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Uber for Business: How to Create an Uber Business Account

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If you run your own business, you know that arranging travel can be difficult.

Coordinating car services or your own fleets can be time-consuming, expensive, and inefficient to manage.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a more modern way to arrange travel for your employees, clients, or job candidates?

This is the solution that Uber for Business offers.

While best known for its consumer-facing platform, the rideshare giant also offers solutions for businesses of all sizes to help manage their transportation needs.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at how Uber for Business works, as well as whether or not it would be a good fit for your organization’s needs.

What Is Uber for Business?

To understand Uber for Business, you need to know how Uber works.

Odds are you’ve heard of the company, as it’s frequently in the press.

But if you haven’t used the service yourself, here’s how it works.

Using your smartphone, you open the Uber app.

The app determines your location using the GPS technology built into your phone.

Then, you type in the name or address of where you want to go.

After that, you’ll see an estimate of your trip’s cost.

You then request the ride, at which point Uber dispatches a private contractor to transport you in their personal vehicle.

While the driver is on their way, you can view their location in real time to help make sure you’re ready to meet them when they arrive.

After their arrival, the driver picks you up, takes you to your destination, and drops you off.

The whole process requires no exchange of cash or credit card information, as all the payments happen within the app using the credit card you have on file.

We know this process sounds like it could have safety issues, but you don’t need to worry.

Uber background checks all its drivers and maintains a system that allows passengers and drivers to rate each other.

This keeps the quality of drivers high. In sum, it’s a lot like taking taxi, except the whole process is cheaper and more modern.

How Does Uber for Business Work?

Uber for Business: How to Create an Uber Business Account

With an understanding of Uber, we’re ready to look at Uber for Business.

This platform takes the concept of Uber but makes it usable at scale for all your organization’s passenger transportation needs.

With Uber for Business, you have access to a centralized dashboard where you can view all trip activity for clients, employees, or whoever else is using your company’s transportation services.

Within this same dashboard, you can also manage and automate billing, expensing, and reporting.

But how does this all work on an individual level for your employees or clients?

Do they need to have the Uber app to request rides?

This is another key differentiator of Uber for Business versus the regular Uber app.

Using your centralized dashboard, you can dispatch Uber rides to pick up your clients, customers, or employees in much the same way as a taxi dispatcher would — except the whole process is more modern and easier to use.

It can also be a far more luxurious experience for your clients.

Uber for Business gives you access to the full range of Uber vehicles, including premium ride types such as UberBLACK and UberLUX.

These are luxury, black car services with professional drivers, so you can rest assured your clients will be impressed.

If your employees are traveling and want to take their own rides, Uber for Business also has a solution for that.

All your employees need to do is create a business profile using their work email.

They’ll then be able to designate Uber rides as being for business, without having to worry about time-consuming expense reports.

You could even save when compared to the cost of providing a rental car (especially if employees are attending a convention or other event that requires only transportation to and from the airport).

Is Uber for Business Right for My Organization?

How to Create an Uber Business Account

No matter the size of your organization, Uber for Business has a solution for you.

If you think that your transportation needs are too large, specific, or complex for the options we’ve described so far, then Uber can work with you to create a customer solution.

Here are some of the solutions Uber can offer larger businesses:

  • Automated compliance program tailored to your business
  • Enhanced Duty of Care with the International SOS integration
  • APIs that connect to your expensing and reporting systems (such as Concur)
  • Dedicated Client Success Manager and quarterly business reviews

That doesn’t mean you have to be a large organization to benefit from Uber for Business, however.

Small companies can benefit, too.

As long as you have employees or clients that you need to transport, Uber for Business could be a good option to consider.

To learn more about Uber for Business, visit the How it Works page.

Or, reach out directly to an Uber representative to inquire about the transportation solutions available to you.

How Much Does Uber for Business Cost?

Create an Uber Business Account

Compared to other travel programs, Uber for Business can be an affordable alternative.

The costs you save in expense reporting alone could be worth it.

Uber for Business charges 10 percent of each ride fare in exchange for their service.

For this fee, you get the following services:

  • A central dashboard with detailed, customizable trip reports offers at-a-glance insights for review and real-time notifications to your inbox
  • Simplified billing — pay the 10 percent of each ride’s fare per month or per trip
  • Set and forget travel permissions for your team
  • Dedicated Uber Business Support team
  • Reliable, on-demand rides in more than 75 countries and 600 cities (try managing that with a traditional transportation solution)
  • Give customers convenient, on-demand rides — even if they don’t have the Uber app or a smartphone

The method of billing also makes Uber for Business feasible for smaller organizations, as the pricing scales with your usage.

You only pay for the transportation you need as you need it.

There are no large upfront costs or minimum spends.

Combined with Uber’s large network of available drivers, this makes Uber for Business far more flexible than other ground transportation solutions.

To learn more about how much Uber for Business costs, visit the Uber for Business Pricing page.

Modernize and Simplify Your Ground Transportation

We hope you now see the many benefits that Uber for Business can offer your company.

No matter your size or ground transportation needs, Uber for Business has a solution for you.

Take your company transportation into the 21st century with convenient, on-demand rides. Visit to learn more.

Curious to find out more about how the Uber service works? Check out our complete guide to Uber for first-time riders.

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