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Uber Adds New Express Pool Ride Sharing Feature

Last updated: February 23, 2018
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Despite some recent public relations controversies and financial setbacks, Uber continues to roll out a host of new features intended to make ride-sharing easier than ever before. Uber’s latest new service is called “Express Pool” and is an even less expensive option than their already-existing Uber Pool service. Can more options and features help Uber maintain its customer base?

The service has been available for testing Boston and San Francisco for some time but is now open for business in Los Angeles, San Diego and Denver, Miami, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. Uber’s Express Pool works a lot like Uber Pool in that it lets multiple riders share one vehicle for a reduced price. However, the new service saves riders even more money by requiring them to walk a short distance to a common meeting place with other riders for pickup, then walk to their destinations from a common drop-off point.

While the individual fares for riders will be cheaper, Uber believes the new service will nonetheless be beneficial for both the company and drivers through increasing utilization, or how many riders will now use the new service. Still, some drivers aren’t happy about the new service. One Boston driver told Recode that while Uber Express Pool might save riders money and encourage a few more people to use the ride-sharing service, it makes driving much more difficult, particularly in the urban areas where it is being rolled out:

It’s much more effort, many of the intersections Uber chooses as a good Express pickup location are very dangerous, and there is no good spot to safely pull over and pick up the passenger. It’s more effort, more headache, more potential for complications and a bad rating over things the driver has no control of.

Have you used Uber Express Pool? Let us know what you think of the new service.