Uber Car Service Guide For Aspiring Partners

With such huge plans in the works, it’s quite simple to see why there are plenty of individuals looking to figure out a way to get in on the floor of the unexpectedly expanding Uber car service. Luckily, the requirements to become an Uber driver aren’t as complicated as many people thought. Here are the basic things you need to know to become an Uber driver.

Uber Car Service | Basic Information For Partner-Driver

Who Can Become An Uber Driver?

Who Can Become An Uber Driver? | Uber Car Service Guide For Aspiring Partners

To become an Uber driver you must have a smartphone. You need an Android 2013 or newer, or an iPhone 4s or newer. It’s also required to have a vehicle with at least four doors that is in great condition. Uber’s list of requirements shows you need to have a car of the latest model – at least 2006 or 2011, depending on the states. However, Uber is known for giving exceptions to the older model of luxury cars, like a classic Mercedes.

In addition, Uber requires all drivers must be at least 21 years old and must have no street accidents in the past couple of years, including DUIs. Although, having a speeding ticket or two may not cause you any issues for getting the job, but a clean driving record is best.

If you meet these requirements, then becoming an Uber driver will be a breeze!


How To Get Started?

It’s very easy to get started!

  • Visit Uber Online And Sign Up: Let Uber know a bit about yourself and your vehicle. Vehicle requirements differ by city, so they will let you know what is required for your city.
  • Sign Up Now: Fill out applicable forms, share the required documents online: upload your proof of insurance, registration, license, and the necessary information to have your driver screening started.
  • Download The Uber App And Go: Once you’re approved to drive with Uber as an independent contractor, you will be provided with all the tools needed to become a successful Uber driver.

Since Uber is experiencing some economic growth, they’re providing bonuses to new drivers after completing a specific number of rides.

Even if you’re not living in big cities like New York, Las Vegas, or San Francisco, you still have huge opportunities to drive and earn through Uber. Uber is globally expanding and thriving to increase its range into markets of every size and shape.

Although you are required to sign a contract to drive with Uber, it is a standard driver agreement. You are still an independent contractor with Uber, so you’re free to provide your services to any of Uber’s competitor.


What Rules Does Uber Have For Its Drivers?

The main requirements for the job are not the only criteria that need to be filled to become a successful Uber driver.

Uber also has a scoring system on which riders leave feedback and rate their experience. Active Uber drivers must receive and maintain a high score to avoid any issues or deactivation of service.

Every ride is unique and riders can rate their driver on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. Currently, Uber requires all drivers to maintain a 4.6 average on all of their reviews.


What Are the Benefits?

To most earners, the best thing about driving for Uber is the ability to achieve a decent wage on your own specific schedule. Its possibilities are endless, depending on the hours and days you choose to provide your services. Since you’re not bound to any commitment, you can definitely take time off and never miss any big moments your life has to offer, like a wedding, birthdays, vacations, and more.

Not a lot of jobs provide you a month off and then allow you to return and start your job again. If you need some extra money, you can opt to work longer hours.


How Do You Inform Uber About Your Availability?

How Do You Inform Uber About Your Availability? | Uber Car Service Guide For Aspiring Partners

Of course, that’s where your Uber app comes into play. Turn it on when you ready to take a job and simply turn it off when you are not.

The flexibility of your schedule is unlimited. You have a choice to opt in and out anytime your schedule allows. If you like to earn more, you have that freedom. With Uber, you can choose when to make yourself available and ready for business.


How Much Is An Uber Driver’s Income?

Before anything else, let us check a chauffeur or taxi driver’s average salary. On the information from Bureau of Labor Statistics, chauffeurs and taxi drivers earned an average annual income of $26,070 in 2015, that’s an hourly rate of $12.53. Even the top 10% of workers didn’t make that much better. BLS data presents that the top earners in the industry have a median of $37,970, or $18.25 per hour, that same year.

Uber drivers have possibilities to earn more than that. According to an interview by Washington Post with Uber executives, UberX drivers in San Francisco made a whopping $74,191 for a 40-hour work week. New York City can go upwards of $90,000 a year.

However, Uber has somewhat withdrawn that lofty statement and now implies that New York City’s Uber drivers earn an average closer to $25 per hour. There are even UberX drivers claiming that, after tolls and gas, they’re merely making the minimum wage. Other reports and surveys show Uber drivers make about $19 – $21 per hour before gas and after all the wear and tear on the car are considered.


How Does A Driver Get Paid?

Uber’s comprehensive process of making a cash-free transaction simplifies the rideshare methods. In fact, Uber’s riders must register with a credit card when signing up and only use that same card to pay for all their rides, without any exceptions.

However, the money does not immediately go to the driver’s pocket. The Uber app maintains every drivers’ earnings and pays them via direct deposit on a weekly basis.

Some taxi drivers who get paid in cash daily, but an Uber driver still makes income nonetheless. In fact, there are many drivers who see this element as an advantage because weekly payments mirrors a normal paycheck, and it eradicates potential misunderstandings that are possible to arise when money switches hands from passenger to driver.


Let’s check out this video from RideShr and find out what are the Uber driver requirements to drive:

Ready to become an Uber driver? What awaits you is an unlimited possibility of earning the money you want, anytime you want. Where can you find a job that allows you to work on your own time, work as hard (or as little) as you like, take weeks off at a time without any permission, and still easily earn decent money? Uber gives you the freedom to get behind the wheel when it makes sense for you, making it a one of a kind gig!

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Are you ready to become an Uber driver? If you have any further questions feel free to leave us a comment below!