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Uber Grocery Delivery: How It Works, Options and Pricing

Can you get groceries delivered using Uber? The answer is yes! If you want to learn more about how Uber grocery delivery works, check out this article.

Are you tired of picking up groceries yourself?

Do you have too much on your plate to handle excess errands like grocery shopping?

Or you might worry about catching COVID-19 at the local grocery store.

Whatever your reasons, there are other ways to get your snacks and meals.

For instance, you can order from one of many grocery delivery services, place an order from grocery stores with curbside pickup, and now, order from Uber grocery delivery.

To learn all about Uber’s grocery delivery processes, we have outlined how it works and all pricing information below.

Does Uber Deliver Groceries?  

As of July 7, 2020, Uber has provided grocery delivery services through its partnership with Cornershop, according to a company press release.

This is separate from Uber Eats, which delivers restaurant food orders.

When an order is placed through Uber, a Cornershop team member fulfills the grocery order and delivers it straight to the consumer’s home.

In general, Uber has seen that grocery delivery has become a necessity for many people.

Some are attempting to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic through no-contact delivery processes while others are attempting to save time spent on ordinary errands.

Select cities in Latin America and Canada began the food delivery services through Uber.

Where Does Uber Deliver Groceries?

You can find the Uber grocery delivery service in Miami, Florida, and Dallas, Texas as well as New York City and San Francisco in California.

You can also use this service in Washington D.C.

The Uber Eats platform or mobile app provides you with the grocery delivery process.

As of July 2021, Uber expanded its delivery service from a local grocery store to more than 400 cities and towns throughout the United States.

For a quick list of available cities with Uber grocery delivery services, take a look below.

List of Available Cities

Several cities that provide an Uber grocery order include:

  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Miami, Florida
  • New York City, New York
  • San Francisco, California
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Washington D.C.
  • Lowell, Massachusetts
  • Boston, Massachusetts

What Grocery Stores Does Uber Deliver From?

In 2021, Albertsons Companies partnered with Uber to provide grocery delivery services from more than 1,200 of its grocery stores.

Originally, Uber partnered with Cornershop through which customers could order their groceries.

Uber also uses local and standard chains like New York’s Red Apple Group and Southeastern Grocers.

Best of all, Uber Pass and Uber Eats Pass subscribers do not have to pay delivery fees on grocery orders that are $30 or more.

Uber has also purchased Postmates and Drizly in recent years to grow its company in the delivery sector.

Participating Stores

Some of the typical grocery stores through which Uber can deliver food include:

  • ACME
  • Randalls
  • Tom Thumb
  • Safeway
  • Jewel-Osco
  • Aldi
  • Fireman Derek’s
  • Publix
  • Sabor Tropical
  • Sedano’s
  • Burgundy Pasture Beef
  • Sam’s Club
  • Walmart

How Much Does Uber Grocery Delivery Cost?

The costs of groceries delivered through Uber are the same costs of individual items you’ll find in the stores.

However, in-store promotions may not apply to Uber Eats grocery deliveries.

Reward points and store loyalty cards do not apply when using this service either.

You will pay a ten percent service fee through Cornershop’s partnership with Uber Eats.

Best of all, you won’t have to pay a delivery fee if your groceries are more than $30 and you are an Uber Pass or Uber Eats Pass subscriber.

Uber Delivery Charge

Usually, the Uber Eats delivery charge is anywhere from $0.49 to $7.99.

The delivery charge depends on how close or how far the home address is for delivering the groceries as well as the number of couriers available at the time.

Furthermore, if the demand for grocery deliveries or restaurant deliveries is especially high at a certain time, then the Uber delivery charge increases.

If you choose a grocery store nearby when the demand is low, the delivery fee will decrease.

Essentially, multiple things impact the overall Uber delivery charge.

Average Markup on Groceries

Unfortunately, meal delivery apps like Uber Eats have charged an average markup on groceries and restaurant orders.

The data shows that mobile app users for meal delivery apps tend to spend 7 percent to 91 percent more than diners who choose the same meals at a restaurant, according to Forbes.

