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Cover Your Loved Ones’ Ride With Uber Family Profiles

Last updated: September 2, 2021
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Helping your family get safe rides to their destinations can be a hassle.

Whether your college student needs a lift from the airport to campus after the holidays or you want to treat your favorite cousin to a night out, your Uber Family Profile will allow you to do so with ease.

Uber Family Profile is a lesser known feature of the rideshare app that provides a solution for Uber riders across the world.

This feature allows families with one car or one driver to easily pay for and track Uber rides on behalf of loved ones, so everyone can get where they need to go.

In this article, we’ll explain how you can take advantage of Uber’s Family Profile option and how you can make trips with underage kids easier.

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How Do Uber Family Profiles Work?

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The Uber Family Profile feature allows you to invite up to four friends or family members to share a single payment method.

Rather than having to buy gift cards for your loved ones or request rides on their behalf, they can use your credit card for rides once you add them to your Family Profile.

Once they accept your invitation, they can begin requesting rides as usual but get a free Uber ride by billing your payment method instead.

While they’re responsible for the actual booking process, your family member will still get a taste of the convenience.

Rather than manually sharing their trip status with you through Uber’s Trusted Contacts feature, they can sit back and relax.

Family profiles automatically allow you to track your loved one’s trip progress and estimated time of arrival, making trips with vetted Uber drivers even safer.

One important note is that passengers must be at least 18 years old to be invited to your Family Profile.

While Uber once allowed teenagers to ride alone by creating a teen account through Uber Family Profiles, the company has removed this option.

Previously created teen accounts can no longer be used either. All teenagers and children are considered underage riders and must be accompanied by an adult when riding in an Uber.

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How to Start an Uber Family Profile

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If you’re interested in organizing a Family Profile, follow these simple steps to invite up to four Uber users to your circle:

  1. Open the Uber app.
  2. Select “Settings” from the app menu.
  3. Scroll down and select “Set up your family” under “Family.”
  4. If desired, edit the name of your “family.”
  5. Tap “Invite Member.”
  6. Type in the phone number of the person you’d like to invite and select “Send Invite.”

Your friend or family member will receive an invitation to link their Uber account to the Family Profile.

Once they accept, they will have the option to switch their payment option to “Family Profiles” before submitting any trip requests.

When they do, your listed payment method will automatically be billed and you will receive a receipt.

If you ever need to remove a member of your Uber Family Profile or delete the profile altogether, you can easily do so by entering the “Family” section of your Uber app.

Make sure to keep your family members updated with trusted individuals who actually need access, as people within your Family Profile can always choose to bill your credit card instead of their own.

Uber Family Profiles vs. UberFAMILY

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Before Uber Family Profiles existed, UberFAMILY was already creating solutions for families on the road.

Now rebranded as Uber Car Seat in most markets — likely to avoid the easy name confusion — UberFAMILY is a unique rideshare option that allows parents to request UberX vehicles that are equipped with car seats.

This is an excellent service for parents who want the convenience of Uber rides without lugging a car seat around throughout their trip, especially when vacationing with children.

When you’re in a city where the service is available, simply select “UberFAMILY” or “Car Seat” from your vehicle options when you request a ride.

The final cost will be the price of an UberX vehicle plus a $10 surcharge.

Your driver will arrive with an Uber-approved, forward-facing car seat is appropriate for children who are:

  • At least 12 months old
  • Between 22 and 48 pounds
  • Between 31 and 52 inches tall

Uber doesn’t have a clear list of where Uber Car Seat or UberFAMILY is available, but it appears to be most prominent in New York City and Orlando.

It was at least temporarily available in Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and Orange County, though no updates have been recently announced regarding the product’s status or growth to new markets.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Uber is increasingly adding convenient features to make rideshare a family-friendly solution.

To help you better understand how the app can help you and your loved ones get around town, here are our answers to frequently asked questions:

1. I’m sharing my Uber Family Profile with friends. How can I ensure my credit card information is safe?

While members of a single Family Profile share a payment method, the details of your payment method are never revealed unless you, the organizer, chooses to do so.

Your friends and family members will never be able to access your credit card number, billing details, or other payment information.

2. Does Lyft provide a feature similar to Uber Family Profiles?

Lyft hasn’t officially announced any similar features, but you are welcome to use your account to request rides on behalf of friends.

However, this process isn’t as seamless as Uber Family Profile, as Lyft still suggests contacting your rider via the Lyft app to clarify that you will not be the passenger.

Only passengers of ages 18 or older are allowed to receive unaccompanied Lyft rides, regardless of who’s requesting.

3. Can I use my own car seat or booster seat in an Uber vehicle?

If Uber Car Seat and UberFAMILY are not available in your city, or if your child is not eligible to use Uber-provided car seats, you can certainly bring your own.

In fact, if you are riding with a young child who is required by state law to ride in a car seat or booster seat, Uber policy states that you must provide one.

Uber does recommend calling your Uber driver as soon as you’re matched, as drivers are allowed to cancel the trip if their vehicle cannot provide the proper restraints, or if they’re simply not comfortable with riders installing a car seat.

4. Can my underage child use JUMP for unaccompanied transportation?

While most states technically allow minors (typically at least ages 14-16) to ride electric bikes and electric scooters, Uber policy requires all JUMP bike and JUMP scooter users to be at least 18 years old.

This is because all Uber account holders must be adults, no matter which service you’re using.

Even if you’re simply ordering a meal with Uber Eats, you cannot be a minor.

5. What vehicle options can I pick from when using Uber Family Profiles?

There are no limitations to which vehicle options you can select from with Uber Family Profiles.

This is simply a different payment option and does not affect your actual rideshare experience. As long as the service is available in your area, you can charge your Family Profile payment method.

Just make sure you have permission from the organizer before you spend their money on an expensive Uber Lux ride.

Help Your Loved Ones Catch a Safe Ride

Uber Family Profiles and Uber Car Seat both work to increase the convenience of transportation for families with different needs.

With Family Profile, you’ll be able to help your adult friends and family members even when you aren’t available to give them a ride.

With Uber Car Seat, you can take your young child on trips without worrying about lugging a bulky car seat around.

The only family rideshare solution Uber has yet to provide is an option for you to help your underage children find a ride that doesn’t require an accompanying adult.

When you have a minor who needs a lift to school, sports practice, or a birthday party, consider these four “Uber for Kids” apps that close the service gap by connecting you drivers who double as certified caretakers.

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