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How UberEVENTS Helps To Simplify Event Logistics Planning

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Key Takeaways

  • Offers seamless door-to-door transportation for event guests.
  • Hosts manage transportation with ride passes for attendees.
  • Service accommodates weddings, corporate, and private events.
  • Vouchers created for rides and Uber Eats orders.

What Is UberEVENTS?

UberEVENTS is a service provided by Uber that enables businesses and event organizers to offer door-to-door rideshare transportation for their guests.

Organizers can select the type of vehicle and manage the distribution of ride passes, which guests use as payment for their rides to and from the event. The service simplifies the transportation process, avoiding the need for parking or carpooling.

For hosts, setting up UberEVENTS involves choosing transportation options and distributing promo codes for ride passes to attendees.

Guests use these promo codes on the event day to cover their transportation costs, paying any additional charges through their usual payment method in the Uber app.

Types of Events to Use Uber For

UberEVENTS is a practical solution for a variety of events, regardless of their size, including weddings, corporate events, and private celebrations like graduation parties or birthdays.

For weddings, it allows guests to travel in style between the ceremony and reception locations, offering promo codes for rides to ensure timely and organized transportation.

Corporate events, often held in areas with limited parking, benefit from pre-distributed rideshare codes, facilitating punctual and stress-free arrival of attendees.

For private events, where parking can be scarce, UberEVENTS provides a convenient solution to manage guests’ transportation, avoiding congestion and parking issues near the venue.

Can I Create an Uber Discount Code/Voucher?

You can create discount codes and vouchers with Uber for various purposes, such as events, client management, or worker transportation.

Uber offers several types of vouchers, including those for transportation, food, first-time user promotions, and a VIP wedding package. These vouchers can cater to different needs, such as paying for rides or ordering food via Uber Eats.

To create a voucher, you’ll need to access the Uber app or website, navigate to UberEVENTS, and follow the instructions to customize your voucher, including choosing the rideshare option (e.g., Uber X, Uber XL, Uber Select) and setting any restrictions.

Once created, you can distribute the vouchers to your intended recipients via email. Recipients can then use these codes in the Uber app for discounts on eligible services.

Difference Between Using Uber for Events and Private Transportation

The key difference between using Uber for events and private transportation lies in convenience and added benefits for event organizers and attendees.

With UberEVENTS, organizers can ensure higher attendance by eliminating concerns about parking.

It simplifies transportation for guests, who only need to be ready for their Uber ride, avoiding the hassle of traffic, parking, or valet services.

Additionally, UberEVENTS allows for the inclusion of food delivery vouchers, enhancing the event experience with meals or snacks, suitable for longer gatherings like corporate events or parties.

This service can also open up partnership opportunities with local food services for future events.

While some attendees may still prefer using their private transportation, organizers can work with them to address individual needs, choosing whether or not to accommodate personal transportation preferences.

What Kind of Support is Available?

Uber provides support to ensure smooth transportation for your event through various channels.

You can contact Uber for assistance via their support phone number (1-800-593-7069) or customer support email. A representative will assist you with the process of setting up vouchers and may also offer recommendations to enhance your event’s transportation and food partnerships.

For any help needed, reaching out to Uber’s customer support through these methods is the recommended approach to get timely and effective assistance.

Wrapping Up

The UberEVENTS service offers an opportunity for you to provide transportation to your guests in a hassle-free way.

By creating vouchers that can be redeemed for transportation or food costs, you take some of the inconvenience of event planning from your guests and plan ahead of time.

If you still need help creating an event with Uber, reach out to their support and see what service they can offer.

Uber has some great tools for running events. So, don’t miss out on this chance to host a streamlined and high-quality event.

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