Uber Fuel Card | What Is It And Is It Worth It?

UPDATE: Uber has discontinued the fuel card program, for more information click here.

Whether you’re an existing Uber driver, or have just recently signed up for the platform, you’ve probably heard about driver perks such as the Uber fuel card.

What is the Uber fuel card? It’s a great way for Uber drivers to get discounts on fuel, maintenance, or even car cleaning services. This charge card allows the user to spend $200 per week without worrying about fees, unlike regular credit cards.

Learn more about this Uber card and how it benefits Uber drivers on their daily trips.

Everything You Need to Know About The Uber Fuel Card

How the Uber Fuel Card Works

It’s interesting how this card is designed to operate. The $200 weekly credit limit will be taken from the driver’s Uber earnings for the week. As long as the driver has the gas card, being on the road is not a problem if the car needs refueling. Simply charge the card and drivers can continue on their way.

There’s a 1.5% discount for every gas purchase as long as the gas station accepts MasterCard. Furthermore, drivers can use the card to pay for any item they want to buy from the station, and the discount applies regardless of the type of purchase as long as it’s from the gas station.

Remember: there’s a limit to the amount Uber drivers can use the card for. Don’t go overspending if there are plans to charge the card for other items.

How to be Eligible for the Card

What should an Uber driver do to be eligible for the gas card? Qualify for the Uber fuel card by driving 100 trips or more in one calendar month. Once an Uber driver completes 100 trips, he can visit Uber’s site to get his discount card.

Make sure the submission of the card request is successful to avoid shipping issues. It may take 5 to 7 days to ship the fuel card to the address. If it takes too long for the card to arrive, contact support for assistance.

Activating the Uber Fuel Card

The gas card needs to be activated first before using it. The activation screen is where the account holder can also replace a lost card, or cancel it completely.

Follow these simple steps for the activation process:

  • Go to www.uber.com and login to the Uber account.
  • On the left part of the screen, click “Rewards” and all the account holder’s different rewards should appear on the screen including the Uber card. This works for both order and activation of the Uber fuel card.
  • Let’s assume the order process is complete and the driver already has the card. Click the image of the fuel card then click the button that says “Activate.”
  • Enter the last four digits of the card to complete the activation. The same screen is also where the driver will find the pin code. Just click on a blue link that says “Show Pin Code.”

Using the Uber Fuel Card

As soon as the card is activated, the driver can use it on any gas station that accepts MasterCard. To use the gas card on a purchase, choose the option “credit card purchase” when swiping the card.

There are two things Uber drivers should be ready every time they use the card – the driver ID and the vehicle’s current mileage, which appears to be a security verification for the driver.

Keep in mind that the card has a weekly limit of $200, therefore, the purchase will be declined if the card owner exceeds this limit. Moreover, make sure there are no more than three transactions in a period of 24 hours.

It may take a few days for a particular transaction to appear in the account. Nevertheless, it’s a great way to keep track of charges using the gas card.

When logging into the dashboard for the card, drivers will see details like…

  • the date
  • the transaction description
  • the total amount of the purchase
  • the discount
  • and the charge amount after applying the discount.

Adding up the figures under the discount column might surprise the card owner on how much savings he’s getting. Though there are a few things drivers need to know learn to maximize this feature, which will be discussed in a bit.

Research and Save More Money

Gas station purchases may vary depending on the type of payment used. Payments using a credit card differ from cash or debit card in terms of the price. The key is to search for gas stations with bigger discounts compared to the debit or credit difference of a particular transaction.

Unfortunately, not all gas stations accept MasterCard, so drivers may need to make good on their research in the area. Uber will not allow their employees to go through the hassle of searching the web, so Uber incorporated an interactive map to help search for these locations.

Uber Interactive Map

Since research is important to get more discounts on gas purchases, account holders can look it up in their Uber accounts. Uber drivers have access to an Interactive Map which helps them save money on a fuel purchase.

On the map, the driver should click on the US state where he belongs then enter a zip code to find discount sites nearby. The interactive map will show gas stations in the location and the applicable fuel discount in that station. Isn’t this a cool feature to maximize saving on gas expenses? Click here to get to the interactive map.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, this perk is useful for Uber drivers to have, and offers a unique way to save money.

While some drivers might like the fact that gas purchases are taken directly from their Uber earnings, some people may not be willing to research on discount locations.

But if a driver is willing to make use of the resources provided such as the interactive map, Uber employees can definitely take advantage of the gas card in terms of saving money.Hit the goal to qualify for the Uber fuel card then send the request online!

What can you say about the Uber fuel card as a way of saving money? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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