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The Definitive Guide to Uber Fleet [2023 Update]

If you don’t own a car, you can rent through Uber Fleet to work as an Uber driver. If you’re not using your vehicle, loan it to an Uber driver on this platform.

Uber offers people many ways to make extra money, whether you deliver food for Uber Eats or drive passengers through the service’s rideshare options.

UberX is the standard trip, but there are also other options, like Uber Black, Uber XL, Uber Pool, and Uber Fleet.

Get Started With Uber Fleet

Uber Fleet is a way to allow car owners to rent their cars to Uber drivers.

That’s right—even if you’re not an Uber driver yourself, your car can still make the deliveries.

What Is Uber Fleet?

With Uber Fleet, you can rent your car to Uber drivers and make money from the rental fees.

On the other hand, if you want to drive for Uber but don’t own a car, you can rent from Uber Fleet and make money.

Make Money With Uber Fleet

Managing an Uber Fleet helps you make money because you’re renting your car to drivers who need it.

Whether you own multiple cars or just don’t use the one you have, you can make money by letting others rent the vehicle from you.

Driving for Uber Fleet helps you make money because you have access to a car even if you don’t own one.

And if you do own a car, you can rent different vehicles from Uber Fleet, like a black SUV to qualify for Uber Black fares.

Setting up Uber Fleet

You can set up Uber Fleet just as easily as you’d register to be a driver on the site.

You don’t have to pay any money or make a special account.

Sign up and then list each of your vehicles as eligible to drive for Uber.

You’ll have to fill out the information, including uploading insurance and an inspection report, before they’re available for rent.

How Much Can I Make Managing Uber Fleet?

You can make a fair amount of money managing via Uber Fleet.

Considering your car or cars would otherwise be sitting around without being used, you can’t deny that you’d make more from registering them with Uber Fleet.

After you get your vehicles inspected and list them on the app, you can register as a Fleet partner and connect with drivers who need cars.

When drivers rent from you, you can see their profile to ensure you’re renting your car to someone in good standing with Uber.

Depending on your partnership with Uber, you can either make money from the rental fees you charge the drivers, the service listing fee, or a trip fare commission.

Most partners choose the rental fee because it’s more straightforward, but it’s nice that there are options to ensure you make money from this partnership.

Pros and Cons of Managing Your Own Uber Fleet

It might sound simple to manage cars with Uber Fleet, but there are pros and cons to this program.


  • You can make money without having to drive.
  • You can set limits regarding the hours and miles other drivers use your vehicles.
  • You can charge any rental fee as long as you’re competing with others in the market.
  • You don’t have to only serve as a manager; you can drive for Uber as well.


  • You’re taking risks by allowing other people to drive your cars.
  • Some locations require Fleet managers to hold commercial insurance.
  • You have to store multiple cars when they’re not rented out.
  • You have to get each vehicle inspected and approved by Uber before renting.

Top Tips to Make Money With Uber Fleet

Both drivers and managers can make money from Uber Fleet in different ways.

Managers make money when they rent their cars to drivers.

Drivers make money by using vehicles they don’t own to run a side hustle.

Make Money as an Uber Fleet Driver

Let’s face it—if you don’t own a car, it’s pretty impossible to drive for Uber on your own.

But renting one through Uber Fleet opens up a whole new world.

You can look for certain types of cars so you’re eligible for higher-paying fares.

Some people who own compact cars even rent black SUVs through Uber Fleet to earn more money while they drive.

Before you rent from an Uber Fleet manager, you want to shop around.

Most Fleets should have a rental price that is comparable to, or even lower than, standard rental agencies like Budget, Enterprise, or Hertz.

You want to find the best price because the rental money comes from your Uber profits.

You still have to pass the standard Uber background check and get a driver account on the app.

Even if you’re getting your car through a Fleet, you as a driver still need to meet certain criteria.

The Fleet managers might also have guidelines in place.

Since they own the vehicles, it’s understandable that they want to rent to drivers who will take care of their car.

They might ask you to keep the car clean, bring it back with the gas tank filled up, or do certain maintenance.

You should ensure the car is available when you want or need to work.

Some owners might only have cars available at certain times, like in the evenings after they get home from their day jobs.

