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If you’re looking to drive with Uber Eats, you may be wondering what the background check process is like.

In this post, we’ll give you an overview of what to expect for the background check and how to pass it.

Do You Need to Do a Background Check to Drive for Uber Eats?

To work for Uber Eats, you must pass a background check.

Each driver must submit their personal information, and their driving record and criminal history will be gathered by a third-party company and reported back to Uber for evaluation.

Can You Drive for Uber Without a Background Check?

You cannot drive for Uber without first passing a background check because you’re dealing with the general public and operating under the Uber name.

Is the Uber Eats Background Check the Same as for Regular Uber?

Uber Eats uses a third-party company to do background checks on their employees.

This setup is the same process used for other Uber drivers, and the background check investigates all of the same data.

Who Runs the Uber Background Checks

Uber doesn’t do the investigative work for their background checks in-house.

Instead, they use an outside third party to perform the background check process for each Uber applicant and monitor drivers for future offenses.

Uber uses a company called the Checkr to run their background checks.

This same company does many background checks for other food delivery services.

If you’re applying with another rideshare company, like Lyft, Checkr will probably do it.

Is Checkr Safe?

Checkr’s criminal background checks and driving record inquiries are relatively safe.

Their goal is to protect Uber’s brand reputation and reassure their customers that their Uber driver is secure and can be trusted, providing them with peace of mind.

Checkr also strives to maintain strict policies regarding criminal background checks to ensure that they are applied consistently.

They comply with all aspects of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Fair Credit Reporting Act.

What Does the Background Check Look for?

vector graphic that shows various elements of an Uber Eats background check - an Uber Eats employee looking through a magnifying glass at driver applications

When you become a candidate for Uber Eats, you will receive a background check that examines your personal records on file with various national, state, and local databases and court records.

This check reveals issues with your license, criminal cases on file, or even cases pending before a court.

They’re basically looking for anything that shows you have a criminal history or motor vehicle issues that indicate you might not be a good fit as a safe Uber Eats driver.

1. Vehicle Report

Your vehicle must meet the criteria for working as a food delivery driver for Uber Eats.

These standards are different than those applied to a rideshare driver.

For instance, you can use a two-door car to deliver Uber Eats, but you need a four-door to be a rideshare driver.

You’ll explain your vehicle information as part of your application.

2. Criminal Background Check

Criminal violations and convictions stay on your record for a long time.

If you’ve ever been convicted of a severe crime such as murder, sexual assault, or terrorism, you will be disqualified even if they occurred a long time ago.

If you have had certain criminal convictions within the last seven years, Uber Eats will disqualify you from driving.

These criminal convictions include crimes like sexual assault, a criminal driving conviction, violent crimes, resisting arrest, child endangerment or abuse, misdemeanors related to intoxication, and felonies.

3. Driving Record

Uber has requirements related to how long you’ve been driving that vary by age.

Your driving record indicates when you were initially licensed, and you may not qualify if your record doesn’t show adequate years of experience.

In addition to meeting those requirements, your motor vehicle background report cannot contain more than three minor violations in the last three years.

Minor violations include simple moving violations, traffic light violations, convictions for driving without insurance, driving without a license, and speeding violations.

If you’ve been reckless behind the wheel, it might exclude you from getting approved to drive at Uber.

Your report cannot contain any significant violations in the last seven years.

Major offenses, which will disqualify you from driving for Uber Eats, include speeding convictions over 100 miles per hour, driving under the influence (DUI), reckless driving convictions, a hit and run accident, or a ticket for racing on the street.

Will They Check My Credit?

Uber Eats does not check your credit history as part of the background check.

How Far in the Past Does the Background Check Go?

In some cases, deep background checks look back through your entire history.

But that’s not what an Uber Eats background check does.

Non-convictions will appear on a background check for up to seven years.

For instance, if you were arrested for assault, it would disappear after seven years, as long as you were acquitted.

However, a conviction is slightly different from an accusation or pending charges on your record.

If you’re convicted of some criminal offenses, they remain on your record indefinitely and will show up well after seven years.

California Background Checks

Some states limit how far back a background check can go.

That means that in some places, even if you were convicted of a crime after seven years, it would not appear on a background check.

In California, they recently changed the rules to look for any violent felony convictions, even if they occurred more than seven years ago.

All Other Background Checks

An Uber Eats background check done by Checkr is reasonably thorough, but it’s not as all-encompassing as very intrusive background checks can be.

Some states even limit how far back a check can go.

They include Kansas, Maryland, Colorado, Massachusetts, Montana, New York, New Hampshire, Nevada, Texas, and Washington.

What Do I Need to Supply For The Checkr Background Check?

To perform a background check, all applicants to Uber Eats will need to supply certain documents.

You will need to provide your legal name for your background check.

Be sure to include your first, last, and middle names.

You’ll also need to provide some other information, including:

  • Date of birth
  • Social Security Number
  • Address
  • Contact information

Consent Form

In addition to your personal details and contact information, you’ll also have to provide a consent form authorizing the background check company to access your criminal history and motor vehicle record.

Do Uber Background Checks Cost Anything?

You are not charged a fee for your Uber background check.

But if you’re curious about what your background check might show, you could do a background check on yourself privately and pay the fee yourself.

How Long Does Uber Background Check Take?

Officially Uber says that background checks take anywhere from 3 to 5 business days.

However, drivers often report that it can take ten days.

Average Waiting Time

You should anticipate that your Uber Eats background check will take about a week, but you shouldn’t be surprised if it takes a little bit longer.

