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4 Best “Uber for Moving” Apps to Make Your House a Home

Last updated: July 19, 2021
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Uber for moving: Moving truck passing mountains

When you’re moving out of your house, your vehicle needs go beyond what a standard rideshare app can provide.

Luckily, the growth of the sharing economy has led to convenient solutions for almost every transportation need.

These days, you can easily connect with truck owners — who will even give you a hand with your large items — through numerous “Uber for moving” apps.

Moving can be an expensive and stressful venture, so on-demand services can help you alleviate the biggest pains of the process and help you focus on the future.

Instead of doing all the loading, driving, and unloading yourself, let the experts and locals help you out.

We’ve previously covered how to actually use Uber to move your stuff, but this post is a bit different.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to four of the leading “Uber for moving” apps that can connect you to the right people and vehicles for small-scale, regional moves.

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1. DollyUber for moving: Dolly homepage

Available in over 30 cities across the United States, Dolly connects you to local pickup trucks, box trucks, or cargo van owners (known as Helpers) who can help you move large items or a full apartment. Enter your pickup and drop-off details in the smartphone app, and you can get connected to an available driver within minutes. Just as you would on the Uber app, you can tip and rate your driver as soon as the drop-off is complete.

While Dolly isn’t completely transparent about its rates, the company helpfully offers upfront pricing and exact quotes for your moving needs on Your final price is affected by the distance you’re moving, the amount of items you have (which can quickly increase your bill), and the type of help you need (ex: labor only, large-item delivery, or full apartment move). You can save by loading and unloading your items yourself, but you can also add an extra helper for a $20 fee (this may cut down on your loading and unloading time).

In terms of safety and security, your driver is cleared by a background check, while your items are covered by $300 of protection against damage your driver is liable for. You can add secure specific items even further at the cost of $1 per $100 of damage protection.

Estimate cost for a small-scale move*: $288

*This estimate is for a local move (30 miles) with one couch, one queen bed, one queen bed frame, one dining table, four chairs, and six extra-large boxes. It also includes a standard request of one helper.

2. GoShareScreenshot of GoShare homepage

Whether you’re moving to a new house or you’re moving to a new business location, GoShare can help you in over 25 U.S. markets, including the San Francisco Bay area and Orange County. This “Uber for moving” app accommodates moves for one to two-bedroom homes on top of basic apartment moves.

GoShare functions very similarly to Dolly, allowing you to make on-demand requests straight from your iPhone, Android, or computer. However, rather than charging based on distance and the amount of items you have, GoShare charges a flat fee of $10 for all trucks and vans, plus a fee of 99 cents to $1.49 per minute, depending on the size of moving vehicle you need. This includes one background checked helper and as many items as you can safely fit on the vehicle. However, your expenses won’t be final until the timer for the trip ends.

One especially great feature of GoShare is for flat fees, you can request moving equipment (like trailers and furniture dollies) and help with furniture assembly. An extra helper will cost 99 cents per minute, but your items will be covered by commercial liability insurance at no extra cost.

Estimate cost for a small-scale move: $73.21 to $157.06

3. LuggLugg homepage screenshot

Lugg is an on-demand moving app that specializes in small moves using pick-up trucks and cargo vans. With expansive operations across five different states — Arizona, California, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington — this “Uber for moving” service can connect you to vetted professional “luggers” in as little as 30 minutes.

This service can appear costly. For a full apartment or small office move, you can expect to pay a $95 base fare and a $3 per-mile costs. You’ll also be faced with a $2 per-minute cost for time spent loading and unloading your driver’s vehicle. However, Lugg will save you an incredible amount of energy by automatically sending two luggers for your complete move.

Luggers can additionally help you with assembly (at the per-minute labor cost) and take your junk to disposal or recycling centers for a minimum extra cost of $30. All items are covered by Lugg’s insurance policy for peace of mind.

