in an Uber accident, it will only make things more complex.

You should find an Uber accident attorney to assist you with your claim so you can get the compensation you deserve.

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