Reasons Uber Background Checks Are Taking So Long

Like many things, Uber Eats background checks are taking a bit longer due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

No one really knows if it’s due to short staffing or difficulty obtaining records, but it’s probably a combination of the two.

Even after Uber Eats receives the background check from Checkr, Uber will still need to review it before deciding.

How to Check the Status of Your Background Check

Once you consent to your background check and submit all the required documentation, you can check its status through the Checkr candidate portal.

You’ll create a login and password as part of your application to Uber Eats.

Different Statuses of Background Checks

While you’re waiting for the resolution of your background track and Uber’s final decision, you can check on the status of your account.

It will have one of five potential statuses.

1. Complete

You’ll receive an email from Uber when you pass the background check.

Your profile will also indicate that you’re active to drive.

Your application status will show as ‘complete.’

2. Pending

Once you’ve submitted your materials and consented to the background check, you’ve entered the onboarding process.

Your application will show as ‘pending’ in the Uber system.

3. Clear

When you see a ‘clear’ designation on your status, it means that your background check is clear, but you’re not yet active.

4. Consider

Your account indicates that the check is nearing completion when labeled as ‘consider.’

Uber may be taking a closer look before coming to a final determination.

5. Dispute

If Uber rejects you for failing a background check, you can dispute the findings.

Unfortunately, Uber Eats doesn’t send you any information about what specifically was the cause of your rejection.

What Happens If I’m Rejected?

Unfortunately, you’re ineligible to drive for Uber Eats if they reject you.

However, there are some ways to avoid rejection.

Vector graphic showing a confused Uber Eats customer thinking about his Uber customer service options

How Can I Avoid Rejection?

The best way to avoid rejection is to ensure that you don’t have anything on your record that would cause you to fail a background check.

You can also take advantage of safety classes and other rules in your particular state that may allow you to remove points or minor violations from your driving record.

Depending on which state you live in, some options may allow you to remove some criminal violations or convictions from your record.

Sometimes some convictions automatically expire.

Another thing to think about is that Uber Eats doesn’t check your driving background if you’re delivering by bike.

Is a Rejection Final?

You can get in touch with Uber if you suspect an error in your background track or that you were wrongly denied.

But even if there was an error, you’ll need to wait for a period of 2 to 4 months before reapplying.

Appealing a Rejected Uber Eats Background Check

To appeal a background check with Uber Eats, you must file a specific process.

If your Uber Eats application is rejected due to a problem with your background check, first contact Uber Eats.

Uber will likely instruct you to contact Checkr since that company did the screening.

Here’s what you should do in order.

  • Contact Uber through their ‘help’ portal to verify your status.
  • Contact Checkr for an opportunity to review the specific information revealed by your background check.
  • Identify any potential inaccuracies.
  • Contact the local, state, or national office holding your criminal record information or driving violation.
  • Work for an expungement to remove the offense from your records.
  • Satisfy the terms required to remove the offense.
  • Reapply to Uber Eats.

Why You Should Dispute a Rejected Background Check

You should almost always dispute a rejected background check because you may find out that there’s something on your record you didn’t remember or know about.

The Chances of Getting Uber’s Decision Reversed

The odds of getting Uber’s decision reversed or pretty slim.

But if you’re persistent and patient, it may pay off and allow you to become a delivery driver.

UberEats Background Check FAQs

If you have more questions about background checks, we have you covered.

Below are some popular questions about Uber Eats and their record checks.

Vector graphic showing a confused Uber rider speaking with Uber customer service on the phone

How Often Do Uber Eats Background Checks Happen?

Uber Eats background checks happen at the time of your application and again each year that you drive for Uber.

Your annual background check is just like your original check.

Can a Felon Drive for Uber?

A convicted felon can drive for Uber in some circumstances.

It all depends on the state you live in, the laws regarding background checks, and the type of conviction.

How Do I Contact Uber About My Background Check?

If you have a problem with your background check for Uber Eats, you should contact their help department through the app.

You can also sign in to your Uber account online to ask about the application process and potential background check delays.

Do Taxi Drivers Have Stricter Background Checks Than Uber Drivers?

Taxi drivers generally need background checks as well.

The regulations vary by state, but they may be stricter than the background checks that Uber Eats drivers undergo.

Is the Background Check Confidential?

Yes, your background check with Uber Eats is confidential.

They won’t share the information obtained with anyone else.

Uber Eats Background Checks: Bottom Line

If you wanna drive for Uber Eats, you need to pass a background check.

It’s not a bad idea to do a background check on yourself first, especially if you have a bit of a checkered past.

Doing so can help you get out ahead of any issues that would prevent you from passing the Uber Eats background screening.

If you’re interested in driving for Uber Eats, start the application process today.

Since the background check portion of the application can take some time, you should begin as soon as you know you want to become a driver.

1 thought on “Uber Eats Background Check: 2023 Expectations and How To Pass”

  1. Just an example, Uber and Lyft will not hire me for felony assault charge that I received in 2007. Despite completing restitution, and receiving no probation violations. Most annoyingly is I have the case info that states clearly I was charged, as well as 6 codefendants for admitting to being at the scene which was a festival with hundreds of people. We did not have enough money to continue court after 2 years and plead no contest to get it over with. Sucks because I have a brand new 3k miles 2020 civic ex with 40-60 mpg yet will not be able to give driving a go. County of jurisdiction was Sacramento which at least at that time had a strict zero tolerance and high incarceration rate. I’m located in SD now and don’t have the time or money to travel and get a court date to reduce my felony to a misdemeanor, just a heads up and an example. Uber Eats however has approved me as well as door dash. Currently making about 6-8$ an hour in this SD due to long delivery/traffic and the parking issues in the hot zones.


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