Estimate cost for a small-scale move: $200 + $2 per minute of labor (ex: $320 if your movers can load and unload within one hour total)

4. PhlatbedUber for moving: Phlatbed homepage

If none of our previously listed services are exactly what you need, Phlatbed will offer you the flexible service you need. This unique “Uber for moving” service is currently available in over 20 U.S. cities — including Seattle, Los Angeles, San Diego, Portland, Chicago, and New York. It’s also in Toronto, Canada, and is continuing to expand internationally.

To connect with SUV, pick-up truck, or van drivers on the Phlatbed mobile application, all you need to do is place an “order” with your exact needs — whether you just need help packing or you need a full apartment move. On this order, you can set your own price. Drivers can then bid on the offer, and you can select your favorite based on their ratings and offered cost.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you can get a huge discount that beats any other service. Your final cost will depend on what other users request or what drivers are accepting in your city. Plus, you’ll need to be fair and consider what’s worth a driver’s time. For reference, drivers on Phlatbed keep 75% of what you pay, and pick-up truck drivers on GoShare can earn as much as $61.92 per hour.

As you consider your bid price, estimate how much time your furniture will take to load, unload, and drive, and how much effort your driver will need to put in. Plus, keep in mind your items will be insured up to $300.

Estimate cost for a small-scale move: N/A, set by user and driver (most frequently in the $100 to $300 range)

Which “Uber for Moving” App to Choose

In summary, Phlatbed is the service that can get you the lowest costs while catering to your exact needs. However, of the services that offer guaranteed prices, GoShare consistently comes out as the service that offers the lowest prices and the most customization. On the other hand, Lugg offers the least amount of customization, though its automatic inclusion of two helpers makes it affordable for anyone who isn’t physically able to pitch in. Dolly can get extremely expensive because each item’s weight is factored into your final cost.

Of course, we always recommend completing your own quotes on each website to get the best deal. Results may vary based on distance and the amount of items you have to move, so you may be pleasantly surprised by what your local “Uber for moving” apps have to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Person holding set of keys

On-demand services are changing the way we do things, from getting rides across the city to packing up and moving to an entirely new place. Here are our answers to common questions you may have about “Uber for moving” apps:

1. Can I make money by helping people move on “Uber for moving” apps?

Absolutely. Just like Uber, the platforms listed above take on independent contractors who can earn on a flexible schedule at even higher rates than traditional rideshare drivers. As long as you’re willing to lift heavy items and own an eligible vehicle (pick-up trucks and cargo vans are the most common), you can sign up on each of these companies’ websites.

2. Do I need to tip drivers on “Uber for moving” apps?

While not required by any of these companies, it’s typically recommended to tip at least 15% either through the app or with cash. This is because they’re part of the service industry, which typically calls for 15% for decent service.

You can read our on-demand tipping guide to get the hang of tipping etiquette in the gig economy.

3. Why don’t “Uber for moving” apps offer trucks larger than box trucks?

Because the concept of “Uber for moving” is based on drivers providing their personal vehicles, these companies don’t often offer large trucks. If you’re locally moving a space larger than a two-bedroom home, you can consider making multiple requests on these platforms. However, it may make the most financial sense to go with a traditional service.

Move Forward With On-Demand Apps

People are often excited about the moving destination but not the journey of packing, trunk renting, loading, and unloading. With “Uber for moving” apps, you can connect with drivers who can help you lift your heaviest belongings into vehicles that fit your largest household items. Instead of struggling with a full day’s work and driving an expensive traditional truck rental, you can get professional help at affordable rates.

If you’re a business in need of even larger scale deliveries — including deliveries of items that need 53-inch trucks — Uber Technologies may be the company you needed all along. Learn how Uber Freight can help you ship a wide variety of products for your business.

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  1. Rachel Bloss Says:

    Nice!! Thanks for sharing this information. The consumer logistics wars have been raging for a while now and these are definitely the top 4 in the United States right now. Also important to note that with Amazons recent dropping of FedEx, I won’t be surprised if these companies from your list become the next go-to for the markets.

  2. Jenn Hudson Says:

    I think Dolly and Phlatbed are pretty much the top two in the US. Dolly gives you structure and Phlatbed gives flexibility. I’ve also heard of Roadie and a few others, but Phlatbed is very specific to large items while Dolly is more middle of the road.


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