Every Feature of the Uber Driver App Explained

For both new and experienced drivers, the Uber driver app can be a bit too much to handle sometimes.

Although it’s easy enough to accept and cancel rides because of its intuitive user interface, it has a ton of additional features which are useful but may not have been explained thoroughly during a driver’s on-boarding session.

Today, we’ll be talking about the many extra features the app and how they can help you as a driver.

Uber Driver App – A Crash Course

Home Screen

 Home Screen | Uber Driver App | Every Feature Explained
First off is the Home Screen, the first thing drivers will see upon opening the app. It contains the following:

Map with SURGE Areas

This is a basic map that tells drivers which areas are currently experiencing SURGE pricing.

As drivers well know, driving to SURGE areas likely results in extra income. However, unlike the rider version of the app, this won’t tell drivers about the location of their fellows in the area. Drivers should be careful not to be bunched in with a cluster of drivers; this will lessen their chances of booking a ride.

Destination Filter

Drivers can use this feature twice a day. The Destination Filter allows them to set their app to only take rides going to or near a destination they specify. It’s great for getting one more trip in before going home!

Go Online

The self-explanatory Go online button. If there haven’t been any bookings in a while, a driver should check if they have gone online already.

Announcements Tab

Important announcements go here. These could be Uber-wide or location-specific announcements. Drivers should keep an eye on this tab, so they don’t miss anything!

The Earnings Tab

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This is the part of the app many Uber drivers look at on a regular basis. The Earnings Tab is where drivers can keep track of how much they’ve earned so far.


Contains announcements for upcoming promotions like one-time incentives or incentive increases. However, it doesn’t list all the active promotions. Drivers should check the Uber social media accounts and any of their Uber-related Facebook groups for details on promos.


Uber has a referral program drivers probably already know of. Uber grants users large bonuses when they refer new drivers to their platform with a promo code or through their driver referral link.

This tab contains their driver referral links and a list of new driver referrals they’ve had.

Trip History

Here’s an important tab to keep an eye on. This tab lists a driver’s trip history including the rider’s name, their destination, SURGE pricing, and the driver’s earnings. Drivers can also report errant riders through this tab, or open up a trip-specific dispute with support.

Pay Statements

This tab contains a summary of all payments received. This is also a good place to keep track of payments to make sure they line up with a driver’s own records.

Driver Rating Tab

Driver Rating Tab | Uber Driver App | Every Feature Explained
Ratings are very important in Uber as it pretty much dictates how riders and passengers conduct themselves around each other. As drivers have been told during onboarding, Uber drivers need a 4.6 rating average to remain online.

In this tab, drivers can see their Current Rating (an average of the 500 most recent rides), Acceptance Rating (must be kept high) and Trips Canceled (which Uber penalizes drivers for).

Rider Compliments

Drivers can check out all the 5 stars and compliments riders give them in this tab. This is a great place to see how someone is performing as an Uber driver and to pick up on what they can improve on with their service.

Driving Rewards

Uber rewards high-performing drivers with cool rewards such as free insurance, fuel cards, phone plan savings, and health plans! Drivers can check here to see if they qualify.

Rider Feedback

Wondering why the rating suddenly took a huge drop? Drivers can check the Rider Feedback tab and see what they can do to get that rating back up again.

Pro Tips

Uber drivers have to stick together. Check this tab for tips, tricks, and articles from Uber and fellow drivers.

Account Tab

Drivers can manage their account details from this tab! This contains their profile, essential documents, payment methods, and different account settings. If drivers have already activated their UberX account, they’re probably already very familiar with this. Still, as a refresher, here’s what drivers can do in this tab:

Request Help

This tab contains a link to Uber support for account problems.

Update Documents

Drivers can update their documents through the partners.uber.com link here.

Update Payment and Tax Information

Drivers may use the vault.uber.com link to fix up their payment details and tax information.


The best part about the Uber driver app is it has a great support team who are always ready to answer questions at the drop of a hat! In the Help tab, drivers can find a number of really useful options, such as:

Support Messages

A log of all interactions with Uber Support. Drivers can check back here if they forgot about anything Uber support helped with.

Trips and Fare Review

Drivers can see all their trips and report any issues they may have had.

Payments and Rewards

Payment, referrals, and rewards issues should be discussed in this tab!

Sign Up

This is where every driver’s journey began. This is the first step to becoming an Uber driver!


Info about account management, vehicle maintenance, ratings, insurance, and more.

5 Star Partner Guide

Want to be a 5-star rated driver? Start here.

Safety and Security

Legal concerns, driver and rider safety, long ride rules and the like are discussed here.


Deaf and hard-of-hearing drivers are accepted in Uber. Here is the tab where they can find the tools they need for app accessibility. How’s that for equal opportunities?


Covers everything drivers need to know about Uber’s delivery services Uber Rush and UberEATS.


The Waybill tab lists insurance information and details, as well as trip details.


The payment tab displays payment information and allows drivers to add new payment options to their accounts.


Forgot what documents have been submitted? Check the Documents tab. It has important information such as which documents are active and which will expire soon.


Like to fiddle with things? The Settings tab is for drivers who like just to customize. Change everything from Accessibility, Navigation options, Contacts, and Affiliations.


Drivers can use Pandora to sync up with the rider’s Pandora accounts, which lets them play their music from the car stereo!


Learn about the team behind Uber and technical details about the Uber app.

Check out The Rideshare Guy’s video demo of the Uber Driver app!

There it is, a quick guide on what the Uber Driver app contains! It can be quite a handful at first, but if drivers just follow this guide they’ll be ready to go. Good luck!

Got any tips on how to use the Uber app more effectively? Drop them in the comments.