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Perhaps you’re at the office late at night or working through lunch with your team.

Or maybe you have a group of friends hanging out at your house, and everyone’s getting hungry.

If you want an easy way to grab lunch or dinner with a group of people and have it delivered straight to your door, then consider using the Uber Eats group order function.

This service may be entirely new for you, so we’ve detailed how you can place an Uber Eats group order in this guide.

We’ll discuss the benefits of this platform, how to pay for a group order, and more.

Just keep reading to learn all about it!

Can You Combine Orders on Uber Eats?

You can order multiple meals or items from the same restaurant and combine orders from the same Uber Eats merchant, but you cannot choose items from several local restaurants on the same order.

Yet, if you want to order from a different eatery, you can then choose appetizers, meals, or desserts from a separate merchant once you place your original order.

Be aware that every order will come with a separate food delivery fee.

What Is a Group Order on Uber Eats?

A group order allows users to place large orders for both delivery and pickup from the same restaurant for an entire group of friends, family members, or coworkers.

Users can share the group order link with their friends and family to streamline ordering on Uber Eats.

vector graphic showing people gathered around a computer placing an Uber Eats group order

How Does Group Order on Uber Eats Work?

It’s fairly straightforward to place a group order on Uber Eats.

First, you need to pick your favorite restaurant.

Go to the Uber Eats website or its food delivery app, select your preferred restaurant, and click the Start Group Order button.

Now you can invite your entire group of friends or coworkers to order their favorite food through this restaurant.

Simply share the group order link with everyone on your team who can customize how they want their meal, appetizers, and/or desserts.

Finally, pay and track the food delivery driver.

Benefits of Uber Eats Group Orders

There are numerous benefits to using the Uber Eats Group Order function, such as:

  • Everyone in your group choosing their favorite food
  • Saving on delivery fees and cutting costs
  • Prioritizing food safety

Individuals Can Select Food They Love

Perhaps you love seafood, your best pal enjoys a good piece of steak, and your significant other loves salads.

The best part of the Uber Eats group ordering function is that everyone in your group can choose the food they love.

As long as everyone can agree on the same restaurant, they can all order their favorite foods.

Safety Is a Priority

Food safety is a high priority at all restaurants participating in Uber Eats.

They individually package group orders and meals for better hygiene and complete freshness.

The delivery drivers also make sure to deliver every order to the correct address so that no meal ever ends up in the wrong hands.

Every Uber Eats order includes restaurants with good reviews, high levels of hygiene, and good FDA ratings.

Suggested Resource: Is Uber safe?

Saves on Fees

One of the best parts of the Uber Eats group order is its potential to save on extra fees and reduce overall costs.

You won’t need to cover nearly as many delivery fees, and the taxes will be lower on one order than several.

You will also choose from multiple payment options and discuss the best way to pay for your group order among your friends or colleagues.

Payments for Uber Eats Group Orders

When setting up your group order in the mobile app, you can add an optional deadline for everyone to select their preferred food and include an optional spending limit.

If you are using the UberEats.com website to make your group order, you can also add an optional deadline and an optional spending limit.

If you received a group order link, open it and tap “Join Order.”

Then add your food to the cart and follow the instructions on the screen.

When it comes to payment, either the original person who created the group order can pay for everyone, or each person can pay for their own meal.

How to Place a Group Order on Uber Eats

Placing a group order on Uber Eats is simple and can be done with a few steps.

These steps are:

  • Make a business account on the Uber website.
  • Pick your team meal policies.
  • Begin a group order.
  • Add the members from your team to the group order.
  • Place the order with everyone’s choice for their meal.
  • Track the group order online or in the mobile app until it arrives.

Video Overview:

Written Tutorial:

If you’re looking to place a group order on Uber Eats for a team at your office, then you’ll need to follow the steps below.

1. Create an Uber for Business Account

It’s completely free to create an “Uber for Business” account and easy to sign up for it.

Click here to make your Uber business account.

You’ll need to provide your name, contact info, company size, and business name.

2. Select Team Meal Policies

You can customize this account and choose team meal policies, such as picking your delivery locations, frequency of food delivery, and other details.

This way, you can build your own program for team meals.

3. Start a Group Order

You can begin the group order and share the link with your team.

Any members on your team linked to the meal policy can also start a group order on UberEats.com or via the Uber Eats app.

4. Add Team Members to the Group Order

Next, add more people from your team to the group order.

You’ll be able to share a tailored link with each employee on your team.

Everyone can then click the link and browse the restaurant’s menu.

Each group member can then pick their favorite meal and add it to the cart.

5. Place the Order

When everyone has picked the meal and/or appetizers they want, the team administrator can then place the order and submit it to the restaurant, where chefs will cook everyone’s food.

6. Delivery and Done

Anyone in the group can then track and monitor the food order either on the Uber Eats website or on the mobile app.

You can view how far the food delivery driver is from your address or the restaurant you’ve chosen.

How to Save on Uber Eats Group Orders

There are numerous ways you can save on Uber Eats group orders.

First, you’ll save on the delivery fee associated with single, individual orders.

In addition, you can use an Uber Eats discount code, an Uber Eats coupon, and an Uber Eats group order promo code.

You can also use a gift card or a coupon code on Uber Eats group orders.

Furthermore, you can earn credit for meals on Uber Eats group orders by using the Uber for Business Referral Program.

Use an Uber Eats Group Order Promo Code

Uber Eats offers a variety of promo codes, such as:

  • Up to $25 off the first order for new users
  • An Uber Eats coupon for up to $25 off
  • Free delivery for orders of $15 or more at select restaurants
  • Free 30-day trial for the Eats Pass
  • $20 off for home and gift orders above $60

Earn Credit Using the Uber for Business Referral Program

You can earn some credit toward your next food delivery service using the Uber for Business Referral Program.

Essentially, you can share an app invite code with your colleagues and business professionals to get free food.

On the mobile app, you can find your app promo code.

First, click on the profile icon on the bottom of the screen and then choose “Get $10 off your order.”

Here, you’ll find your referral code.

You can share this referral code on business emails and social media websites like LinkedIn.

Once a colleague or acquaintance uses your code on their first order, a promo code will be added to your account and automatically applied to your next food delivery order.

Troubleshooting: Uber Eats Group Order not Working

If your Uber Eats app is not working, it may be due to your own network.

If you have a slow or unreliable Internet connection, the mobile app is less likely to work correctly, and you may not be able to make group orders.

You should try restarting the app and then place an order again.

If it is still not working, restart your phone altogether.

If that’s not good enough to make it work, then reset your network settings and even try reinstalling the Uber Eats app.

Before You Go

Now that you know how to place a group order on Uber Eats, invite your friends over to your home and have a fabulous dinner.

Pick your favorite restaurant and have everyone choose some delicious food.

You’ll have a great night with your best friends!

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