If you want to drive during the day, try to work it out with the manager or look for another Fleet.

Make Money Managing Your Own Fleet

People who own multiple cars can rent the vehicles out to others.

After all, if you’re not driving them, you might as well make money instead of letting them sit unused.

You can rent the cars to Uber drivers so they can work without having to buy a car and pay for upkeep.

The driver keeps all of their Uber earnings, so you’ll charge a rental fee on a daily or weekly basis.

If you have really nice cars, you can charge more for them.

That’s because the drivers will qualify for Uber services like Uber Black or Uber Black SUV and make more money in turn.

People who own standard or compact cars can rent their vehicles to UberX drivers.

Even those who own just one car can still rent it out through Uber Fleet.

Make sure you’re not going to need it during certain times and you’ll make money while someone else drives your vehicle.

How to Sign Up for Uber Fleet

There are different ways to sign up for Uber Fleet depending on if you’re a driver or a manager.

Make sure you follow the right steps to start earning money with this ride mode from Uber.

Uber Fleet Drivers

Once you sign up as an Uber driver, you can search for Fleet managers in your area.

If you have referrals, you can use those to get accepted immediately.

It’s important to note that you should never sign any paperwork with the Uber Fleet manager about your employment status.

Just because you’re renting a car from them doesn’t mean you’re their employee.

If you drive for Uber, you’re an independent contractor.

Read the fine print and make sure the Fleet manager doesn’t slip this in on you.

If anyone can claim you as an employee, you won’t be able to write off the rental fees and gas as expenses when you file your taxes.

Uber Fleet Managers

To be an Uber Fleet owner, you still need to sign up as an Uber member.

You have to add your cars to the Fleet dashboard first.

Ensure they fit the need for each tier of Uber ride mode.

Then you’ll be able to accept drivers to your Fleet.

You can make money with each trip the drivers make or charge them a daily or weekly rental—whichever method you prefer to make money.

Uber Fleet FAQs

Uber Fleet is a unique aspect of ridesharing that many companies aren’t utilizing yet.

Even with the foundational understanding outlined above, you might still have questions about the process.

Read on to get the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

vector graphic showing various vehicles in the Uber Fleet lineup

Is Uber Fleet the Same as Fleet Mode?

No, Uber Fleet is a way to rent cars.

Whether you’re a Fleet manager renting your vehicles to others or a driver renting cars from a Fleet owner, you can use Uber Fleet for the process.

Fleet mode is a way Uber Freight dispatchers can see all their drivers and related information.

Uber Freight is another way Uber is expanding its reach from ridesharing to helping carriers and shippers.

Truck drivers can take control of their work by finding cargo that needs to get to its destination.

The Uber Freight app helps speed up the shipping process for everyone involved.

Is Uber Fleet Profitable?

Yes, Uber Fleet is profitable for everyone involved.

If you’re working as an Uber Fleet manager, you make money renting out your vehicles.

You don’t have to drive any passengers or deliver any food to make money.

You’ll charge Uber drivers a daily or weekly rental fee and they’ll do all of the work using your vehicles.

If you’re an Uber driver, you’ll find Uber Fleet profitable as well.

You’re able to make money doing deliveries or transporting passengers even if you don’t own a car.

Many people want to drive for Uber but can’t afford to buy a car, much less pay for insurance and regular maintenance.

Renting a vehicle through Uber Fleet makes this possible.

By activating Uber Fleet, Uber has made its service more profitable and accessible for everyone involved.

Car owners who can’t drive for Uber can loan their vehicles to others.

People with time to drive can rent a car to make money.

How Do I Become an Uber Fleet Owner?

An Uber Fleet owner can sign up on Uber and list their cars on the app.

Each vehicle must pass Uber’s requirements and inspections.

The qualifications for an UberX car will differ from that of an Uber Black, so the Fleet owner must be aware.

Wrapping Up

Uber Fleet is a way to connect car owners and Uber drivers.

If you have a vehicle you’re not using, you can rent it to an Uber driver and make a passive income without driving the car yourself.

If you want to drive for Uber but don’t own a vehicle, Uber Fleet makes it easy for you to access the right car when you need it.

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