The markup cost of two turkey sandwiches was 91 percent at Uber Eats.

In general, Uber has pushed its commission fees to the point of causing problems for small businesses, as the commissions for sales at Uber Eats is approximately 30 percent.

Do You Need to Tip Uber Grocery Delivery Drivers?

Yes, you should tip your Uber grocery delivery driver unless the driver made several large and careless mistakes (such as delivering the wrong food, taking several hours past the expected time to bring your groceries, etc.).

In the United States, it is customary to tip your delivery driver.

As long as your food is in the right order and delivered on time, you should tip the driver.

Your tip should be about 15 to 20 percent of the cost of the order.

If there was a problem with the delivery, you can always decrease your tip to ten percent.

How to Order Groceries From Uber

If you want to order groceries from Uber, you will first need to make an account through the Uber Eats app.

This includes entering in your email address, password, and postal address.

Once you have created an account on Uber Eats, you can go to the grocery shopping area, pick your local grocery store, and start choosing what foods and drinks you want for delivery.

After you’ve placed your order and preferred delivery time, a team member from a partnering grocery store brand will shop for your food items and deliver them to your home address at the specific time frame you selected.

Step by Step Instructions

Follow the steps below to order groceries from Uber Eats.

  1. Download the mobile app or go to the Uber website
  2. Generate an account and enter the address for delivery
  3. Choose the “grocery” icon
  4. Pick the grocery store from where you want your food
  5. Choose your grocery items and click “Add to Cart”
  6. Pick the quantities for each item
  7. Enter the shopping cart and click “Go to Checkout”
  8. Choose the time of delivery and enter “Place Order”

Uber Grocery Delivery FAQs

vector graphic showing an uber grocery delivery screen with people looking at and trying to place an order

How Far in Advance Do You Have to Order?

Uber Eats provides you an with on-demand grocery delivery option.

You can also choose scheduled grocery deliveries depending on when you’re home and your preferences.

Couriers can complete on-demand grocery delivery services in only a few hours, according to Bloomberg.

If your grocery shopping is rather small, you may even have groceries delivered in less than one hour.

Does Uber Grocery Delivery Include Alcohol?

Uber grocery delivery services do include delivering alcohol in parts of Canada and the United States.

There are specific rules that delivery drivers need to follow when delivering alcohol.

For example, in both the US and Canada, the delivery person has to check for sobriety and, if the person appears inebriated, the driver cannot finish the alcohol delivery.

In both the United States and Canada, the delivery drivers have to check ID.

Depending on the Canadian province, the customer must be at least 18 or 19 years of age.

In the United States, the customer’s ID must show the Uber Eats app user is 21 years old.

Does Uber Grocery Delivery Include Prescriptions?

In 2020, Uber expanded its delivery options beyond restaurant orders and grocery orders.

The company began a prescription drug delivery option in certain cities within the United States via the Uber Eats mobile app – called Uber Pharmacy.

NimbleRx, which is a business that works with pharmacies, partnered with Uber to provide this particular prescription drug delivery service.

If you have certain medical conditions, lack transportation, and find it difficult to get to a pharmacy, then these prescription delivery features are essential.

How Does Uber Handle Grocery Replacements?

Sometimes, an Uber Eats courier cannot find the specific grocery items requested on the mobile app.

These grocery items are often sold out or otherwise unavailable.

In such cases, customers should list alternative items in the order to prevent issues down the road.

For instance, if the grocery store lacks vegetable oil, the customer can choose olive oil as a replacement.

In addition, customers can pick an option where the merchant could choose the best matching replacement item for the unavailable food/drink product.

Wrapping Up

Now that you’ve read through this guide on Uber grocery delivery services, you should know exactly how to get your groceries.

If you live in one of the more than 400 cities with an Uber Eats grocery delivery service, you can pick your items on the mobile app and select a delivery time.

You can even have alcohol or your prescription drugs delivered to your home.

Just don’t forget to tip the driver!

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