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Uber for Events: How to Use Uber for Event Transportation

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One of the most complex parts of getting an event planned is transportation.

Getting everybody to the same place quickly and effectively can be a significant challenge, especially for larger events.

That’s why Uber offers their UberEVENTS service for businesses.

So, what is UberEVENTS?

What does the service offer that makes it better than using other transportation services?

Let’s look at how this service could change transportation from a nightmare to an easy convenience.

Can I Hire Uber for an Event?

If you need transportation for your event, it is possible to book it ahead of time using Uber.

Whether it’s for a big party or a team gathering for your business, Uber has a service called UberEVENTS that they offer specifically for these types of events.

What Is UberEVENTS?

UberEVENTS Is a service offered by Uber that allows businesses and event coordinators to set up door-to-door transportation for guests to an event.

By using the service, an event organizer can make transportation easier by using the power of rideshare services, rather than hunting down parking or going through the hassle of carpooling.

UberEVENTS uses ridesharing for transportation to and from the event.

The UberEVENTS service is something you can order on top of Uber’s regular ridesharing offerings.

The organizer will be able to choose the kind of rideshare vehicle they want to pick up their guests, in addition to organizing the pickup.

Event organizers can also make costs or payments more accessible for the guests by setting up ride passes.

These passes can then be distributed to attendees who will use that instead of their standard payment method to cover the initial cost of the ride.

How Does Uber for Events Work?

When setting up transportation using UberEVENTS, the experience will look different for the event host and the attendees.

Here’s what those differences look like.

How Uber Events Work for Hosts

The event planner is going to be the person that sets up the transportation for the event.

In addition to selecting the ridesharing option for the event attendees, the host also manages the promo codes for the rideshare passes.

Once the event host has their transportation options picked out for their guests, they’ll receive an email with the promo codes for the event.

It will be up to the event host to pass out those codes to everybody using the Uber app to ensure they have them to use on the day of the event.

How Uber Events Work for Guests

A guest receives their promo code, only to hold onto it until the day of the event.

As part of paying for the ride to the event, they’ll use the promo code from the host to pay for most, if not all, of the ride.

If the cost of the ride goes over what the host had paid for, the guest will have to pay the difference.

This price usually comes out of the usual payment options given to the guest in the Uber app.

Types of Events to Use Uber For

UberEVENTS is excellent for both small and large events.

Here are some of the main events that you will see the service used for.

vector graphic showing uber for events

1. Weddings

To ensure folks show up or leave in style, wedding planners can use this service to help the bride, groom, or anyone in their respective parties show up in class.

This service can also be a great way to help everyone get from the wedding location to the reception.

A wedding planner could help distribute promo codes for the ride ahead of the ceremony, helping to make sure that nobody gets lost along the way.

2. Corporate Events

Corporate events tend to occur in high-traffic areas, such as downtown or near event centers.

These places can have limited parking options, making the UberEVENTS service much more appealing.

By creating and distributing rideshare codes ahead of time, the corporate event host will ensure that everybody can show up on time reliably.

3. Private Events

Whether it’s for a graduation party, a birthday, or any other private celebration, having a large get-together at many homes can be challenging.

Driveway and street parking can be limited, and not all apartment complexes have adequate visitor parking.

The UberEVENTS service would help everybody get to and from the party without having to clog up the road or parking lot near someone’s home.

Can I Create an Uber Discount Code/Voucher?

Whether you are planning for an event or helping manage clients and workers for your business, you can make discount codes with Uber.

Types of Vouchers You Can Create

There’s more to this service than just rideshare vouchers.

Here are some of the voucher options that you can create:

  • Transportation payment vouchers
  • Food vouchers
  • First-time user promos

Uber VIP Wedding Package

In addition to its other promotions, Uber offers a VIP wedding package for their transportation.

New users to the Uber app can claim a $30 promo code that you can use alongside the event voucher to help attending guests pay for the transportation costs.

This promo only applies to first-time users of Uber, so attendees or members of the bride and groom parties who used Uber before won’t be able to use this code.

How Do Uber Vouchers Work?

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Before one of your event goers or clients can use a voucher, you have to make it.

To do this, you’ll have to go into the Uber app or onto the website and go into the UberEVENTS options.

Follow the instructions below to create your voucher.

  • In the options section, you can choose how the voucher works and who to send it to.
  • Choose from different rideshare options such as Uber X, Uber XL, and Uber Select.
  • Set restrictions or locations for food vouchers using Uber Eats options
  • When the coupons are made to your liking, you will be able to send those out to your clients or workers via email.

When someone receives the code, they will plug that code into the Uber app the next time they use qualifying rideshare or food options on the Uber platform.

How to Get an Uber Event Code

To receive an Uber code, event planners or business leaders will need to reach you.

Codes made through Uber are sent to the host’s email.

From there, it’s up to the host to distribute the codes out to everyone.

So, if you want to make sure you’ll receive your code, make sure the event host has the correct contact information.

You’ll also want to ensure that your email doesn’t automatically send their messages into your spam or trash.

Some email services will automatically send unrecognized email address messages into these folders, so keep an eye out.

Difference Between Using Uber for Events and Private Transportation

Currently, the main difference between using Uber for an event and private transportation comes down to convenience.

These are the main benefits you can expect to get out of using UberEVENTS:

  • Improved attendance: By handling transportation ahead of time, event-goers are more likely to show up by not worrying about parking.
  • No-hassle transportation: All an event-goer has to do is be ready when the Uber driver shows up, meaning they don’t have to worry about traffic, parking, or valet services.
  • Food delivery incorporated into your event: By including a food voucher, you can easily incorporate a lunch or snack into more extended events, like corporate events and parties.
  • Partnership opportunities: If you have a good experience with the local food service, it could present an opportunity for more outstanding partnerships down the road when you have another event.

Some of your event goers might still prefer their private transportation.

It will be up to you to decide if you want to accommodate that or if you can.

Work with the people coming to your event to see what their individual needs are.

Help With Uber Events

Event planning isn’t easy.

To help things go off without a hitch, Uber offers different types of assistance to help your event and its transportation run smoothly.

Vector graphic showing a confused Uber rider speaking with Uber customer service on the phone

What Type of Help is Available?

These are the different ways you can reach out to Uber to get assistance with your event:

  • Uber’s support phone number (1-800-593-7069)
  • Uber’s customer support email

Regardless of which one you contact, a representative from Uber will be able to help you go through the process of setting up vouchers for your event.

They might also make recommendations on how to improve your event’s transportation and food partnerships.

How to Get Help When You Need It

Reaching out to Uber’s customer support via phone or email is the easiest way to get help.

By doing this, you can get in touch with a representative who can provide the assistance you need.

Wrapping Up

The UberEVENTS service offers an opportunity for you to provide transportation to your guests in a hassle-free way.

By creating vouchers that can be redeemed for transportation or food costs, you take some of the inconvenience of event planning from your guests and plan ahead of time.

If you still need help creating an event with Uber, reach out to their support and see what service they can offer.

Uber has some great tools for running events.

So, don’t miss out on this chance to host a streamlined and high-quality event.

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